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Table of contents

Part I. Limits to Resource Use

1. The Limits of Resource Use and Their Economic and Policy Implications
Stefan Giljum, Friedrich Hinterberger

2. The Availability of Fossil Energy Resources
Jörg Schindler

Part II. Goals and Potentials for a Sustainable Use of Resources

3. Targets for Global Resource Consumption
Stefan Bringezu

4. Sustainable Land Use – Example: Land Take for Settlement and Transport in Germany
Gertrude Penn-Bressel

5. The Need for Decarbonising Our Economy
Guido Knoche, Kai Kuhnhenn, Carla Vollmer, Kathrin Werner

6. Strategies for Enhancing Resource Efficiency
Arnold Tukker

7. Macroeconomic Impacts of Efficient Resource Use
Bernd Meyer

Part III. Strategies and Policies for a Sustainable Use of Resources

8. The Challenge of the Whole: Creating System Policies to Tackle Sustainability
Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Markku Wilenius, Harry Lehmann

9. Changing the Priorities: From Labour Productivity to the Efficiency in the Use of Resources
Aldo Femia

10. Establishing and Strengthening Markets for Resource Efficient Products and Services
Andreas Burger

11. Business Models for Material Efficiency Services
Minna Halme, Markku Anttonen, Mika Kuisma

12. Requirements of an International Natural Resource Policy
Judit Kanthak, Michael Golde

13. Innovations for a Sustainable Resource Use – Reflections and Proposals
Martin Jänicke

Part IV. Proposals for Implementation

14. Reducing Resource Consumption – A Proposal for Global Resource and Environmental Policy
Paul Ekins, Bernd Meyer, Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Friedrich Schneider

15. Towards a More Sustainable Use of Resources: A View from the World Resources Forum
Bas Leeuw, Xaver Edelmann, Katharina A. Meijer

16. From Resource Efficiency to Responsible and Dematerialized Societies
Matthias Koller, Jens Günther

17. About the Need of Resource Efficiency Programs: The Editors’ View
Michael Angrick, Andreas Burger, Harry Lehmann

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environment, general, Economic Policy, Environmental Economics, Economic Growth, Economics/Management Science, general

Publication year
Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science
Natural Sciences

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