Henckel, Dietrich

Space–Time Design of the Public City

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Table of contents

Part I. Rhythms and Diversity

1. Urban Rhythms in the Contemporary City
Marco Mareggi

2. Working on Sunday: Regulations, Impacts and Perceptions of the Time Use Practices
Jean-Yves Boulin

3. The Night and Its Loss
Merle Pottharst, Benjamin Könecke

4. Re-populating the Nighttime City: Hospitality and Gender
Adam Eldridge, Marion Roberts

5. Teenagers in the Contemporary City: Hypermodern Times, Spaces and Practices
Luc Gwiazdzinski

6. Time and Urban Morphology: Dispersed and Compact City Time Use in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona
Gemma Vilà

7. Intermezzo: Time Walk
Albert Mayr, Antonella Radicchi

Part II. Mobility and Access

8. Efficiency, Temporal Justice, and the Rhythm of Cities
Dietrich Henckel, Susanne Thomaier

9. Accessibility of Public Spaces and Services: Theoretical Remarks, Practices and Instruments from Urban Time Planning
Stefano Stabilini, Roberto Zedda, Lucia Zanettichini

10. Mobility, Accessibility and Social Equity: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Empirical Study in the Metropolitan Areas of Milan, Bologna and Turin
Matteo Colleoni

11. Beyond Vague Promises of Liveability: An Exploration of Walking in Everyday Life
Jenni Kuoppa

12. Encounters in Motion: Considerations of Time and Social Justice in Urban Mobility Research
Konrad Miciukiewicz, Geoff Vigar

13. INTERMEZZO: Time Intervention in Public Spaces – The Artist Mark Formanek
Dietrich Henckel, Benjamin Könecke, Susanne Thomaier

Part III. Urban Time Policies

14. Revisiting Exemplars of the Times-of-the-City Approach: The Viability of the ‘Neodiscipline’ Claim
Jeroen Schaick

15. City, Urbanism, Social Sustainability and the Right to the City
Fermín Rodríguez Gutiérrez

16. The Area Governance Plan and the Territorial Time Plan of the City of Bergamo: An Example of Temporal City Planning
Marina Zambianchi

17. Time Policies in Italy: The Case of the Middle Adriatic Regions
Raffaella Radoccia

18. Studying Good Practices to Lesson Drawing and Transfer: Introduction to the Causal Mechanisms Approach – A Proposal for Exchanges Among European Networks on Time-Oriented Policies
Giancarlo Vecchi

19. Do Urban Time Policies Have a Real Impact on Quality of Life? And Which Methods Are Apt to Evaluate Them?
Ulrich Mückenberger

20. Further Research and Policy Perspectives
Dietrich Henckel, Benjamin Könecke, Susanne Thomaier

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Urbanism, Regional/Spatial Science, Regional and Cultural Studies, Quality of Life Research, Complex Networks

Publication year
Urban and Landscape Perspectives
Page amount
21 pages
Natural Sciences

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