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Antarctic Futures

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Table of contents

1. Setting the Scene: Human Activities, Environmental Impacts and Governance Arrangements in Antarctica
Tina Tin, Machiel Lamers, Daniela Liggett, Patrick T. Maher, Kevin A. Hughes

Part I. Species and Ecosystems

2. Human Impacts to Antarctic Wildlife: Predictions and Speculations for 2060
Eric J. Woehler, David Ainley, Julia Jabour

3. Antarctic Marine Living Resources: ‘The Future is not What it Used to be’
Denzil G. M. Miller

4. Present and Future Conservation Management of Antarctic Baleen Whales
Rebecca Leaper, Simon Childerhouse

5. Global Movement and Homogenisation of Biota: Challenges to the Environmental Management of Antarctica?
Kevin A. Hughes, Peter Convey, Ad H. L. Huiskes

6. Trampling the Antarctic: Consequences of Pedestrian Traffic on Antarctic Soils
Pablo Tejedo, Luis R. Pertierra, Javier Benayas

Part II. Regional Case Studies

7. Environmental Assessment and Management Challenges of the Fildes Peninsula Region
Christina Braun, Fritz Hertel, Osama Mustafa, Anja Nordt, Simone Pfeiffer, Hans-Ulrich Peter

8. Historical Developments, Drivers of Change and Future Scenarios for Human Activities on Deception Island
Luis R. Pertierra, Pablo Tejedo, Javier Benayas

9. Long-Term Monitoring of Human Impacts to the Terrestrial Environment at McMurdo Station

Andrew G. Klein, Stephen T. Sweet, Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, Terry L. Wade, Terry A. Palmer, Paul Montagna

Part III. Actors and Sectors

10. Valuing Antarctica: Emerging Views from International Studies
Erin Neufeld, Jessica O’Reilly, Rupert Summerson, Tina Tin

11. Strategic Thinking and the Antarctic Wilderness: Contrasting Alternative Futures
Ricardo Roura, Tina Tin

12. Strategic Management and Regulation of Antarctic Tourism

Julia Jabour

13. Future Challenges in Environmental Management of National Antarctic Programs
Rodolfo Andrés Sánchez, Birgit Njaastad

14. Strategic Thinking for the Antarctic Environment: The Use of Assessment Tools in Governance
Machiel Lamers, Daniela Liggett, Tina Tin

Part IV. Conclusions

15. Conclusion: Multiple Dimensions of Human Engagement with the Antarctic Environment
Daniela Liggett, Machiel Lamers, Tina Tin, Patrick T. Maher

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Nature Conservation, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Geography (general), Interdisciplinary Studies

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