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Proteins of the Nucleolus

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Proteins of the Nucleolus: An Introduction
Danton H. O’Day, Andrew Catalano

Part II. The Nucleolus and Nucleolar Proteins

2. Functional Consequences of Nuclear and Nucleolar Architecture
Eva Bártová, Lenka Stixová

3. rDNA and Nucleologenesis in Drosophila

Patrick DiMario, Allison James, Himanshu Raje

4. The Nucleolus of Dictyostelium and Other Lower Eukaryotes
Andrew Catalano, Danton H. O’Day

5. Human rDNA Genes: Identification of Four Fractions, Their Functions and Nucleolar Location
Nataliya A. Lyapunova, Nataliya N. Veiko, Lev N. Porokhovnik

6. Chromatin Organization and the Mammalian Nucleolus
Attila Németh, Gernot Längst

7. Chaperones and Multitasking Proteins in the Nucleolus
Mohamed Kodiha, Ursula Stochaj

Part III. Nucleolar Protein Translocation

8. Nucleolar Localization/Retention Signals
Eugene V. Sheval, Yana R. Musinova

9. Nucleolar Transport of Putative GTPase GNL1 and Related Proteins
S. Mahalingam, M. R. K. Subba Rao, Neelima Boddapati, T. Indu Jose, Debduti Datta

10. Nucleolar Protein Anchoring and Translocation
Krzysztof Staroń, Agnieszka Girstun

Part IV. Nucleolar Proteins and Disease

11. The Nucleolus as a Stress Response Organelle
Mikael S. Lindström, Leena Latonen

12. The Nucleolar Aspect of Breast Cancer
Judy Yan, Damu Tang

13. Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitors in the Nucleus and Nucleolus in Activated Macrophages
Nataša Kopitar-Jerala

14. Nucleolar Proteins and Cancer: The Roles of Aurora A-Interacting Nucleolar Proteins in Mitosis and Cancer
Jyoti Iyer, Saili Moghe, Manabu Furukawa, Ming-Ying Tsai

15. Nucleolar Transplantation and Human Embryogenesis
Helena Fulka, Alena Langerova, Stanislava Martinkova, Josef Fulka

Part V. Conclusions

16. The Nucleolus: From Its Formation to the Future
Danton H. O’Day, Andrew Catalano

Keywords: Life Sciences, Protein Science, Cancer Research, Biomedicine general, Biological Microscopy

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