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Habitability of Other Planets and Satellites

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Table of contents

Part I. Parameters for Habitability, Habitable Zones and Life: Energy, Liquid Solvent, Information

1. The Habitable Zone: Basic Concepts
Stephen R. Kane

2. Exoplanets: Criteria for their Habitability and Possible Biospheres
John Lee Grenfell, Heike Rauer, Philip Paris

3. The Habitable Zone and the Generalized Greenhouse Effect
Giora Shaviv, Smadar Bressler, Nir J. Shaviv

4. The Influence of UV Radiation on Exoplanets’ Habitability
Orion Talmi, Giora Shaviv

5. Factors of Planetary Habitability
Rob Hengeveld

6. Bio-Relevant Microscopic Liquid Subsurface Water in Planetary Surfaces?
Diedrich Möhlmann

Part II. Impact Craters and the Evolution of Life

7. Organic Molecules in Lunar Ice: A Window to the Early Evolution of Life on Earth
Dirk Schulze-Makuch

Part III. Field Studies in Planetary Analogs, Simulations and Space Experiments with Relevance to Habitability

8. Experimental Simulations of Possible Origins of Life: Conceptual and Practical Issues
Henry Strasdeit, Stefan Fox

9. Simulation and Measurement of Extraterrestrial Conditions for Experiments on Habitability with Respect to Mars
Andreas Lorek, Alexander Koncz

10. The Role of Terrestrial Analogs in the Exploration of the Habitability of Martian Evaporitic Environments
Roberto Barbieri

Part IV. Search for Habitable Worlds in the Solar System and Beyond

11. Microbial Scale Habitability on Mars
Frances Westall

12. Interior and Surface Dynamics of Terrestrial Bodies and their Implications for the Habitability
Lena Noack, Doris Breuer

13. Exoplanets and Habitability
Stephen R. Kane

Part V. Alternatives to Earth-Like Life

14. Extremophiles on Alien Worlds: What Types of Organismic Adaptations are Feasible on Other Planetary Bodies
Dirk Schulze-Makuch

15. Brown Dwarfs and Black Smokers: The Potential for Photosynthesis Using Radiation from Low-Temperature Black Bodies
John A. Raven, Sean Donnelly

Part VI. Application of Existing Technologies for the Detection of Habitable Planets and the Search for Life

16. Detection of Habitable Planets and the Search for Life
Heike Rauer, Juan Cabrera, Stefanie Gebauer, John Lee Grenfell

17. Raman Spectral Signatures in the Biogeological Record: An Astrobiological Challenge
Howell G. M. Edwards, Ian B. Hutchinson, Richard Ingley

18. Application of Raman Spectroscopy as In Situ Technology for the Search for Life
Ute Böttger, Jean-Pierre Vera, Antje Hermelink, Jörg Fritz, Iris Weber, Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers

Part VII. Future Space Missions for Life Detection

19. Habitability on Kepler Worlds: Are Moons Relevant?
Julian Chela-Flores

20. Clean In Situ Subsurface Exploration of Icy Environments in the Solar System
Bernd Dachwald, Stephan Ulamec, Jens Biele

Part VIII. Summary and Conclusions

21. Theoretically Possible Habitable Worlds: But Will We Get Soon Answers by Observations?
Jean-Pierre Vera, Joseph Seckbach

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbial Ecology, Ecology, Astrobiology, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Astronomy, Observations and Techniques, Geology

Publication year
Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology
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29 pages
Natural Sciences

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