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Computer Science and its Applications

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Table of contents

1. Utilizing TPM Functionalities on Remote Server
Norazah Abd Aziz, Putri Shahnim Khalid

2. Security and QoS relationships in Mobile Platforms
Ana Nieto, Javier Lopez

3. A Hybrid Natural Computing Approach for the VRP Problem Based on PSO, GA and Quantum Computation
Kehan Zeng, Gang Peng, Zhaoquan Cai, Zhen Huang, Xiong Yang

4. Finger Triggered Virtual Musical Instruments
Chee Kyun Ng, Jiang Gi Fam, Nor Kamariah Noordin

5. A Low Complexity Multi-Layered Space Frequency Coding Detection Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM
Jin Hui Chong, Chee Kyun Ng, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Borhanuddin Mohd. Ali

6. Dynamic Transmit Antenna Shuffling Scheme for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems
Jin Hui Chong, Chee Kyun Ng, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Borhanuddin Mohd. Ali

7. A Low Complexity V-BLAST/STBC Detection Algorithm for MIMO System
Jin Hui Chong, Chee Kyun Ng, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Borhanuddin Mohd. Ali

8. A Grid-Based Cloaking Scheme for Continuous Location-Based Services in Distributed Systems
Hyeong-Il Kim, Jae-Woo Chang

9. Occluded and Low Resolution Face Detection with Hierarchical Deformable Model
Xiong Yang, Gang Peng, Zhaoquan Cai, Kehan Zeng

10. Negotiated Economic Grid Brokering for Quality of Service
Richard Kavanagh, Karim Djemame

11. Differential Fault Analysis on HAS-160 Compression Function
Jinkeon Kang, Kitae Jeong, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong

12. A New Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol Based on Clusters for Wireless Sensor Networks
Min Yoon, Jae-Woo Chang

13. MIDI-to-Singing Online Karaoke for English M-Learning
Hung-Che Shen, Chung-Nan Lee

14. A New Cloaking Method Based on Weighted Adjacency Graph for Preserving User Location Privacy in LBS
Miyoung Jang, Jae-Woo Chang

15. Simulation Videos for Understanding Occlusion Effects on Kernel Based Object Tracking
Beng Yong Lee, Lee Hung Liew, Wai Shiang Cheah, Yin Chai Wang

16. Originator Recognition (or) Path Recovery Mechanism for Load-Based Routing Protocol
Gee Keng Ee, Chee Kyun Ng, Fazirulhisyam Hashim, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Borhanuddin Mohd. Ali

17. Analysis of Correlation Peak Position Modulation
Jihah Nah, Jongweon Kim

18. Simulation Study on Distribution of Control Points for Aerial Images Rectification
Lee Hung Liew, Beng Yong Lee, Yin Chai Wang, Wai Shiang Cheah

19. A Secure Image Watermarking Using Visual Cryptography
Xun Jin, JongWeon Kim

20. Bit Error Rate Analysis of Partial Packets in Ad hoc Wireless Networks
Jia Lu, XinBiao Gan, Gang Han, Baoliang Li, Wenhua Dou

21. An Interaction System Architecture and Design between Smart Computing and Cloud Computing
Tae-Gyu Lee, Seong-Hoon Lee, Gi-Soo Chung

22. A Virtual Machine Scheduling Algorithm for Resource Cooperation in a Private Cloud
Ruay-Shiung Chang, Yao-Chung Chang, Ren-Cheng Ye

23. Heterogeneous Core Network Architecture for Next-Generation Mobile Communication Networks
Yao-Chung Chang

24. A Novel Learning Algorithm Based on a Multi-Agent Structure for Solving Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Omid Mirzaei, Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T.

25. Security Analysis of the Keyschedule of ARIA-128
HyungChul Kang, Yuseop Lee, Kitae Jeong, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong

26. Estimating Number of Columns in Mixing Matrix for Under-Determined ICA Using Observed Signal Clustering and Exponential Filtering
Charuwan Saengpratch, Chidchanok Lursinsap

27. Realization of Coordinative Control Between Multi Readers and Multi RF-SIM Cards Under Mobile RF-SIM Mode
Songsen Yu, Yun Peng, Xiaopeng Huang

28. Effects of Smart Home Dataset Characteristics on Classifiers Performance for Human Activity Recognition
Iram Fatima, Muhammad Fahim, Young-Koo Lee, Sungyoung Lee

29. Activity Recognition Based on SVM Kernel Fusion in Smart Home
Muhammad Fahim, Iram Fatima, Sungyoung Lee, Young-Koo Lee

30. Secure Anonymous Conditional Purchase Order Payment Mechanism
Wei-Chen Wu, Horng-Twu Liaw

31. Trustworthiness Inference of Multi-tenant Component Services in Service Compositions
Hisain Elshaafi, Dmitri Botvich

32. Enhanced Middleware for Collaborative Privacy in Community Based Recommendations Services
Ahmed M. Elmisery, Kevin Doolin, Ioanna Roussaki, Dmitri Botvich

33. A New k-NN Query Processing Algorithm Using a Grid Structure for Mobile Objects in Location-Based Services
Seungtae Hong, Jaewoo Chang

34. An Immune System-Inspired Byte Permutation Function to Improve Confusion Performance of Round Transformation in Symmetric Encryption Scheme
Suriyani Ariffin, Ramlan Mahmod, Azmi Jaafar, Muhammad Rezal, Kamel Ariffin

35. New Bilateral Error Concealment Method of Entire Depth Frame Loss for 3DTV and Virtual 3D Videoconferencing Systems
Fucui Li, Gangyi Jiang, Mei Yu, Xiaodong Wang, Feng Shao, Zongju Peng

36. A REST Open API for Preventing Income Tax Over-Payment by Auditing Year-End Tax Settlement
Min Choi, Sang-Soo Yeo

37. BAT: Bimodal Cryptographic Algorithm Suitable for Various Environments
Jesang Lee, Kitae Jeong, Jinkeon Kang, Yuseop Lee, Jaechul Sung, Ku-Young Chang, Seokhie Hong

38. Applying Forensic Approach to Live Investigation Using XeBag
Kyung-Soo Lim, Changhoon Lee

39. The Development of an Internet-Based Knowledge Management System for Adapted Physical Education Service Delivery
Jong-Jin Bae, Jung-Chul Lee, Min-Woo Cheon, Seung-Oh Choi

40. Intangible Capital, Opportunity Exploitation and Institutional Endorsement in Emerging IT Industry
Choi Youngkeun

41. A Virtualization Security Framework for Public Cloud Computing
Jong Hyuk Park

42. Environmental Awareness in Green Supply Chain and Green Business Practices: Application to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Se-Hak Chun, Ho Joong Hwang, Young-Hwan Byun

43. Computational Analysis of the Bargaining Power and Channel Strategies in Supply Chain Relationship
Se-Hak Chun

44. New Hybrid Data Model for XML Document Management in Electronic Commerce
Eun-Young Kim, Se-Hak Chun

45. A Study on Advanced Penetration Testing and Defensive Schemes for Web Service Vulnerability Analyses
Ji Soo Park, Chang-Hyun Mun, Chul Ho Shin, Jong Hyuk Park

46. Orthogonal Unified Buffer with Memory Efficiency
SangHyun Seo, JaeMoon Choi

47. The Study on Smart Sensor Network Based Production Management Service Design
Hangbae Chang

48. R&D Intensity and Productivity: Evidence from IT Firms versus Non-IT Firms in KOSDAQ Market
SungSin Kim

49. An Improved CRT-based Broadcast Authentication Scheme in WSNs
Yunjie Zhu, Yu Shen

50. Evaluation and Exploration of Optimal Deployment for RFID Services in Smart Campus Framework
Yao-Chung Chang

51. Towards Analyzing Family Misconfiguration in Tor Network
Xiao Wang, Jinqiao Shi, Guo Li

52. Intelligent Heterogeneous Network Worms Propagation Modeling and Analysis
Wei Guo, Lidong Zhai, Yunlong Ren, Li Guo

53. The Design of Remote Control Car Using Smartphone for Intrusion Detection
Chang-Ju Ryu

54. The Impact of Systems Engineering on Program Performance: A Case Study of the Boeing Company
Samuel K. Son, Sheung-Kown Kim

55. IT Framework and User Requirement Analysis for Smart Airports
Sei-Chang Sohn, Kee-Woong Kim, Chulung Lee

56. The Framework Development of a RFID-Based Baggage Handling System for Airports
Chang-gi Kim, Kee-woong Kim, Youn-Chul Choi

57. A Modified Carbon Calculator for Enhanced Accuracy, Reliability and Understandability
Gun-Young Lee, Kwang-Eui Yoo, Kee-Woong Kim, Bo-Myung Kim

58. A Framework for Developing Internet-Based Global Integrated Logistics Management System
Ho-Seon Hong, Ki-sung Hong, Kee-woong Kim, Chulung Lee

59. The Implication of Environmental Costs on Air Passenger Demand for Airline Networks
Baek-Jae Kim, Kwang-Eui Yoo

60. An Empirical Study on the Design Peak Hourly Traffic at a Major International Airport
Sang-kyu Lee, Kee-Woong Kim, Youn-Chul Choi

61. Review of CRS in the Airline Industry: New Categorization with Previous Literatures
Sun Oh Bang, Jaehwan Lee, Kee-woong Kim, Chulung Lee

62. Simulation Analysis for the Design of the Airport Security System
Yoon-tae Sim, Sang-beom Park, Youn-chul Choi

63. Measuring Asia Airport Productivity Considering the Undesirable Output
Sangjun Park, Chulung Lee

64. A Study on Aviation Technology Forecast for Sustainable (Green) Aviation Using Patent Analysis
Hyejin Kwon, Chulung Lee

65. A Vision-Based Universal Control System for Home Appliances
Chaur-Heh Hsieh, Ping S. Huang, Shiuh-Ku Weng, Chin-Pan Huang, Jeng-Sheng Yeh, Ying-Bo Lee

66. An IMU-Based Positioning System Using QR-Code Assisting for Indoor Navigation
Yih-Shyh Chiou, Fuan Tsai, Sheng-Cheng Yeh, Wu-Hsiao Hsu

67. A Visual-Audio Assisting System for Senior Citizen Reading
Yu-Qi Li, Jia-Jiun Liu, Shih-Yu Huang, Chen-Kuei Yang, Chin-Chun Chang, Li-Tien Wang, Kuei-Fang Hsiao

68. Automated Text Detection and Text-Line Construction in Natural Images
Chih-Chang Yu, Ying-Nong Chen, Wang-Hsin Hsu, Thomas C. Chuang

69. Security Weakness of a Dynamic ID-Based User Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement
Mijin Kim, Namje Park, Dongho Won

70. Development and Application of STEAM Teaching Model Based on the Rube Goldberg’s Invention
Yilip Kim, Namje Park

71. Security Enhancement of User Authentication Scheme Using IVEF in Vessel Traffic Service System
Namje Park, Seunghyun Cho, Byung-Doo Kim, Byunggil Lee, Dongho Won

72. Weakness of Tan’s Two-Factor User Authentication Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Youngsook Lee, Jeeyeon Kim, Dongho Won

73. Design of Mobile NFC Extension Protocol for Various Ubiquitous Sensor Network Environments
Jun Wook Lee, Hyochan Bang, Namje Park

74. Experimentation and Validation of Web Application’s Vulnerability Using Security Testing Method
Taeseung Lee, Giyoun Won, Seongje Cho, Namje Park, Dongho Won

75. Teaching–Learning Methodology of STS Based on Computer and CAI in Information Science Education
Juyeon Hong, Namje Park

76. Encryption Scheme Supporting Range Queries on Encrypted Privacy Databases in Big Data Service Era
Jun Wook Lee, Namje Park

77. A Congested Route Discrimination Scheme Through the Analysis of Moving Object Trajectories
He Li, Hyuk Park, Yonghun Park, Kyoungsoo Bok, Jaesoo Yoo

78. An Efficient Hierarchical Multi-Hop Clustering Scheme in Non-uniform Large Wireless Sensor Networks
Chunghui Lee, Eunju Kim, Junho Park, Dongook Seong, Jaesoo Yoo

79. An Energy-Efficient Data Compression and Transmission Scheme in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Junho Park, Dong-ook Seong, Byung-yup Lee, Jaesoo Yoo

80. A Sensor Positioning Scheme in Irregular Wireless Sensor Networks
Hyuk Park, Donggyo Hwang, Junho Park, Dong-ook Seong, Jaesoo Yoo

81. Secure Multipath Routing for WMSN
Sangkyu Lee, Junho Park, Dongook Seong, Jaesoo Yoo

82. Dynamic TDMA Scheduling for Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks
Myungho Yeo, Jaesoo Yoo

83. A Study of Forest Fire Correlation to Based on Meteorological Factors
Young-Suk Chung, Jin-Mook Kim, Koo-Rock Park

84. A Study on the Improvement of Interoperability in Rok C4I System for Future Warfare
Hyun-Jeong Cha, Jin-Mook Kim, Hwang-Bin Ryou, Hwa-Young Jeong

85. Development Direction for Information Security in Network-Centric Warfare
Ho-Kyung Yang, Jin-Mook Kim, Hwang-Bin Ryou, Jong-Hyuk Park

86. An IHD Authentication Protocol in Smart Grid
Ming-Yu Hsu, Yao-Hsin Chen, Shiang-Shong Chen, Wenshiang Tang, Hung-Min Sun, Bo-Chao Cheng

87. Flexible Network Design for Wide Area Measurement Protection and Control
Di Cao, Adam Dysko, Craig Michie, Ivan Andonovic

88. Green Communication and Corporate Sustainability of Computer Aided Audit Techniques and Fraud Detection
Ezendu Ariwa, Omoneye O. Olasanmi, Jaime Lloret Mauri

89. Green Communication and Consumer Electronics Sustainability in Delivering Cost Benefit Business Federation in Professional Service Firms
Ezendu Ariwa, Carsten Martin Syvertsen, Jaime Lloret Mauri

90. SMATT: Smart Meter ATTestation Using Multiple Target Selection and Copy-Proof Memory
Haemin Park, Dongwon Seo, Heejo Lee, Adrian Perrig

91. Design of a Structured Plug-in Smart Education System
Jaechoon Jo, Youngwook Yang, Heuiseok Lim

92. Impact of Background Utilization and Background Traffic on the Foreground Applications in a Wide Area Network
Jia Uddin, Jong Myon Kim

93. Load Balancing in Grid Computing Using AI Techniques
Nadra Tabassam Inam, M. Daud Awan, Syed Shahid Afzal

94. LiQR: A QR Code-Based Smart Phone Application Supporting Digital Marketing
Jong-Eun Park, Jongmoon Park, Myung-Joon Lee

95. Ensuring Minimal Communication Overhead in Low Bandwidth Network File
Muhammad Ahsan Habib, Waqas Nasar, Shehzad Ashraf Ch, Ahsan Jamal Khan

96. Preventing Blackhole Attack in DSR-Based Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Fei Shi, Weijie Liu, Dongxu Jin

97. Fundamental Tradeoffs for Ubiquitous Wireless Service: A QoE, Energy and Spectral Perspective
Yueying Zhang, Fei Liu, Yuexing Peng, Hang Long, Wenbo Wang

98. Multi-Policy Collaborative Access Control Model for Composite Services
Bo Yu, Lin Yang, Yongjun Wang, Bofeng Zhang, Linru Ma, Yuan Cao

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Communications Engineering, Networks, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Business Information Systems, Multimedia Information Systems

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Page amount
26 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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