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Cancer Genomics

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Table of contents

1. Genomic Pathology of Lung Cancer
Kenneth J. Craddock, Shirley Tam, Chang-Qi Zhu, Ming-Sound Tsao

2. Understanding Melanoma Progression by Gene Expression Signatures
J. Tímár, T. Barbai, B. Győrffy, E. Rásó

3. Prognostic Testing in Uveal Melanoma
Michael Zeschnigk, Dietmar R. Lohmann

4. Capturing and Deciphering the Molecular Signatures of Head and Neck Cancer
Thomas J. Belbin, Roberto A. Lleras, Richard V. Smith, Nicolas F. Schlecht, Jihyeon Lim, Thomas M. Harris, Geoffrey Childs, Michael B. Prystowsky

5. Predictive and Prognostic Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer
Lara Lipton, Michael Christie, Oliver Sieber

6. Expression Profiling of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Rosina Maria Critelli, Elisabetta Cariani, Erica Villa

7. Kidney Cancer Genomics: Paving the Road to a New Paradigm of Personalized Medicine
George M. Yousef, Nicole M. A. White, Andrew H. Girgis

8. Pancreatic Cancer Genomics
Vincenzo Corbo, Andrea Mafficini, Eliana Amato, Aldo Scarpa

9. Breast Cancer Genomics: From Portraits to Landscapes
Ulrich Pfeffer, Valentina Mirisola, Alessia Isabella Esposito, Adriana Amaro, Giovanna Angelini

10. Genomic Landscape of Ovarian Cancer
Delia Mezzanzanica, Loris Cecco, Marina Bagnoli, Patrizia Pinciroli, Marco A. Pierotti, Silvana Canevari

11. Genetics of Endometrial Carcinoma
M. Angeles López-García, Begoña Vieites, M. Angeles Castilla, Laura Romero-Pérez, Juan Díaz-Martín, Michele Biscuola, José Palacios

12. Usefulness of Molecular Biology in Follicular-Derived Thyroid Tumors: From Translational Research to Clinical Practice
Alexandre Bozec, Marius Ilie, Paul Hofman

13. Sarcomas Genetics: From Point Mutation to Complex Karyotype, from Diagnosis to Therapies
Frédéric Chibon, Alain Aurias, Jean-Michel Coindre

14. Novel Molecular Acquisitions in Leukemias
Sabina Chiaretti, Robin Foà

15. Where Do We Stand in the Genomics of Lymphomas?
Francesco Bertoni, Zhi-Ming Li, Emanuele Zucca

16. The Genomics of Multiple Myeloma and Its Relevance in the Molecular Classification and Risk Stratification of the Disease
Antonino Neri, Luca Agnelli

17. Genome-Wide Analysis and Gene Expression Profiling of Neuroblastoma: What Contribution Did They Give to the Tumor Treatment?
Gian Paolo Tonini

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Gene Expression, Microarrays, Molecular Medicine, Biomedicine general

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