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Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Adding Secure Communication Mechanism to Existing Distributed Applications by means of AOP
Ozgur Koray Sahingoz

2. Multi-Level Dynamic Key Management for Scalable Wireless Sensor Networks with UAV
Ozgur Koray Sahingoz

3. A Multi-Modal Coevolutionary Algorithm for Finding All Nash Equilibria of a Multi-Player Normal Form Game
Nona Helmi, Gelareh Veisi

4. Study on Analysis Android Applications for Smartwork
Seung-hwan Ju, Hee-suk Seo, Jin Kwak

5. Face Recognition System for the Enhanced Authentication in the Smart Work Environment
SangKon Han, Seokhwan Yang, Jae-hyuk Choi, Mokdong Chung

6. The Innovation Telehospice System in Taiwan: A Home-Based Hospice Care Service Application
Mei-Ju Su, Yu-Jen Hsieh, Chien-An Yao, Fei-Pei Lai, May-Hua Liao, Heng-Shuen Chen

7. MimicGesture: Secure Device Pairing with Accelerometer-Based Gesture Input
Oyuntungalag Chagnaadorj, Jiro Tanaka

8. Worst Case Response Time Analysis of Sporadic Tasks with Precedence Constrained Subtasks Using Non-preemptive EDF Scheduling
Armaghan Darbandi, Myung Kyun Kim

9. App Development for Jeju Spring Water Information Visualization
JinLong Piao, Seong Baeg Kim

10. Novel Clustering Scheme to Guarantee Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
Babar Shah, Chung-Jae Lee, JinYong Seong, Ki-Il Kim

11. An Operation Scheduling Technique for Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
Yongjoo Kim, Jongwon Lee, Doosan Cho, Yunheung Paek

12. An Implementation of Leaf Recognition System Based on Leaf Contour and Centroid for Plant Classification
Kue-Bum Lee, Kwang-Woo Chung, Kwang-Seok Hong

13. The Relative Importance of Weather Factors and the Predictions About the Groundwater Level in Jeju
Chan Jung Park, Junghoon Lee, Seong Baeg Kim, Jung Suk Hyun

14. Design of Web Simulation and Content Service on EDISON
Young Jin Jung, Du-Seok Jin, Bu-Young Ahn, Jerry Hyeon Seo, Hoon Ryu, Ok-Hwan Byeon, JongSuk Ruth Lee, Kumwon Cho

15. A Collusion-Resistant Trust Management Scheme for Distributed P2P Network
Byong-lae Ha, Gi-hwan Cho

16. An Effective Routing Cost Approximation in Many-to-Many Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks
A. S. M. Sanwar Hosen, Gi-hwan Cho

17. An Energy-Efficient Selective Forwarding Attack Detection Scheme Using Lazy Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Junho Park, Dong-ook Seong, Myungho Yeo, Byung-yup Lee, Jaesoo Yoo

18. ID Globalization Across Multiple Convergence Spaces Using Smart Cameras
Geon Woo Kim, Jong Wook Han

19. Vehicle Inside Information Recording System Using GPS and In-Vehicle Network
Sung-Hyun Baek, Jong-Wook Jang

20. Security Based Semantic Context Awareness System for M2M Ubiquitous Healthcare Service
Yunjeong Choi, Inshil Doh, Seung-Soo Park, Ki-Joon Chae

21. Energy-Efficient In-Network Density Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dong-ook Seong, Junho Park, Jihee Lee, Myungho Yeo, Myoungho Kim, Jaesoo Yoo

22. A Sensor Positioning Scheme Using Neighbor Density Probability Models in Irregular Wireless Sensor Networks
Hyuk Park, Donggyo Hwang, Junho Park, Dong-ook Seong, Jaesoo Yoo

23. A Certificate Enhanced Group Key Framework for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Ching-Hung Yeh, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Kuan-Ching Li

24. Migration of Application Data to REST-Based Online Storage Service
Tetsuya Hirai, Masanori Hirotomo, Masami Mohri, Yoshiaki Shiraishi

25. Development of Knocking Identification and Engine Balance Correction Algorithms for CRDI Engine Electronic Control Unit
Hwa-seon Kim, Seong-jin Jang, Jong-wook Jang

26. A Lightweight Remote User Interface and Content Sharing System for Smart Consumer Devices
Yuseok Bae, Jongyoul Park

27. Reusable Context-Aware Software
Ichiro Satoh

28. Byte-Addressable Persistent RAM APIs for Flexible Memory Management and Protection
Hidayat Febiansyah, Jin Baek Kwon

29. Design and Implementation of Ubiquitous ECG Monitoring System by Using Android Tablet
Jiunn Huei Yap, Do Un Jeong

30. An Approach to Creating an Ontology and Rule Set for Situation Aware Software in Mobile Environments
Joonseok Park, Soohye Shin, Keunhyuk Yeom

31. Fast Coding Algorithm for High Efficient Video Coding (HEVC)
Jong-Hyeok Lee, Chang-Ki Kim, Jeong-Bae Lee, Byung-Gyu Kim

32. Tour Schedule Generation Integrating Restaurant Options for Electric Vehicles
Junghoon Lee, Hye-Hin Kim, Gyung-Leen Park, Byung-Jun Lee, Seulbi Lee, Dae-Yong Im

33. Modified Intensive Prototype Model for Better User Experience and Usability Improvements in Software and Web Application Design and Development
Sami Abduljalil Abdulhak, Gi-Hyun Hwang, Dae-Ki Kang

34. An Equidistant Message Power Attack Using Restricted Number of Traces on Reduction Algorithm
Jong-Yeon Park, Dong-Guk Han, Okyeon Yi, JeongNyeo Kim

35. An Efficient Continuous Reverse Skyline Query Processing Method Over Moving Objects
Jongtae Lim, Yonghun Park, Kyoungsoo Bok, Jaesoo Yoo

36. Mobile P2P Social Network Using Location and Profile
He Li, Kyoungsoo Bok, Jaesoo Yoo

37. Development of a 3D Digital Textbook Using X3D
Jeong-Hun Hong, Mihye Kim, Kwan-Hee Yoo

38. Clustering Method Using Item Preference Based on RFM for Recommendation System in U-Commerce
Young Sung Cho, Song Chul Moon, Seon-phil Jeong, In-Bae Oh, Keun Ho Ryu

39. Integrative In-Home Display Development for Smart Places
Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Jikwang Han

40. Adaptive Packet Coalescing Mechanism in Energy Efficient Ethernet
Sung-Keun Lee, Yong-Jae Jang, Kyoung-Wook Park

41. An Integration Framework of Cloud Computing with Wireless Sensor Networks
Pengfei You, Huiba Li, Yuxing Peng, Ziyang Li

42. Dynamic Distributed PMIPv6 for Distributed Mobility Management
Seong-Mun Kim, Hyon-Young Choi, Sung-Gi Min, Youn-Hee Han

43. Cloud-Based Mobile Distance Learning System
Jang Ho Lee

44. A Practical Approach Implementing a Wearable Human Activity Detector for the Elderly Care
Chankyu Park, Jaehong Kim, Ho-jin Choi

45. Formal Verification of SyncML Protocol for Ubiquitous Data Coherence
Seungsu Chun, Seungryong Lee, Donghoon Oh

46. Cloud Authentication Based on Anonymous One-Time Password
Ali A. Yassin, Hai Jin, Ayad Ibrahim, Weizhong Qiang, Deqing Zou

47. Efficient Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Scheme for Multiple Channel Connections
Chang-Ki Kim, Gwang-Soo Hong, Byung-Gyu Kim, Jeong-Bae Lee, Jeong-Ju Yoo

48. GIS-Based Analysis of Personal Accessibility Measures of Daily Travel
Chen Ni, Suxia Liu

49. Visual Analysis of Portable Computer Forensic Data
Keonwoo Kim, Sung Kyong Un

50. A Universal Software Platform for a Smart Grid Service Gateway
Hae-jun Lee, Dae-young Seo

51. Modeling the Collaborative User Groups and Their Effectiveness for the Contents Recommender
Saim Shin, Sung-Joo Park, Da-Hee Kim, Se-Jin Jang, Soek-Pil Lee

52. Analysis of Transmission Rate Using Zigbee Routing Protocol for u-Health
Min Woo Jung, Jeonghun Cho

53. MHB-Tree: A Distributed Spatial Index Method for Document Based NoSQL Database System
Yan Li, GyoungBae Kim, LongRi Wen, HaeYoung Bae

54. Betweenness of Expanded Ego Networks in Sociality-Aware Delay Tolerant Networks
Yong-hwan Kim, Chan-Myung Kim, Youn-Hee Han, Young-Sik Jeong, Doo-Soon Park

55. Extending Grid Infrastructure Using Cloud Computing
N. Mohan Krishna Varma, Eunmi Choi

56. Experimental Development and Evaluation of IEEE 802.21 MIH for Enterprise WiMAX/WLAN Environments
Gyusun Yi, Eunchong Na, Sungwon Lee

57. Performance Evaluation for Efficient Complex Event Processing System According to Event Types and Environment
Duckwon Chung, Mino Ku, Yunjung Park, Dugki Min

58. Improved CloudSim for Simulating QoS-Based Cloud Services
Jun-Kwon Jung, Nam-Uk Kim, Sung-Min Jung, Tai-Myoung Chung

59. An Improved Divisibility Test Algorithm for Primality Testing
Arjun Kumar, TaeYong Kim, HoonJae Lee

60. IRDT-GEDIR: Next-Hop Selection in Intermittent Wireless Multihop Sensor Networks
Takanori Takehira, Hiroaki Higaki

61. XML-RPC Driven UCR Broker
Rustam Rakhimov Igorevich, Eldor Primov Ismoilovich, Dugki Min

62. A Study on Network Latency in the Concentric Clustering Scheme
Sung-Min Jung, Tae-Kyung Kim, Tai-Myoung Chung

63. Social Cooperative Networking Framework Based on UCR Broker
Eldor Primov Ismoilovich, Rustam Rakhimov Igorevich, Dugki Min

64. Ontology Usability Assessment Model for Context Information Process
Sukyoung Kim, Eungha Kim, Youngil Choi

65. Wearable P2P Communication System Organization on Digital Yarn
Tae-Gyu Lee, Gi-Soo Chung

66. An Energy Optimized Unequal Clustering Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nurhayati Nurhayati, Gan Bayar, KyoungOh Lee

67. Augmented Reality Based Bridge Information System Using Smartphone
Sung-Han Bae, Gi-Yeol Lee, HwaMin Lee

68. Ant-Based Routing Protocol for Energy Efficient Use in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jipeng Zhou, Jianzhu Lu, Jin Li

69. A Study on the Framework of the Security-Based E-commerce Applications
Jianhong Li

70. Fast and Secure Handover into Visited WLAN Networks
Imen El Bouabidi, Faouzi Zarai, Mohammad S. Obaidat, Lotfi Kamoun

71. Congestion Control for Cognitive Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Wonyong Yoon, Wooseong Kim

72. Exploiting Virtual Channel Flash Management Issue for Cost-Efficient NAND Usage in Mobile Devices
Seung-Ho Lim, Min Choi, Young-Sik Jeong

73. Event-Aware Topology Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sankar Narayan Das, Sudip Misra, Mohammad S. Obaidat

74. Implementation of Disaster Broadcasting System for Efficient Situation Management Using Mobile Devices
Geum Young Min, Hyoung Seop Shim, Duke Hoon Jeong

75. Golf Ball Bouncing Model Based on Real Images
Seongmin Baek, Myunggyu Kim

76. Study on Low-Power Transmission Protocols for ZigBee Wireless Network-Based Remote Biosignal Monitoring Systems
Young-Hyuk Kim, Il-Kown Lim, Jae-Pil Lee, Jae-Gwang Lee, Jae-Kwang Lee

77. Security Enhancements of a Mutual Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
Younghwa An, Youngdo Joo

78. Research on Meteorology Indices Forecasting Framework based on Hybrid Cloud Computing Platforms
Jia Fu, Junchao Wang, Lu Jing, Chen Zhenghong, Mingqiong He

79. Qualitative Analysis of Skull Stripping Accuracy for MRI Brain Images
Shafaf Ibrahim, Noor Elaiza Abdul Khalid, Mazani Manaf, Mohd Ezane Aziz

80. A Community Detection Scheme in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Chan-Myung Kim, In-Seok Kang, Youn-Hee Han, Chan Yeol Park

81. Modified Reflective Petri Net for Performance Evaluation of Policy-Driven ASBS
Liang Ge, Bin Zhang, Changsheng Zhang, Fei Li

82. Roadside Traffic Sensor Based Location-Aware Service for Road-Users
Jeong Ah Jang, Dong Yong Kwak

83. Entropy-Based Grouping Techniques for Resource Management in Mobile Cloud Computing
Ji Su Park, EunYoung Lee

84. A Deadlock Detection Algorithm Using Gossip in Cloud Computing Environments
JongBeom Lim, TaeWeon Suh, HeonChang Yu

85. Detecting Return Oriented Programming by Examining Positions of Saved Return Addresses
Jae-Won Min, Sung-Min Jung, Tai-Myoung Chung

86. Evaluation of DRAM Power Consumption in Server Platforms
Hyeonsang Eom, Chanho Choi, Shin-gyu Kim, Heon Y. Yeom

87. Toggle Keyboard: Design and Implementation of a New Keyboard Application Based on Android
Tae-Kyu Yeom, Ji Soo Park, Il-Ho Park, Jong Hyuk Park

88. Efficient Mobile Device Management Scheme Using Security Events from Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
Hyeokchan Kwon, Sin-Hyo Kim

89. Extending Context Management for Proactive Adaptation in Pervasive Environments
Sebastian VanSyckel, Gregor Schiele, Christian Becker

90. Implementation of 3D Deformable Objects on Smart Devices Using FFD-AABB Algorithm
Min Hong, Jae-Hong Jeon, Dong-Ik Oh, Min-Hyung Choi

91. Social Activity-Based Content Metadata Modeling
KyungRog Kim, YongSub Lee, Nammee Moon

92. Development of Smart Phone Apps as Active Learning Tools for U-Learning and its Learning Process for Middle School Students
Chan Jung Park, Jae Hee Kang, Myung Jin Kim, Ye Rim Yu, Hyo Sang Kim, Jung Suk Hyun

93. User Interface Design Model for Supporting Multi Interaction Content Creation
Jung-Min Oh, Ginam Ko, Kyong-Ah Kim, Nammee Moon

94. An Adaptive Unchoking Algorithm for Efficient Mobile P2P Streaming in Wireless LAN
Hun-Hoi Choi, Geun-Hyung Kim

95. WS-DIRECT: Web Service—Discoverability, Recoverability, Classifiability and Trustworthiness
Aziz Nasridinov, Jeongyong Byun

96. Task Replication and Scheduling Based on Nearest Neighbor Classification in Desktop Grids
Joon-Min Gil, SungSuk Kim, JongHyuk Lee

97. Information Technology Strategy Incorporating Dynamic Pricing in the Business Model of the Future
David S. Kung, Frank Lin, Harold Dyck

98. A Motion and Haptic System for Immersive Games
Sang-Youn Kim, Dong-Soo Choi, Kyeong-Jin Jeon

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Programming Languages, Compilers, Interpreters, Computing Methodologies

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