Niinemets, Ülo

Biology, Controls and Models of Tree Volatile Organic Compound Emissions

Niinemets, Ülo - Biology, Controls and Models of Tree Volatile Organic Compound Emissions, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Diversification of Volatile Isoprenoid Emissions from Trees: Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives
Silvia Fineschi, Francesco Loreto, Michael Staudt, Josep Peñuelas

2. BVOC-Mediated Plant-Herbivore Interactions
Amy M. Trowbridge, Paul C. Stoy

3. The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Volatile Messengers in Trees
Hamid Rajabi Memari, Leila Pazouki, Ülo Niinemets

4. Genetic Engineering of BVOC Emissions from Trees
Maaria Rosenkranz, Jörg-Peter Schnitzler

5. Molecular and Pathway Controls on Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
Ziru Li, Thomas D. Sharkey

6. Metabolic and Gene Expression Controls on the Production of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds
Russell K. Monson

7. The Roles of Stomatal Conductance and Compound Volatility in Controlling the Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds from Leaves
Peter C. Harley

8. The Role of Volatile Organic Compounds in Plant Resistance to Abiotic Stresses: Responses and Mechanisms
Malcolm Possell, Francesco Loreto

9. Flooding-Driven Emissions from Trees
Jürgen Kreuzwieser, Heinz Rennenberg

10. Modification of BVOC Emissions by Changes in Atmospheric [CO2] and Air Pollution
Carlo Calfapietra, Emanuele Pallozzi, Ilaria Lusini, Violeta Velikova

11. Multitrophic Signalling in Polluted Atmospheres
Jarmo K. Holopainen, Anne-Marja Nerg, James D. Blande

12. Leaf-Level Models of Constitutive and Stress-Driven Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
Rüdiger Grote, Russell K. Monson, Ülo Niinemets

13. Scaling BVOC Emissions from Leaf to Canopy and Landscape: How Different Are Predictions Based on Contrasting Emission Algorithms?
Ülo Niinemets, Paolo Ciccioli, Steffen M. Noe, Markus Reichstein

14. Upscaling Biogenic Volatile Compound Emissions from Leaves to Landscapes
Alex Guenther

15. Scaling Emissions from Agroforestry Plantations and Urban Habitats
Susan M. Owen, C. Nicholas Hewitt, Clare S. Rowland

16. Global Modelling of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
Kirsti Ashworth, Christophe Boissard, Gerd Folberth, Juliette Lathière, Guy Schurgers

17. Climate Feedbacks Linking the Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration, BVOC Emissions, Aerosols and Clouds in Forest Ecosystems
Markku Kulmala, Tuomo Nieminen, Robert Chellapermal, Risto Makkonen, Jaana Bäck, Veli-Matti Kerminen

18. State-of-the-Art of BVOC Research: What Do We Have and What Have We Missed? A Synthesis
Ülo Niinemets, Russell K. Monson

Keywords: Life Sciences, Tree Biology, Plant Sciences, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Plant Physiology, Environmental Chemistry, Earth System Sciences

Publication year
Tree Physiology
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15 pages
Natural Sciences

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