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Soil as World Heritage

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Table of contents

Part I. The Soil and Environment

1. Chernozem: Soil of the Steppe
A. Ursu, A. Overenco, I. Marcov, S. Curcubặt

2. The Quality of Moldovan Soils: Issues and Solutions
S. Andrieş, V. Cerbari, V. Filipciuc

3. The State of Soil Erosion in the Republic of Moldova and the Need for Monitoring
E. Kuharuk, O. Crivova

4. Biota of Typical Chernozem Under Different Land Uses in Long-Term Field Experiments
I. Senikovskaya

5. Essential Mass and Structure of Soil Microorganisms in the Black Earth
N. Frunze

6. Effects of Long-Term Fertility Management on the Soil Nematode Community and Cyst Nematode Heterodera schachtii Population in Experimental Sugar Beet Fields
L. Poiras, E. Iurcu-Straistraru, A. Bivol, N. Poiras, I. Toderas, M. Bugaciuc, B. P. Boincean

7. Biochemical Parameters of Arable Chernozem in Long-Term Field Experiments
E. Emnova

8. Energy Status of Soil Agro-ecosystems
D. Girla (Dubit)

9. Heavy Metals in the Anthropogenic Cycle of Elements
G. Jigau, M. Motelica, M. Lesanu, E. Tofan, L. Georgescu, C. Iticescu, V. Rogut, S. Nedealcov

10. Effects of Long-Term Application of Fertilizers on the Trace Element Content of Soils
T. Leah

11. Potassium in Brown Forest Soils
O. Lobova, V. Vakhnyak

12. Pure and Applied Agrophysics
E. V. Shein, V. M. Goncharov, M. A. Mazirov

13. Evolution of Chernozem in the Complex Section at Storozheve, Ukraine
Y. Dmytruk, Z. Matviyishyna, A. Kushnir

14. Climate Change and Its Impact on Soil Productivity in Moldova
M. D. Vronskih

15. Multi-scalar Indices of Drought in Intensively Farmed Regions of the Czech Republic
V. Potop, M. Možný

Part II. Soil Fertility: Lessons from Long-Term Field Experiments

16. The Continuing Value of Long-Term Field Experiments: Insights for Achieving Food Security and Environmental Integrity
D. S. Powlson, A. J. MacDonald, P. R. Poulton

17. Long-Term Field Experiments with Fertilizers in Romania: Their Relevance to Sustainable Agriculture
C. Hera

18. The Beginnings of Long-Term Field Experiments on Crop Rotations at Balti
J. Libershteyn

19. Fifty Years of Field Experiments with Crop Rotations and Continuous Cultures at the Selectia Research Institute for Field Crops
B. P. Boincean

20. Long-Term Field Experiments as a Foundation for Conserving and Enhancing Soil Fertility
S. Andrieş, V. Lungu, N. Leah

21. Productivity and Fertility of the Balti Chernozem Under Crop Rotation with Different Systems of Fertilization
B. P. Boincean, L. T. Nica, S. S. Stadnic

22. Long-Term Field Experiment with Irrigation on the Balti Chernozem
B. P. Boincean, M. P. Martea, A. I. Ungureanu, P. M. Hropotinschi

23. Quality of Soil Organic Matter Under Crop Rotations and Continuous Cultures
B. P. Boincean, L. I. Bulat, M. A. Bugaciuc, M. Cebotari, V. V. Cuzeac

24. Soil Organic Matter and Soil Microbial Biomass in the Balti Long-Term Experiments
S. Corcimaru, G. H. Merenuic, B. P. Boincean

25. Total and Labile Organic Matter in Typical Chernozem Under Crop Rotation, Continuous Cropping, Perennial Crops, and Fertilization
M. Nicorici

26. Primary Soil Tillage in Rotations of the Main Field Crops in Moldova
I. V. Boaghii, L. I. Bulat

27. Humus Dynamics and Efficiency of Crop Rotations on Calcareous and Common Chernozem
D. M. Indoitu, D. Indoitu

28. Soil Conservation Capability of Crops and Crop Rotations: Data from Long-Term Studies in Belarus
A. Chernysh, A. Ustinova, I. Kas’yanenko, S. Kas’yanchik

29. Crop Yield and Quality Depending on Fertilization in Crop Rotation on Sod-Podzolic Soil
V. Lapa, M. Lomonos

30. Potassium Effects on Wheat Yield and Quality in Long-Term Experiments on Luvisol in Romania
G. Ciobanu, C. Domuţa, R. Brejea, Cornelia Ciobanu, L. Bara, Camelia Bara, Ramona Albu, Maria Şandor, G. Bunta, A. Vuscan

31. Effect of Systematic Mineral Fertilization on Available Potassium in Pellic Vertisol
V. Koteva

Part III. Different Ways of Doing Things

32. Towards Sustainable, Self-Supporting Agriculture: Biological Nitrogen Factories as a Key for Future Cropping Systems
E. Triboi, A.-M. Triboi-Blondel

33. Legumes as an Alternative Source of Nitrogen for Modern Agriculture
B. P. Boincean, G. T. Rusnac, I. V. Boaghii, D. I. Pasat, S. Gavrilas

34. Resource-Conserving Agriculture: Undersowing and Mixed Crops as Stepping Stones Towards a Solution
Hans Ramseier, Valentin Crismaru

35. Rationale for Maintaining Humus in Arable Soils of Moldova
A. L. Rusu, V. Plǎmǎdealǎ

36. Phyto-amelioration of Degraded Chernozem
V. Cerbari, T. Ciolacu

37. Phyto-technology for Remediation of Chernozem in the South of Moldova
V. Cerbari, V. Scorpan, M. Ţaranu, I. Bacean

38. Organic Manuring to Restore the Fertility of Eroded Soils
A. Siuris

39. Structural Indices of Typical Chernozem Under Various Methods of Tillage
G. Jigau, M. Motelica, M. Lesanu, I. Chircu, E. Tofan, L. Georgescu, C. Iticescu

40. Direct and Residual Effects of Phosphate-Enhanced Organic Fertilizers on Soil Fertility and Crop Production
V. Plǎmǎdealǎ, L. Bulat

41. Worm Compost to Improve Soil Fertility
L. Cremeniac, T. Boclaci

42. Efficiency of Grass Strips and Sodded Waterways
L. Popov

43. Sown and Natural Grassland for Soil Protection and Productivity in the Forest Steppe of Ukraine
V. Olifirovich, S. Makoviychuk, M. Kolenchuk, G. V. Cossack

44. Perennial Grasses Creating Soil Structure and Raising Fertility
V. D. Osadchuk, T. I. Gunchak, L. I. Miku, G. V. Cossack

45. Ecological Agriculture to Mitigate Soil Fatigue
L. Volosciuc, V. Josu

46. Mitigation of Western Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte) by Maize Varietal Selection
Y. Zaplitnyy, I. Mykulyak, M. Linska, T. Karp, Taras Matskiv, A. Metelska

Part IV. Soil Policy and Communications to Decision Makers

47. Abating Climate Change and Feeding the World Through Soil Carbon Sequestration
R. Lal

48. Business Case for Green Water Credits
David Dent

49. European Commission’s Policy Initiatives Towards European and Global Soil Protection
Luca Montanarella

50. Scientific Evidence on the Contribution of Crop Rotation to More Sustainable Agriculture
B. P. Boincean, David Dent

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geomorphology, Soil Science & Conservation, Agriculture, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Environmental Management

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