Lucena, Juan

Engineering Education for Social Justice

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Engineering Education and Engineering for Social Justice (ESJ)

1. Introduction
Juan Lucena

Part II. Where Have We Been? Where Can We Go?

2. Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace: Strategies for Educational and Professional Reform
Dean Nieusma

3. Power. Systems. Engineering. Traveling Lines of Resistance in Academic Institutions
Donna M. Riley

Part III. Conceptual Contributions to ESJ

4. The (Mis)Framing of Social Justice: Why Ideologies of Depoliticization and Meritocracy Hinder Engineers’ Ability to Think About Social Injustices
Erin A. Cech

5. What Can Buddhism Offer to a Socially Just Engineering Education?
Marisol Mercado Santiago

6. How Can Engineering Students Learn to Care? How Can Engineering Faculty Teach to Care?
Ryan C. Campbell

Part IV. What Gets in the Way and How Can ESJ Live in the Engineering Classroom?

7. Crossing Knowledge Boundaries and Thresholds: Challenging the Dominant Discourse Within Engineering Education
Caroline Baillie, Rita Armstrong

8. Connecting the “Forgotten”: Transportation Engineering, Poverty, and Social Justice in Sun Valley, Colorado
Jen Schneider, Junko Munakata-Marr

9. Integrating Social Justice into Engineering Education from the Margins: Guidelines for Addressing Sources of Faculty Resistance to Social Justice Education
Jon A. Leydens

Part V. What Thinking about Social Justice in Engineering Practice Can Offer to Engineering Education

10. What Can Engineering Systems Teach Us About Social (In)Justices? The Case of Public Transportation Systems
Andrés Felipe Valderrama Pineda

11. Exceptional Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities for Socially Just Engineering in Non-governmental Organizations in Colombia
Richard Arias-Hernandez

12. A Framework for Social Justice in Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicholas Sakellariou

Part VI. Synthesis and Conclusions

13. The Road Ahead: Questions and Pathways for Future Teaching and Research in ESJ
Juan Lucena

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Educational Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies

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Philosophy of Engineering and Technology
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6 pages

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