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The Philosophy of Biology

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Table of contents

1. Philosophy of Biology and Biology Education: An Introduction
Kostas Kampourakis

2. What Is Life?
Carol E. Cleland, Michael Zerella

3. Biological Explanation
Angela Potochnik

4. What Would Natural Laws in the Life Sciences Be?
Marc Lange

5. The Nature of Evolutionary Biology: At the Borderlands Between Historical and Experimental Science
Massimo Pigliucci

6. Evolutionary Theory and the Epistemology of Science
Kevin McCain, Brad Weslake

7. Conceptual Change and the Rhetoric of Evolutionary Theory: ‘Force Talk’ as a Case Study and Challenge for Science Pedagogy
David Depew

8. Debating the Power and Scope of Adaptation
Patrick Forber

9. Biology and Religion: The Case for Evolution
Francisco J. Ayala

10. The Implications of Evolutionary Biology for Religious Belief
Denis R. Alexander

11. Intelligent Design and the Nature of Science: Philosophical and Pedagogical Points
Ingo Brigandt

12. Molecular Evolution
Michael R. Dietrich

13. Educational Lessons from Evolutionary Properties of the Sexual Genome
John C. Avise

14. Non-genetic Inheritance and Evolution
Tobias Uller

15. Homology
Alessandro Minelli, Giuseppe Fusco

16. Teaching Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Concepts, Problems, and Controversy
Alan C. Love

17. Philosophical Issues in Ecology
James Justus

18. Small Things, Big Consequences: Microbiological Perspectives on Biology
Michael J. Duncan, Pierrick Bourrat, Jennifer DeBerardinis, Maureen A. O’Malley

19. Essentialism in Biology
John S. Wilkins

20. Biological Teleology: The Need for History
James G. Lennox, Kostas Kampourakis

21. Biology’s Functional Perspective: Roles, Advantages and Organization
Arno G. Wouters

22. Understanding Biological Mechanisms: Using Illustrations from Circadian Rhythm Research
William Bechtel

23. Information in the Biological Sciences
Alfredo Marcos, Robert Arp

24. Systems Biology and Education
Pierre-Alain Braillard

25. Putting Mendel in His Place: How Curriculum Reform in Genetics and Counterfactual History of Science Can Work Together
Annie Jamieson, Gregory Radick

26. Against “Genes For”: Could an Inclusive Concept of Genetic Material Effectively Replace Gene Concepts?
Richard M. Burian, Kostas Kampourakis

27. Current Thinking About Nature and Nurture
David S. Moore

28. Genomics and Society: Why “Discovery” Matters
Lisa Gannett

29. Philosophical Issues in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research
Andrew W. Siegel

30. Ethics in Biomedical Research and Practice
Anya Plutynski

31. Environmental Ethics
Roberta L. Millstein

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Science Education

Publication year
History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences
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17 pages

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