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Place-Based Conservation

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Table of contents

1. The Emergence of Place-Based Conservation
Daniel R. Williams, William P. Stewart, Linda E. Kruger

2. Science, Practice, and Place
Daniel R. Williams

3. Conservation Connecting Multiple Scales of Place
Courtney Flint

4. Organizational Cultures and Place-Based Conservation
Patricia A. Stokowski

5. Community, Place, and Conservation
Gene L. Theodori, Gerard T. Kyle

6. Sensing Value in Place
Herbert Schroeder

7. Place Meanings as Lived Experience
James R. Barkley, Linda E. Kruger

8. Personal Experience and Public Place Creation
Tyra Olstad

9. Volunteer Meanings in the Making of Place
Ben Amsden, Richard C. Stedman, Linda E. Kruger

10. Integrating Divergent Representations of Place into Decision Contexts
Damon M. Hall, Susan J. Gilbertz, Cristi C. Horton, Tarla Rai Peterson

11. Sharing Stories of Place to Foster Social Learning
William P. Stewart, Troy D. Glover, James R. Barkley

12. Rural Property, Collective Action, and Place-Based Conservation
Paul Auken, Shaun Golding

13. Whose Sense of Place? A Political Ecology of Amenity Development
Patrick T. Hurley

14. Participatory Place Mapping in Fire Planning
Michael Cacciapaglia, Laurie Yung

15. Participatory Mapping of Place Values in Northwestern Ontario
Norman McIntyre, Perrine Lesueur, Jeff Moore

16. Place Mapping to Protect Cultural Landscapes on Tribal Lands
Alan Watson, Stephen Carver, Roian Matt, Tim Waters, Kari Gunderson, Brett Davis

17. Place Attachment for Wildland Recreation Planning
Neal Christensen, James Burchfield

18. Conclusion: From Describing to Prescribing—Transitioning to Place-Based Conservation
William P. Stewart, Daniel R. Williams, Linda E. Kruger

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Nature Conservation, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Sustainable Development, Environment, general, Human Geography

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Natural Sciences

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