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Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 9

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Table of contents

1. Neurolymphomatosis: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome
Tali Siegal

2. Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma: Systemic Relapse
Hervé Ghesquières

3. Central Nervous System Recurrence in the Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Treatment
Makoto Sasaki, Koichi Sugimoto

4. Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma Resulting in Stroke and Leukoencephalopathy
Stefan Kiechl, Benjamin Matosevic, Johann Willeit

5. Primary CNS Lymphoma: Immunohistochemistry of BCL-6 and Treatment with High-Dose Methotrexate
Hiroyuki Momota

6. Thiamine Deficiency Complicating the Treatment of Primary CNS Lymphoma
Simon E. Richardson, Christopher McNamara

7. Metastatic Brain Irradiation-Induced Lymphocytosis Predicts Efficacy of Radiotherapy
Paolo Lissoni

8. Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma: Treatment with High-Dose Methotrexate
Markus Joerger

9. Paraneoplastic Syndromes in Primary CNS Lymphoma
Zaher K. Otrock, Ali Bazarbachi

10. Supratentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor: Biology
James Hayden, Barry Pizer

11. Outpatient Brain Biopsy and Craniotomy for Supratentorial Tumor
Teresa Purzner, Jamie Purzner, Mark Bernstein

12. Wrong-Site Craniotomy Prevention
Daniel Mendelsohn, Mark Bernstein

13. Diffuse Leptomeningeal Glioneuronal Tumors: Histology. Is It a New Entity?
Marina P. Gardiman, Matteo Fassan

14. Temporomesial Glioneuronal Tumors: Epilepsy Surgery
Marco Giulioni, Guido Rubboli, Gianluca Marucci, Matteo Martinoni, Fiorina Bartiromo, Anna Federica Marliani, Fabio Calbucci

15. Rosette-Forming Glioneuronal Tumor: Conservative Management Strategy
Caroline C. Tan

16. Ganglioneuroma: An Overview
Cihangir Erem

17. Ganglioglioma, mTOR Activation, and Epileptogenesis
Jelte Helferrich, Peter B. Crino

18. Gangliogliomas and Other Low Grade Neuronal Neoplasms of the Central Nervous System: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis
Douglas C. Miller, Wayne C. Paullus

19. Adult Neuroblastoma Diagnosis
Meeta Singh, Swapnil Agarwal, Nita Khurana, Rishi Kumar

20. Proliferation of Neuroblasts in the Adult Brain: Role of Diversin
Yuki Hirota, Kazunobu Sawamoto

21. Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma: Treatment
Cynthia J. Campen

22. Acquired Retinal Astrocytoma
Daniel Vilaplana

23. Presence of Both Ependymoma and Astrocytoma in the Same Patient: Diagnosis
Gordan Grahovac

24. Total Removal of Cavernous Hemangioma Using the Tonsillouveal Transaqueductal Approach (Method)
Ruben Dammers, Ernst J. Delwel, Ali F. Krisht

25. Cavernous Sinus Hemangiomas Treated with Gamma Knife Surgery
David Hung-Chi Pan, Wen-Yuh Chung, Hsiu-Mei Wu, Huai-Che Yang, Cheng-Chia Lee, Kang-Du Liu

26. Linear Accelerator Radiosurgery for Cavernous Malformation
Yin-Cheng Huang, Peng-Wei Hsu

27. Treatment of Brainstem Hemangioblastomas
Zion Zibly, Edjah K. Nduom, Russell R. Lonser

28. Craniopharyngiomas: An Overview
Tim Korevaar, Georgia Ntali, Niki Karavitaki

29. Radical Removal of Craniopharyngiomas
Pietro Mortini, Marco Losa, Filippo Gagliardi

30. Neurogenesis Outside the Central Nervous System (An Overview)
Luca Bonfanti, Paola Crociara

31. Neurogenesis and Reproduction
Wui-Man (Benson) Lau, Kwok-Fai So

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