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IT Convergence and Security 2012

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Table of contents

1. Development of an Automatic Document Malware Analysis System
Hong-Koo Kang, Ji-Sang Kim, Byung-Ik Kim, Hyun-Cheol Jeong

2. Study of Behavior-Based High Speed Visit/Inspection Technology to Detect Malicious Websites
Ji-Sang Kim, Hong-Koo Kang, Hyun-Cheol Jeong

3. One-Way Hash Function Based on Cellular Automata
Jun-Cheol Jeon

4. A Novel Malware Detection Framework Based on Innate Immunity and Danger Theory
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ali, Mohd Aizaini Maarof

5. Forensic Evidence Collection Procedures of Smartphone in Crime Scene
Jeong-Hyun Lim, Chang-Woo Song, Kyung-Yong Chung, Ki-Wook Rim, Jung-Hyun Lee

6. NAC System Analysis and Design for Improvement Model
Seung-Jae Yoo, Jeong-Mo Yang, Hwan-Seok Yang

7. Analysis of Methods for Detecting Compromised Nodes and its Countermeasures
Fangming Zhao, Takashi Nishide, Yoshiaki Hori, Kouichi Sakurai

8. Protecting Advertisers Against Click Frauds
Rattikorn Hewett, Abhishek Agarwal

9. A Novel Intrusion Tolerant System Based on Adaptive Recovery Scheme (ARS)
Seondong Heo, Jungmin Lim, Minsoo Lee, Soojin Lee, Hyunsoo Yoon

10. Design and Implementation of Linked Network Security System Based on Virtualization in the Separate Network Environment
Dong-Hwi Lee, Kyong-Ho Choi

11. A Study About Security Awareness Program Based on RFID Access Control System
Kyong-Ho Choi, DongHwi Lee

12. A Framework for Anomaly Pattern Recognition in Electronic Financial Transaction Using Moving Average Method
Ae Chan Kim, Won Hyung Park, Dong Hoon Lee

13. An Investigation on the Research Topics in Relation to Information Systems in Supply Chain Management
Younjung Kim, Young-Ho Lee, Kyung-Yong Chung, Kang-Dae Lee

14. Designing a Model for Context Awareness Based Reliable Auction-Recommending System (CARARS) by Utilizing Advanced Information
Hwa-Jin Park, Sang-Beom Kim

15. A Secure Self-Encryption Scheme for Resource Limited Mobile Devices
Yongjoo Shin, Seungjae Shin, Minsoo Kim, Hyunsoo Yoon

16. A Study on the Network Stability Measurement Based on an Articulation Nodes with Weight Value
Myung-Ki Jung, Seongjin Ahn

17. An Improved Forward Secure Elliptic Curve Signcryption Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Suman Bala, Gaurav Sharma, Anil K. Verma

18. An Identity-Based Ring Signcryption Scheme
Gaurav Sharma, Suman Bala, Anil K. Verma

19. A Secure DS-CDMA Technique with Capacity Enhancement for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Muhammad Zeeshan, Shoab Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Yasir Malik

20. A Study on Traceback of Illegal Users Using Anonymity Technology in BitTorrent
Geon II Heo, Nam Hun Kim, Ah Ra Jo, Sae In Choi, Won Hyung Park

21. Internet Anonymity in Syria, Challenges and Solution
T. Eissa, Gi-hwan Cho

22. Comparison of Attacks and Security Analyses for Different RFID Protocols
Jung Tae Kim

23. Honeypot Using Dynamic Allocation Technique with IP Scan
Hwan-Seok Yang

24. Attribute-Based Encryption for Commercial Content Distribution
Hyoseung Kim, Seunghwan Park, Jong Hwan Park, Dong Hoon Lee

25. Sensibility Extraction for Bicycle Design Using RFID Tag-Attached Crayons
Ho-Ill Jung, Seung-Jin Lee, Jeong-Hoon Kang, Min-Hyun Kim, Jong-Wan Kim, Bo-Hyun Lee, Eun-Young Cho, Kyung-Yong Chung

26. Efficient Handover Schemes for Railroad Communications in 4G Mobile Networks
Ronny Yongho Kim, Baik Kim

27. Cyber Threat Prediction Model Using Security Monitoring System Event
Neo Park, Won Hyung Park

28. A Study for Car Insurance Service Using Vehicle Real Time Information
Yong-Yoon Shin, Byung-Yun Lee

29. An MMU Virtualization for Embedded Systems
Sung-Hoon Son

30. The Design and Implementation of Start Stop System with Multi-Protocol in Automotive Smart Key System
Kyeong-Seob Kim, Yun-Sub Lee, In-Seong Song, Sang-Bang Choi

31. The Design and Implementation of Improved Anti-Collision Algorithm for Vehicle User Authentication System
Kyeong-Seob Kim, Yun-Sub Lee, Sang-Bang Choi

32. Multi-Port Register File Design and Implementation for the SIMD Programmable Shader
Kyeong-Seob Kim, Yun-Sub Lee, Sang-Bang Choi

33. Design Exploration Technique for Software Component Mapping of AUTOSAR Development Methodology
Kabsu Han, Jeonghun Cho

34. Interoperability and Control Systems for Medical Cyber Physical Systems
Min-Woo Jung, Jeonghun Cho

35. Ubiquitous Logistics Management in the Steel Industry
Sang-Young Lee, Yoon-Seok Lee

36. Performance Evaluation of Train Propulsion Control on Ethernet Network Using TrueTime
Hyeon-Chyeol Hwang, Yong-Kuk Oh, Ronny Yongho Kim

37. Intelligent Control System for Railway Level Crossing Safety
Bong-Kwan Cho, Sang-Hwan Ryu, Hyeon-Chyeol Hwang, Seoung-Chon Koh, Do-Hyeon Lee

38. Moving Average Estimator Least Mean Square Using Echo Cancellation Algorithm
Sang-Yeob Oh, Chan-Shik Ahn

39. An Abrupt Signal Detection as Accident Detection by Hamiltonian Eigenvalue on Highway CCTV Traffic Signal
In Jeong Lee

40. Implementation of Improved DPD Algorithm Using the Approximation Hessian Technique and an Adaptive Filter
Jeong-Seok Jang, Gyong-Hak Lee

41. An InGaP HBT MMIC High Efficient Dual Path Power Amplifier for CDMA Handset Application
Song-Gang Kim, Hwan-Seok Yang, Seung-Jae Yoo

42. U-Health Platform for Health Management Service Based on Home Health Gateway
Jong-Hun Kim, Si-Hoon Ahn, Jae-Young Soh, Kyung-Yong Chung

43. A 2-D Visual Model for Sasang Constitution Classification Based on a Fuzzy Neural Network
Zhen-Xing Zhang, Xue-Wei Tian, Joon S. Lim

44. Graph Coloring Algorithms and Applications to the Channel Assignment Problems
Surgwon Sohn

45. Thermal Performance in Ecological Korean House
Jaewon Kim, Kyungeun Cho, Eunyoung Ahn

46. An Automatic Roof Frame Design Method for Korean Traditional Wooden Architecture
Eunyoung Ahn, Noyoon Kwak

47. Adaptive Load Partitioning Algorithm for Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Tae-Hyung Kim

48. Game-Based Learning System Using Graduated-Interval Recall Method
Ming Jin, Yoon Sang Kim

49. An Efficient DRAM Converter for Non-Volatile Based Main Memory
Sung-In Jang, Cheong-Ghil Kim, Shin-Dug Kim

50. An M2M-Based Interface Management Framework for Vehicles with Multiple Network Interfaces
Hong-Jong Jeong, Sungwon Lee, Dongkyun Kim, Yong-Geun Hong

51. A Framework of the Wireless Sensor Based Railway Signal System
Tarun Kumar, Ajay Chaudhary, Ganesh Singh, Richa Sharma

52. Evolutionary Bio-Interaction Knowledge Accumulation for Smart Healthcare
Sung-Kwan Kang, Jong-Hun Kim, Kyung-Yong Chung, Joong-Kyung Ryu, Kee-Wook Rim, Jung-Hyun Lee

53. A Non-Volatile Buffered Main Memory Using Phase-Change RAM
Do-Heon Lee, Chung-Pyo Hong, Shin-Dug Kim

54. A Study on the Real-Time Location Tracking Systems Using Passive RFID
Min-Su Kim, Dong-Hwi Lee, Kui-Nam J Kim

55. SmartKeyboard for the Disabled in Smartwork
Juyoung Park, Seunghan Choi, Do-Young Kim

56. Addressing the Out-of-date Problem for Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm in P2P Systems
Khaled Ragab, Moawia Elfaki Yahia

57. Unified Performance Authoring Tool for Heterogeneous Devices and Protocols
Youngjae Kim, Seungwon Oh, Dongwook Lee, Haewook Choi, Jinsul Kim, Minsoo Hahn

58. Discrimination System of Surround Illumination Using Photo Sensor’s Output Voltage Ratio
Eun Su Kim, Hee Dong Park, Kyung Nam Park

59. The Development of Korea: Computer Access Assessment System (K-CAAS) for Persons with Physical Disabilities
Jinsul Kim, Juhye Yook

60. Color Coding for Massive Bicycle Trajectories
Dongwook Lee, Jinsul Kim, Haewook Choi, Minsoo Hahn

61. User-Oriented Load Balancing Scheme for MMORPG
Hye-Young Kim

62. Smart Desk: A Single Interface Based File Sharing System
Naveed Ejaz, Sung Wook Baik, Ran Baik

63. Feature Reduction and Noise Removal in SURF Framework for Efficient Object Recognition in Images
Naveed Ejaz, Ran Baik, Sung Wook Baik

64. Automatic Segmentation of Region of Interests in MR Images Using Saliency Information and Active Contours
Irfan Mehmood, Ran Baik, Sung Wook Baik

65. Digital Image Magnification Using Gaussian-Edge Directed Interpolation
Muhammad Sajjad, Ran Baik, Sung Wook Baik

66. An Examination of Psychological Factors Affecting Drivers’ Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Car Navigation Systems
Eunil Park, Ki Joon Kim, Angel P. Pobil

67. Handover Performance Evaluation of 4G Mobile Networks
Baik Kim, Ronny Yongho Kim

68. An Emergency Message Broadcasting Using Traffic Hazard Prediction for Vehicle Safety Communications on a Highway
Sang Yeob Oh

69. Detecting SIM Box Fraud Using Neural Network
Abdikarim Hussein Elmi, Subariah Ibrahim, Roselina Sallehuddin

70. Overlapping-Node Removal Algorithm Considering the Sensing Coverage of the Node in WSN
Doo-Wan Lee, Chang-Joon Kim, Kyung-Sik Jang

71. Implementation of the Personal Healthcare Services on Automotive Environments
Kabsu Han, Jeonghun Cho

72. A Design of WSN Model to Minimize Data-Centric Routing Cost for Many-to-Many Communication
A. S. M. Sanwar Hosen, Gi-hwan Cho

73. Improving of Cache Performance using Trust Value of Nodes
Seung-Jae Yoo, Hwan-Seok Yang

74. Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Mobile Communication Systems Using Single-Feed
Chanhong Park

75. Microstrip Patch Antenna on UHF Band Using Multiple Meander for Metal Attached in U-City
Chanhong Park

76. Multi-Hop Relay Protocol Techniques for Performance Enhancement of LTE Downlink System
Chanhong Park

77. Performance Improvement Using Single Carrier-FDMA in Relay Based LTE Uplink System
Chanhong Park

78. An Efficient High-Speed Traffic Control Scheme for Real-Time Multimedia Applications in Wireless Networks
Moonsik Kang

79. Interference Assessment on the Circuit Domain in GSM-R Networks by Grey Clustering and Analytic Hierarchy Process
Si-Ze Li, Zhang-Dui Zhong, Yuan-Yuan Shi, Bo Ai, Jian-Wen Ding, Si-Yu Lin

80. Design of Transducer Interface Agent and its Protocol for WSN Middleware
Surgwon Sohn

81. Collaboration of Thin-Thick Clients for Optimizing Data Distribution and Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
Pham Phuoc Hung, Eui-Nam Huh

82. Mutual Exclusion Algorithm in Mobile Cellular Networks
Sung-Hoon Park, Yeong-Mok Kim

83. An Effective Personalized Service Provision Scheme for Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Chung-Pyo Hong, Cheong-Ghil Kim, Shin-Dug Kim

84. Fast Data Acquisition with Mobile Device in Digital Crime
Chang-Woo Song, Jeong-Hyun Lim, Kyung-Yong Chung, Ki-Wook Rim, Jung-Hyun Lee

85. R2TP: Remote-to-Remote Transfer Protocols and Methods
Tae-Gyu Lee, Gi-Soo Chung

86. The Stack Allocation Technique on Android OS
Yeong-Kyu Lim, Cheong-Ghil Kim, Min-Suk Lee, Shin-Dug Kim

87. New Load Balancing Method for VoD Service
Jinsul Kim, Kang Yong Lee, Sanghyun Park

88. Exploiting Mobility/Traffic Characteristics for PMIPv6-Based Distributed Mobility Management
Ki-Sik Kong

89. A Multihoming-Based Vertical Handover Scheme
Hee-Dong Park, Kyung-Nam Park

90. A Performance Prediction Model of Parallel DCT on Mobile Embedded Systems
Yeong-Kyu Lim, Cheong-Ghil Kim

91. Implementation of a Low Cost Home Energy Saver Based on OpenWrt
Se-Hwan Park, Hyun-Jun Shin, Myoung-Seo Kim, Cheong-Ghil Kim

92. A Multimedia Authoring and Virtual Collaboration System Supporting Multi-Conferences for E-Learning
Yeongjoon Kim, Chuleui Hong

93. An Immersive Ski Game Based on a Simulator
Gil Ho Song, Won-Hyung Park, Eun-Jung Lim, Goo Cheol Jeong, Sang-Youn Kim

94. A Method of Combining Gaussian Mixture Model and K-Means for Automatic Audio Segmentation of Popular Music
Ing-Jr Ding

95. Human Action Classification and Unusual Action Recognition Algorithm for Intelligent Surveillance System
Nae Joung Kwak, Teuk-Seob Song

96. Design of Configurable Pin Control Block for Multimedia System-on-a-Chip
Myoung-Seo Kim, Jean-Luc Gaudiot

97. Depression and Fatigue Analysis Using a Mental-Physical Model
Xue-Wei Tian, Zhen-Xing Zhang, Sang-Hong Lee, Hee-Jin Yoon, Joon S. Lim

98. A Study of Non-photorealistic Rendering Method Using Orientation Sensor in Mobile Devices
Sungtae Kim, Minseok Kang, Jiyeon Kim, Hongil Kim, Gukboh Kim, Jongjin Jung

99. A BCI Contents Development Method Based Templates
Yunsick Sung, Kyungeun Cho, Kyhyun Um

100. Pen-Ink Rendering for Traditional Building Images
Dokyung Shin, Eunyoung Ahn

101. Context-Aware Statistical Inference System for Effective Object Recognition
Sung-Kwan Kang, Kyung-Yong Chung, Kee-Wook Rim, Jung-Hyun Lee

102. Adaptive Skinny Smudge Tool
Noyoon Kwak, Eunyoung Ahn

103. Modeling Student’s Handwritten Examination Data and Its Application Using a Tablet Computer
Youngjae Kim, Cheolil Lim, Haewook Choi, Minsoo Hahn

104. Advanced Media Measuring Method Using MPEG-2 Transport Stream for High Quality Broadcasting Management System
Sangkeun Kim

105. Proposed Media Signal Sharing Scheme Through NGN for Service Overlay Multimedia Framework
Jungdae Kim

106. Realtime Sport Analysis Methodology for Extracting Target Scenes on Mobile Environment
Chung Young Lee, Jung Mo Kim

107. A Cost Effective Method for Matching the 3D Motion Trajectories
Hai-Trieu Pham, Jung-ja Kim, Yonggwan Won

108. Perceived Quality Model for Supporting Full Session Mobility in Multimedia Service Delivery Process
Dongjun Suh, Jinsul Kim, Seongju Chang

109. A Study of Stereoscopic 3D Technology Development Trends on Mobile
Cheong-Ghil Kim, Se-Hwan Park, Bong-Jin Back, Taeg-Keun Whangbo

110. Efficient Object Recognition Method for Adjacent Circular-Shape Objects
Sung-Jong Eun, Taeg-Keun Whangbo

111. Improved View Selection Algorithm in Data Warehouse
Jong-Soo Sohn, Jin-Hyuk Yang, In-Jeong Chung

112. A Novel Weighting Technique for Mining Sequence Data Streams
Joong Hyuk Chang, Nam-Hun Park

113. Analyzing Efficient Algorithms of Frequent Pattern Mining
Unil Yun, Gangin Lee, Sung-Jin Kim

114. Efficient Isomorphic Decision for Mining Sub Graphs with a Cyclic Form
Gangin Lee, Unil Yun

115. Performance Evaluation of Approximate Pattern Mining Based on Probabilistic and Statistical Techniques
Unil Yun, Gwangbum Pyun, Sung-Jin Kim

116. Interactive Self-Diagnostic System Using Anatomical 3D Human Body
Sung-Ho Kim, Kyung-Yong Chung

117. Rule-Based Naive Bayesian Filtering for Personalized Recommend Service
Jong-Hun Kim, Kyung-Yong Chung

118. Design of an Actigraphy Based Architecture for Mental Health Evaluation
Mi-Hwa Song, Jae-Sung Noh, Seung-Min Yoo, Young-Ho Lee

119. Efficient Detection of Content Polluters in Social Networks
Jin Seop Han, Byung Joon Park

120. A Prototype Selection Algorithm Using Fuzzy k-Important Nearest Neighbor Method
Zhen-Xing Zhang, Xue-Wei Tian, Sang-Hong Lee, Joon S. Lim

121. Enhanced Reinforcement Learning by Recursive Updating of Q-values for Reward Propagation
Yunsick Sung, Eunyoung Ahn, Kyungeun Cho

122. Improved Method for Action Modeling Using Bayesian Probability Theory
Yunsick Sung, Kyhyun Um, Kyungeun Cho

123. Decision Tree Driven Rule Induction for Heart Disease Prediction Model: Korean National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey V-1
Jae-Kwon Kim, Eun-Ji Son, Young-Ho Lee, Dong-Kyun Park

124. Data Mining-Driven Chronic Heart Disease for Clinical Decision Support System Architecture in Korea
Eun-Ji Son, Jae-Kwon Kim, Young-Ho Lee, Eun-Young Jung

125. A Study on the Occurrence of Crimes Due to Climate Changes Using Decision Tree
Jong-Min Kim, Hwang-Kwon Ahn, Dong-Hwi Lee

126. A Case Study for the Application of Storage Tiering Based on ILM through Data Value Analysis
Chun-Kyun Youn

127. A Neural Network Mixture Model for Green Warranty Diffusion
Sang-Hyun Lee, Sang-Joon Lee, Kyung-Il Moon

128. Generation of User Interest Ontology Using ID3 Algorithm in the Social Web
Jong-Soo Sohn, Qing Wang, In-Jeong Chung

129. Collective Intelligence Based Algorithm for Ranking Book Reviews
Heungmo Ryang, Unil Yun

130. Ranking Techniques for Finding Correlated Webpages
Gwangbum Pyun, Unil Yun

131. Square-Wave Like Performance Change Detection Using SPC Charts and ANFIS
Dong-Hun Lee, Jong-Jin Park

132. Hybrid Standard Platform for E-Journal Usage Statistics Management
Youngim Jung, Jayhoon Kim

133. Study for Predict of the Future Software Failure Time Using Nonlinear Regression
Yoon-Soo Ra, Hee-Cheul Kim

134. Analysis of Threat-Factors for Biometric-Information Processing Systems According to Goal-Oriented Threat- Modeling
Su-Jin Baek, Jong-Won Ko, Jung-Soo Han

135. Distinct Element Method Analysis of Retaining Wall Using Steel Frame and Fill Material
Sam Dong Jung, Jung Won Park, Jong Hwa Won, Jeong Soo Kim, Moon Kyum Kim

136. Full-Scaled Experiment for Behavior Investigation of Reinforced Concrete Columns with High-Strength Wire Ropes as Lateral Spiral Reinforcement
Kyu Won Kim, Jong Hwa Won, Sam Dong Jung, Jung Won Park, Moon Kyum Kim

137. Local Deformed Diameter Analysis of a Pipe in Rigid Encasement for Water-crossings Application
Jong Hwa Won, Gun Kim, Sam Dong Jung, Jung Won Park, Do Hak Kim, Moon Kyum Kim

138. A Study on Management System Design of Swimming Exercise Prescription by Using Fussy ANP
Kyoung-Hun Kim, Won-Hyun Kim, Tae-Won Kyung, Gyeng-Taek Yu, Chung-Sick Shin

139. Intelligent Recommendation System for Automotive Parts Assembly
Jong-Won Ko, Su-Jin Baek, Gui-Jung Kim

140. Model Transformation Verification Using Mapping Pattern and Model Transformation Similarity
Jong-Won Ko, Su-Jin Baek, Jung-Soo Han

141. Hierarchical Analysis of Steel House Material for 3D
Jung-Soo Han, Myeong-Ho Lee

142. Multi-Faces Recognition Process
Jung-Soo Han, Jeong-Heon Lee

143. Software Performance Test Automation by Using the Virtualization
Gwang-Hun Kim, Yeon-Gyun Kim, Seok-Kyu Shin

144. Requirement Analysis for Aspect-Oriented System Development
Seung-Hyung Lee, Hyun Yoo

145. System Analysis and Modeling Using SysML
Muzaffar Iqbal, Muhammad Uzair Khan, Muhammad Sher

146. Handover Latency Reduction Scheme for Railroad Communications in 4G Mobile Networks
Ronny Yongho Kim, Baik Kim

147. Neo Energy Storage Technology: REDOX Flow Battery
Sunhoe Kim

148. An Effective Interfacing Adapter for PRAM Based Main Memory via Flexible Management DRAM Buffer
Mei-Ying Bian, Su-Kyung Yoon, Shin-Dug Kim

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Computer Communication Networks

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