Blömeke, Sigrid

International Perspectives on Teacher Knowledge, Beliefs and Opportunities to Learn

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Framing the Enterprise: Benefits and Challenges of International Studies on Teacher Knowledge and Teacher Beliefs—Modeling Missing Links
Sigrid Blömeke

2. Theoretical Framework, Study Design and Main Results of TEDS-M
S. Blömeke, G. Kaiser

3. Learning About and Improving Teacher Preparation for Teaching Mathematics from an International Perspective
Yeping Li

Part II. Knowledge at the End of Teacher Education: International Perspectives

4. Knowledge of Future Primary Teachers for Teaching Mathematics: An International Comparative Study
Sharon L. Senk, Maria Teresa Tatto, Mark Reckase, Glenn Rowley, Ray Peck, Kiril Bankov

5. Teacher Education Effectiveness: Quality and Equity of Future Primary Teachers’ Mathematics and Mathematics Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Sigrid Blömeke, Ute Suhl, Gabriele Kaiser

6. In-depth Analyses of Different Countries’ Responses to MCK Items: A View on the Differences Within and Between East and West
Feng-Jui Hsieh, Chi-Tai Chu, Chia-Jui Hsieh, Pi-Jen Lin

7. Why Did Taiwan Excel: Hot Topics and Pressing Issues
Feng-Jui Hsieh, Pei-Chen Wu, Ting-Ying Wang

8. The Preparation of Primary Mathematics Teachers in Singapore: Programs and Outcomes from the TEDS-M Study
Khoon Yoong Wong, Kok Leong Boey, Suat Khoh Lim-Teo, Jaguthsing Dindyal

9. Teacher Education Effectiveness: Quality and Equity of Future Primary and Future Lower Secondary Teachers’ General Pedagogical Knowledge
J. König, S. Blömeke, L. Paine, W. H. Schmidt, F.-J. Hsieh

Part III. Beliefs at the End of Teacher Education: International Perspectives

10. The Cultural Dimension of Beliefs: An Investigation of Future Primary Teachers’ Epistemological Beliefs Concerning the Nature of Mathematics in 15 Countries
Anja Felbrich, Gabriele Kaiser, Christiane Schmotz

11. The Cultural Notion of Teacher Education: Future Lower Secondary Teachers’ Beliefs on the Nature of Mathematics, the Learning of Mathematics and Mathematics Achievement
Shu-Jyh Tang, Feng-Jui Hsieh

12. The Cultural Notion of Teacher Education: Comparison of Lower-Secondary Future Teachers’ and Teacher Educators’ Beliefs
Ting-Ying Wang, Feng-Jui Hsieh

13. An Examination of Future Primary Teachers Attitudes About the Teaching of Mathematics: An International Perspective
Nathan Burroughs, William Schmidt

Part IV. Does Teacher Education Matter?

14. Homogeneity or Heterogeneity? Profiles of Opportunities to Learn in Primary Teacher Education and Their Relationship to Cultural Context and Outcomes
Sigrid Blömeke, Gabriele Kaiser

15. Family Background, Entry Selectivity and Opportunities to Learn: What Matters in Primary Teacher Education? An International Comparison of Fifteen Countries
Sigrid Blömeke, Ute Suhl, Gabriele Kaiser, Martina Döhrmann

16. Primary Teacher Preparation in the United States: What We Have Learned
Leland Cogan, William H. Schmidt, Richard Houang

17. Emphasis and Balance among the Components of Teacher Preparation: The Case of Lower-Secondary Mathematics Teacher Education
William H. Schmidt, Leland Cogan, Richard Houang

18. Greater Expectations in Lower Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation: An Examination of Future Teachers’ Opportunity to Learn Profiles
William Schmidt, Leland Cogan

19. Does School Experience Matter for Future Teachers’ General Pedagogical Knowledge?
Johannes König, S. Blömeke

Part V. Assessment Challenges with Respect to Teacher Knowledge

20. The Conceptualisation of Mathematics Competencies in the International Teacher Education Study TEDS-M
Martina Döhrmann, Gabriele Kaiser, Sigrid Blömeke

21. A Conceptualization of Indicators for Mathematics Teacher Education Quality for International Studies
Feng-Jui Hsieh, Chiu-Keung Law, Haw-Yaw Shy, Ting-Ying Wang, Chia-Jui Hsieh, Shu-Jyh Tang

22. Diagnosing Teacher Knowledge by Applying Multidimensional Item Response Theory and Multiple-Group Models
Sigrid Blömeke, Richard T. Houang, Ute Suhl

23. Are College Rankings an Indicator of Quality Education? Comparing Barron’s and TEDS-M
William Schmidt, Nathan Burroughs, Lee Cogan, Richard Houang

Part VI. Conclusions: What We Have Learned and Future Challenges

24. Learning from the Eastern and the Western Debate—The Case of Mathematics Teacher Education
Gabriele Kaiser, Sigrid Blömeke

25. Assessment of Teacher Knowledge Across Countries: A Review of the State of Research
Sigrid Blömeke, Séan Delaney

Keywords: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Mathematics Education, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics

Publication year
Advances in Mathematics Education
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9 pages
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