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Modulation of Presynaptic Calcium Channels

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Table of contents

Part I. Overview

1. Overview: Spatial and Temporal Regulation of Ca2+ Channels
Sumiko Mochida

Part II. Interaction Partners of Calcium Channels

2. Neuronal Functions of Auxiliary Calcium Channel Subunits
Gerald J. Obermair, Bernhard E. Flucher

3. Reciprocal Regulation of Neuronal Calcium Channels by Synaptic Proteins
Norbert Weiss, Gerald W. Zamponi

4. Molecular Architecture of Ca2+ Channel Complexes Organized by CaVβ Subunits in Presynaptic Active Zones
Akito Nakao, Mitsuru Hirano, Yoshinori Takada, Shigeki Kiyonaka, Yasuo Mori

5. Control of CaV2 Calcium Channels and Neurosecretion by Heterotrimeric G Protein Coupled Receptors
Mark L. Jewell, Kevin P. M. Currie

6. RGK Small GTPases and Regulation of CaV2 Channels
Pierre Charnet, Frédérique Scamps, Matthieu Rousset, Claudine Menard, Michel Bellis, Thierry Cens

7. Protein Interaction Partners of Cav2.3 R-Type Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels
Maxine Dibué, Etienne E. Tevoufouet, Felix Neumaier, Andreas Krieger, Alexandra Kiel, Dimitar Evdokimov, Thomas Galetin, Serdar Alpdogan, Isha Akhtar, Sabrina Scharf, Renate Clemens, Kayalvizhi Radhakrishnan, Jürgen Hescheler, Toni Schneider, Marcel A. Kamp

8. Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Signaling to the Nucleus
Michel Bellis, Thierry Cens, Pierre Charnet, Matthieu Rousset

Part III. Mechanisms of Studying Calcium Channel Effects

9. Presynaptic Ca2+ Influx and Its Modulation at Auditory Calyceal Terminals
Holger Taschenberger, Kun-Han Lin, Shuwen Chang

10. Use of Synthetic Ca2+ Channel Peptides to Study Presynaptic Function
Giovanna Bucci, Sumiko Mochida, Gary Stephens

Part IV. Calcium Channel Therapeutics

11. Impact of a Loss-of-Function P/Q Type Ca2+ Channel Mutation on Excitatory Synaptic Control of Cerebellar Purkinje Neurons
David D. Friel

12. CaV2.1 (P/Q) Voltage Activated Ca2+ Channels and Synaptic Transmission in Genetic and Autoimmune Diseases
Osvaldo D. Uchitel

13. Splicing and Editing to Customize CaV Channel Structures for Optimal Neural Function
Hua Huang, Juejin Wang, Tuck Wah Soong

14. Presynaptic Calcium Channels as Drug Targets for Pain
Peter J. Cox, Edward B. Stevens

15. Sensory Pathway Modulation by Calcium Channel α2δ1 Subunit
Chunyi Zhou, Z. David Luo

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Neurobiology, Membrane Biology, Cell Physiology

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