Borowitzka, Michael A.

Algae for Biofuels and Energy

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Table of contents

1. Energy from Microalgae: A Short History
Michael A. Borowitzka

2. Algal Lipids and Their Metabolism
Irina A. Guschina, John L. Harwood

3. Hydrogenases, Nitrogenases, Anoxia, and H2 Production in Water-Oxidizing Phototrophs
John W. Peters, Eric S. Boyd, Sarah D’Adamo, David W. Mulder, Jesse Therien, Matthew C. Posewitz

4. Species and Strain Selection
Michael A. Borowitzka

5. Limits to Phototrophic Growth in Dense Culture: CO2 Supply and Light
John Beardall, John A. Raven

6. Genetic Engineering to Improve Algal Biofuels Production
Beth A. Rasala, Javier A. Gimpel, Miller Tran, Mike J. Hannon, Shigeki Joseph Miyake-Stoner, Elizabeth A. Specht, Stephen P. Mayfield

7. Photobioreactors for Microalgal Biofuel Production
Graziella Chini Zittelli, Liliana Rodolfi, Niccoló Bassi, Natascia Biondi, Mario R. Tredici

8. Open Pond Culture Systems
Michael A. Borowitzka, Navid Reza Moheimani

9. Wastewater Treatment and Algal Biofuel Production
Rupert J. Craggs, Tryg J. Lundquist, John R. Benemann

10. Harvesting, Thickening and Dewatering Microalgae Biomass
Stephen L. Pahl, Andrew K. Lee, Theo Kalaitzidis, Peter J. Ashman, Suraj Sathe, David M. Lewis

11. Solvent Extraction for Microalgae Lipids
Emilio Molina Grima, María José Ibáñez González, Antonio Giménez Giménez

12. Production and Properties of Biodiesel from Algal Oils
Gerhard Knothe

13. Energy Considerations of Photobioreactors
Anna Jacobi, Clemens Posten

14. Greenhouse Gas Balance and Algae-Based Biodiesel
Anne Flesch, Tom Beer, Peter K. Campbell, David Batten, Tim Grant

15. Techno-Economic Modeling for Biofuels from Microalgae
Michael A. Borowitzka

16. Standard Methods for Measuring Growth of Algae and Their Composition
Navid Reza Moheimani, Michael A. Borowitzka, Andreas Isdepsky, Sophie Fon Sing

Keywords: Energy, Transportation, Environmental Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

Publication year
Developments in Applied Phycology
Page amount
11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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