Windzio, Michael

Integration and Inequality in Educational Institutions

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Integration and Inequality in Educational Institutions: An Institutional Perspective
Michael Windzio

Part II. Education and Society

2. Integration and the Education State. Institutional History and Public Discourse in England, France, Germany, and the US
Ansgar Weymann

Part III. Institutions and Educational Outcomes in a Comparative Perspective

3. The School Performance of the Russian-Speaking Minority in Linguistically Divided Educational Systems: A Comparison of Estonia and Latvia
Kristina Lindemann

4. Positive but also Negative Effects of Ethnic Diversity in Schools on Educational Performance? An Empirical Test Using PISA Data
Jaap Dronkers, Rolf Velden

5. Socio-Structural Effects on Educational Poverty of Young Immigrants: An International Comparative Perspective
Janna Teltemann, Michael Windzio

6. School Accountability, Autonomy, Choice, and the Equality of Educational Opportunities
Gabriela Schuetz, Elke Luedemann, Martin R. West, Ludger Woessmann

7. The Consequences of Changing Education Policies on Social Inequality: The Case of Japan
Masashi Urabe, Ayumi Ono, Sherlyne Almonte Acosta

Part IV. Social Networks and Social Capital in Schools and Classrooms

8. School Class Composition and Student Development in Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Domains: Longitudinal Analyses of Primary School Students in Germany
Thorsten Schneider

9. Immigrant Children’s Access to Social Capital in School-Class Networks
Michael Windzio

10. Social Discrimination in Classrooms: The Contribution of a Social Networks Approach to Theory and Methods, and Empirical Evidence
Chris Baerveldt

11. School Interconnectedness and School Inequality as Determinants of the Ethnic Gap in Violent Behaviour
Dirk Baier

12. Friendships of Delinquent and Non-delinquent Adolescents in Classrooms
Andrea Knecht

Part V. Institutionalized Transitions into and out of Vocational Training

13. Immigrants in the German Vocational Training System: A Closer Look at Young People with Low Educational Credentials
Can M. Aybek

14. New Institutional Linkages Between Dual Vocational Training and Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Christian Ebner, Lukas Graf, Rita Nikolai

15. Conclusion: Institutional Effects on Integration and Inequality
Michael Windzio

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Child and School Psychology

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