Özyer, Tansel

Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics

Özyer, Tansel - Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Model for Dynamic Integration of Data Sources
Murat Obali, Bunyamin Dursun

2. Overlapping Community Structure and Modular Overlaps in Complex Networks
Qinna Wang, Eric Fleury

3. Constructing and Analyzing Uncertain Social Networks from Unstructured Textual Data
Fredrik Johansson, Pontus Svenson

4. Privacy Breach Analysis in Social Networks
Frank Nagle

5. Partitioning Breaks Communities
Fergal Reid, Aaron McDaid, Neil Hurley

6. SAINT: Supervised Actor Identification for Network Tuning
Michael Farrugia, Neil Hurley, Aaron Quigley

7. Holder and Topic Based Analysis of Emotions on Blog Texts: A Case Study for Bengali
Dipankar Das, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

8. Predicting Number of Zombies in a DDoS Attacks Using Isotonic Regression
B. B. Gupta, Nadeem Jamali

9. Developing a Hybrid Framework for a Web-Page Recommender System
Vasileios Anastopoulos, Panagiotis Karampelas, Reda Alhajj

10. Evaluation and Development of Data Mining Tools for Social Network Analysis
Dhiraj Murthy, Alexander Gross, Alexander Takata, Stephanie Bond

11. Learning to Detect Vandalism in Social Content Systems: A Study on Wikipedia
Sara Javanmardi, David W. McDonald, Rich Caruana, Sholeh Forouzan, Cristina V. Lopes

12. Perspective on Measurement Metrics for Community Detection Algorithms
Yang Yang, Yizhou Sun, Saurav Pandit, Nitesh V. Chawla, Jiawei Han

13. A Study of Malware Propagation via Online Social Networking
Mohammad Reza Faghani, Uyen Trang Nguyen

14. Estimating the Importance of Terrorists in a Terror Network
Ahmed Elhajj, Abdallah Elsheikh, Omar Addam, Mohamad Alzohbi, Omar Zarour, Alper Aksaç, Orkun Öztürk, Tansel Özyer, Mick Ridley, Reda Alhajj

Keywords: Physics, Security Science and Technology, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Game Theory/Mathematical Methods, Complexity

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Lecture Notes in Social Networks
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6 pages
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