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Cognitive Enhancement

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Table of contents

1. Cognitive Enhancement – A Critical Look at the Recent Debate
Elisabeth Hildt

Part I. Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Cognitive Enhancement

2. Pharmacological Neuroenhancement: Substances and Epidemiology
Andreas G. Franke, Klaus Lieb

3. Psychopharmacological Neuroenhancement: Evidence on Safety and Efficacy
Dimitris Repantis

4. A Bubble of Enthusiasm: How Prevalent Is the Use of Prescription Stimulants for Cognitive Enhancement?
Bradley Partridge

5. Modeling the Effects of Modafinil on Selective Attention Electroencephalographic Neural Correlates
Carlos Trenado

6. Behavioral Neuroenhancement
Martin Dresler

7. The Influence of Sports on Cognitive Task Performance – A Critical Overview
Pavel Dietz

8. The Human Experiment: How We Won’t Win the Rat Race. What Can We Learn from Brain Stimulation in Humans and Rats About Enhancing the Functional Neurobiology of Higher Cognitive Functions?
Colleen A. Dockery

Part II. Philosophical and Ethical Aspects of Cognitive Enhancement

9. Better Brains or Bitter Brains? The Ethics of Neuroenhancement
Kirsten Brukamp

10. Cognitive Enhancement – To What End?
Michael Hauskeller

11. Nano-bionic Devices for the Purpose of Cognitive Enhancement: Toward a Preliminary Ethical Framework
Frédéric Gilbert

12. Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs, Behavioral Training and the Mechanism of Cognitive Enhancement
Emma Peng Chien

13. What Is Cognitive Enhancement and Is It Justified to Point Out This Kind of Enhancement Within the Ethical Discussion?
Roland Kipke

14. No Pain, No Gain? Objections to the Use of Cognitive Enhancement on the Basis of Its Potential Effects on the Value of Achievement
Lisa Forsberg

15. Does the Cognitive Enhancement Debate Call for a Renewal of the Deliberative Role of Bioethics?
Cynthia Forlini, Eric Racine

Part III. Sociological, Political and Legal Aspects of Cognitive Enhancement

16. The Biopolitics of Cognitive Enhancement
Peter B. Reiner

17. Are We Heading Towards an ‘Enhancement Society’?
Armin Grunwald

18. Leveling the Playing Field: Fairness in the Cognitive Enhancement Debate
Greta Wagner

19. My Mind Is Mine!? Cognitive Liberty as a Legal Concept
Jan-Christoph Bublitz

20. Cognitive Enhancement and Criminal Behavior
Elizabeth Shaw

21. Enhanced Control and Criminal Responsibility
John Danaher

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Life Sciences, general, Medicine/Public Health, general, Ethics, Popular Science in Medicine and Health

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Trends in Augmentation of Human Performance
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