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Power Transmissions

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynotes

1. Alternative Method for Analysis of Complex Compound Planetary Gear Trains: Essence and Possibilities
Kiril Arnaudov, Dimitar Karaivanov

2. Planetary Precessional Transmissions: Synthesis and Generation Technologies
Ion Bostan

3. New Tendencies in the Design of the Modern Aerospace Transmissions
Nicoleta Ene, Florin Dimofte

4. An Overview of the Development of Gears
Jože Hlebanja, Gorazd Hlebanja

5. Recent Development of Non-Involute Cylindrical Gears
Gorazd Hlebanja, Jože Hlebanja

6. Future Transmissions for Wind Turbines
Bernd-Robert Höhn

7. Grinding Burn on Gears: Correlation Between Flank-Load-Carrying Capacity and Material Characteristics
Bernd-Robert Höhn, Karsten Stahl, Peter Oster, Thomas Tobie, Simon Schwienbacher, Peter Koller

8. Recent Developments in Automotive Differential Design
Athanassios Mihailidis, Ioannis Nerantzis

9. Load Capacity of Worm Gears
Vojislav Miltenović, Milan Banić, Aleksandar Miltenović

10. Gear System Reliability-Based Design of Gear Drive Units
Milosav Ognjanović, Miloš Ristić

11. On Fundamentals of the Scientific Theory of Gearing
Stephen P. Radzevich

12. Towards Optimum Involute Gear Design by Combining Addendum and Thickness Modifications
Vasilios Spitas, Christos Spitas

13. Dynamical Simulation and Calculation of the Load Factor of Spur Gears with Indexing Errors and Profile Modifications for Optimal Gear Design
C. Spitas, V. Spitas, M. Rajabalinejad

Part II. Theory, Design and Experimental Researches on Power Transmissions

14. Regarding the Effect of the Rack-Cutter Fillet on the Undercutting of Gears
Ognyan Alipiev
, Sergey Antonov, Tanya Grozeva

15. Influence of Uncertainties on PD Tuning
Gabriele Barbaraci
, Gabriele Virzi’ Mariotti

16. Comparative Experimental Study on Noise and Vibration Level of Gearbox with Worm Face-Gear with Reverse Tapered Pinion
Bogdan Bucur, Vasile Boloş

17. CAD/CAE Approach of the Strain and Stress Static Analysis for Spur Gear Pairs
Sorin Cananau, George Dobre

18. On the Efficiency of a Planetary Speed Increaser Usable in Small Hydros
Oliver Climescu, Codruţa Jaliu, Radu Săulescu

19. Surface and Kinematical Joint Formation from Standpoint of Task Based Conceptual Design Method
Hrayr Darbinyan

20. Task Based Conceptual Design Method for Gear Chamfering Mechanisms
Hrayr Darbinyan

21. Theoretical Investigation of the Energy Efficiency of Planetary Gear Trains
Antoaneta Dobreva

22. The Influence of the Sleeve Elastic Deformations on the Wave Bearing Performance in Heavy Loaded Transmissions
Nicoleta M. Ene, Florin Dimofte

23. Contribution to the Development of Cylindrical Gears
Gorazd Hlebanja, Jože Hlebanja

24. Transfer of Motion by Closed Contour: Basis of Cvt
Konstantin Ivanov, Elena Yaroslavceva

25. Synthesis of the Two-Stream Transmissions
Alexander Kraynev, Konstantin Salamandra, Madhusudan Raghavan

26. Experimental Analysis of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System Intended for Small and Medium Passenger Cars
Tiberiu Laurian, Victor G. Marian, Tudor Prisecaru

27. Mathematical Simulation in Center of Gravity Position and Effect of Weight for a Biped Robot
Csaba Zoltan Mate, Erzsebet Faluvegi, Luciana Cristea

28. Irregular Speed of Rotation in the Hooke’s Joint: Visualization and Study of its Influence on the Value of the Forces into the Pivot and on the Strength of the Forks
Peter Nenov, Trifon Trifonov, Dimiter Velchev, Viarka Ronkova

29. Geometrical Blocking Contours as an Instrument for High-Technology Design of Geometry of Involute External and Internal Gear Drives
Peter Nenov, Bojidar Kaloyanov, Emilia Angelova

30. Bearings Failure of Gear Drive Unit Caused by Gear Resonance
Milosav Ognjanović, Miloš Ristić, Sanja Vasin

31. The Transmission Coefficient of Hydrostatic Drives
Mircea Rădulescu

32. Design of Loboid Gear Pairs Using Involute Discretization
Vasilios Spitas, Christos Spitas

33. Cams-Software Program to Design and Synthesis of Cams Mechanisms
Ljupco Trajcevski, Tale Geramitchioski

34. New Algorithm for Variable Speed Gear Generation Process
Marius Vasie, Domenico Mundo, Laurenţia Andrei

Part III. Product Development, Manufacturing and Metrology

35. Single-Row Planetary Gearbox Gearings Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
Ovidiu Buiga, Simion Haragâş

36. Application of MEMS Technique for Micro Gear Metrology
Syuhei Kurokawa, Yoji Umezaki, Morihisa Hoga, Ryohei Ishimaru, Osamu Ohnishi, Toshiro Doi

37. Evaluation and Choice of Conceptual Solutions for a Universal Geared Engine Reducer
Siniša Kuzmanović, Radivoje Mitrović, Milan Rackov, Đorđe Miltenović

38. Design Optimization of High Ratio Planetary Systems
Athanassios Mihailidis, Cristina Pupaza

39. The Numerical Calculus of Hobs Used to Cut W–N Gears
Gheorghe Miloiu

40. The Optimization of the Straight Bevel Gears Used in the Mechanical Transmissions of a PV Tracker
Gheorghe Moldovean, Bianca Butuc, Radu Velicu

41. Pareto Approach in Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Single-Row Cylindrical Rolling Bearings
Lucian Tudose, Gyorgy Kulcsar, Cristina Stănescu

42. On Evaluation Methods in Product Development. Application on Mechanical Transmissions
Mihai Robert Vladu, George Dobre, Radu Florin Mirica

43. A Fundamental Study on the Improvement for Chipping Characteristics in Gear Hobbing with Carbide Tipped Hob
Ryohei Ishimaru, Isao Sakuragi, Naoshi Izumi

44. Modelling of Trochoidal Gearing at the Gerotor Pump
Lozica Ivanović, Danica Josifović, Andreja Ilić

45. New Worm Technologies Manufacturing on the NC Lathe
Alexandru Pozdirca, Andrei Oltean, Cristian-Sorin Albu

Part IV. Load Capacity, Structure and Components

46. Methodological Approach to Recovery of the Cracks on the Turbine-Shaft at Hydroelectric Power Plant Djerdap II
Vujadin Aleksić, Brane Vistać, Ljubica Milović

47. Some Practical Problems of Distribution and Equalization of Internal Loads in Planetary Gear Trains
Kiril Arnaudov, Dimitar Karaivanov, Lubomir Dimitrov

48. Development of Planetary Precessional Transmission with Multicouple Gear
Ion Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru

49. Mathematical Model of the Bevel Gears Flanks Considering the Cutting Machine Type
Erzsebet Faluvegi, Csaba Zoltan Mate, Luciana Cristea

50. Motor Drives of Modern Drilling and Servicing Rigs for Oil and Gas Wells
Aurelian Iamandei, Gheorghe Miloiu

51. Testing of the Electromotor Power Transmitter Properties
Lozica Ivanović, Danica Josifović, Dobrivoje Ćatić, Andreja Ilić

52. The New Approach for Calculation of Total Mesh Stiffness and Nonlinear Load Distribution for Helical Gears
Miloš Jelić, Ivana Atanasovska

Part V. Maintenance, Operating and Industrial Applications

53. The Influence of Corrosion on Stress Concentration Factor at Shaft to Flange Radius
Ivana Atanasovska, Miloš Jelić, Radivoje Mitrović, Dejan Momčilović

54. Noncircular Planetary Gears Applied to Scissors
Alexandru Pozdîrcă

55. Optimal Damping Constant Investigation on a Quarter-Car
Mihai Tica, George Dobre, Gabriele Barbaraci, Gabriele Virzi’ Mariotti

56. Vibration Impact on Life Bearings from Fan Unit for Fresh Air in Thermo Power Plant REK Bitola
Tale Geramitchioski, Ljupco Trajcevski

57. On Measurement and Processing Data of the Real Loading: Application to Cement Equipment Components
Radu Onofrei, George Dobre, Radu Florin Mirică, Mihai Pali

58. Design of a Mechatronic System for Recovery of the Disabled Persons
Petre Lucian Seiciu

Part VI. Education

59. The New Engineering Education Model on University of Niš
Vojislav Miltenović, Milan Banić, Aleksandar Miltenović

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Automotive Engineering

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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