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Satellite-based Applications on Climate Change

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Satellite-Based Applications and Research for Understanding Climate Change
Alfred M. Powell, John J. Qu, Mannava V. K. Sivakumar

2. Calibrating a System of Satellite Instruments
Changyong Cao, Ruiyue Chen, Sirish Uprety

3. MODIS Instrument Characteristics, Performance, and Data for Climate Studies
Vincent V. Salomonson, Xiaoxiong Xiong

4. Evaluation of the Temperature Trend and Climate Forcing in the Pre- and Post Periods of Satellite Data Assimilation
Alfred M. Powell, Jianjun Xu

5. Development of the Global Multispectral Imager Thermal Emissive FCDRs
Xianjun Hao, John J. Qu

6. Global Precipitation Monitoring
Ralph Ferraro, Thomas Smith

7. Developing a Historical Precipitation Record
Thomas M. Smith

8. Atmospheric Temperature Climate Data Records from Satellite Microwave Sounders
Cheng-Zhi Zou

9. Monitoring Change in the Arctic
Jeffrey R. Key, Xuanji Wang, Yinghui Liu

10. Assessing Hurricane Intensity Using Satellites
Mark DeMaria, John A. Knaff, Raymond Zehr

11. Satellite-Based Ocean Surface Turbulent Fluxes
Long S. Chiu, Si Gao, Chung-Lin Shie

12. Satellite-Monitored Snow Cover in the Climate System
Li Xu

13. Evapotranspiration Estimates from Remote Sensing for Irrigation Water Management
Timothy C. Martin, Richard G. Allen, Larry E. Brazil, J. Philip Burkhalter, Jason S. Polly

14. Snow Cover
Peter Romanov

15. Climate-Scale Oceanic Rainfall Based on Passive Microwave Radiometry
Long S. Chiu, Si Gao, Dong-Bin Shin

16. Integrating Landsat with MODIS Products for Vegetation Monitoring
Feng Gao

17. Satellite Applications for Detecting Vegetation Phenology
Min Li, John J. Qu

18. Monitoring a Sentinel Species from Satellites: Detecting Emiliania huxleyi in 25 Years of AVHRR Imagery
Stephanie Schollaert Uz, Christopher W. Brown, Andrew K. Heidinger, Tim J. Smyth, Raghu Murtugudde

19. Land Surface Temperature (LST) Retrieval from GOES Satellite Observations
Donglian Sun, Yunyue Yu

20. Remote Sensing of Leaf, Canopy, and Vegetation Water Contents for Satellite Environmental Data Records
E. Raymond Hunt, Susan L. Ustin, David Riaño

21. Recent Advances and Challenges of Monitoring Climate Change from Space
John J. Qu, Alfred M. Powell, Mannava V. K. Sivakumar

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Atmospheric Sciences

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