Holzapfel, Gerhard A.

Computer Models in Biomechanics

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Table of contents

1. Towards a Coarse-Grained Model for Unfolded Proteins
Ali Ghavami, Erik Giessen, Patrick R. Onck

2. Modeling Collagen-Proteoglycan Structural Interactions in the Human Cornea
Xi Cheng, Hamed Hatami-Marbini, Peter M. Pinsky

3. Simulations of Cell Behavior on Substrates of Variegated Stiffness and Architecture
Amit Pathak, Vikram S. Deshpande, Anthony G. Evans, Robert M. McMeeking

4. A Mathematical Approach for Studying Ca2+-Regulated Smooth Muscle Contraction
Saeil C. Murtada, Gerhard A. Holzapfel

5. A Coupled Chemomechanical Model for Smooth Muscle Contraction
Markus Böl, Andre Schmitz

6. Modeling of Smooth Muscle Activation
Jonas Stålhand, Anders Klarbring, Gerhard A. Holzapfel

7. A Cross-Bridge Model Describing the Mechanoenergetics of Actomyosin Interaction
Mari Kalda, Pearu Peterson, Jüri Engelbrecht, Marko Vendelin

8. Multiscale Skeletal Muscle Modeling: From Cellular Level to a Multi-segment Skeletal Muscle Model of the Upper Limb
Oliver Röhrle, Michael Sprenger, Ellankavi Ramasamy, Thomas Heidlauf

9. Multiscale Modeling of Arterial Adaptations: Incorporating Molecular Mechanisms Within Continuum Biomechanical Models
Jay D. Humphrey

10. Cardiovascular Tissue Damage: An Experimental and Computational Framework
Nele Famaey, Ellen Kuhl, Gerhard A. Holzapfel, Jos Vander Sloten

11. Mechanical Properties of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (ATAA): Association with Valve Morphology
Salvatore Pasta, Julie A. Phillipi, Thomas G. Gleason, David A. Vorp

12. Intracranial Aneurysms: Modeling Inception and Enlargement
Paul N. Watton, Haoyu Chen, Alisa Selimovic, Harry Thompson, Yiannis Ventikos

13. Micro-structurally Based Kinematic Approaches to Electromechanics of the Heart
Serdar Göktepe, Andreas Menzel, Ellen Kuhl

14. Activation Models for the Numerical Simulation of Cardiac Electromechanical Interactions
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier, Davide Ambrosi, Simone Pezzuto, Simone Rossi, Alfio Quarteroni

15. Hemodynamic Alterations Associated with Coronary and Cerebral Arterial Remodeling Following a Surgically-Induced Aortic Coarctation
C. Alberto Figueroa, Jessica S. Coogan, Jay D. Humphrey

16. Patient-Specific Surgery Planning for the Fontan Procedure
Christopher M. Haggerty, Lucia Mirabella, Maria Restrepo, Diane A. Zélicourt, Jarek Rossignac, Fotis Sotiropoulos, Thomas L. Spray, Kirk R. Kanter, Mark A. Fogel, Ajit P. Yoganathan

17. Finite Element Modeling of Solutes in Hydrated Deformable Biological Tissues
Gerard A. Ateshian, Jeffrey A. Weiss

18. Reformulation of Mixture Theory-Based Poroelasticity for Interstitial Tissue Growth
Stephen C. Cowin

19. Constitutive and Computational Aspects in Tumor Therapies of Multiphasic Brain Tissue
Wolfgang Ehlers, Arndt Wagner

20. A Biphasic 3D-FEM Model for the Remodeling of Microcirculation in Liver Lobes
Tim Ricken, Uta Dahmen, Olaf Dirsch, Daniel Q. Werner

21. Multiphysics Modeling of Reactions, Mass Transport and Mechanics of Tumor Growth
Shiva Rudraraju, Kristen L. Mills, Ralf Kemkemer, Krishna Garikipati

22. Multicompartmental Poroelasticity as a Platform for the Integrative Modeling of Water Transport in the Brain
John C. Vardakis, Brett J. Tully, Yiannis Ventikos

23. Discontinuous Versus Continuous Chemical Potential Across a Crack in a Swelling Porous Medium
Jacques M. Huyghe, Famke Kraaijeveld, Joris J. C. Remmers, René Borst

24. Mechanisms of Brain Morphogenesis
Benjamen A. Filas, Gang Xu, Larry A. Taber

25. A Micromechanical Viscoelastic Constitutive Model for Native and Engineered Anterior Cruciate Ligaments
Jinjin Ma, Ellen M. Arruda

26. Mechanical Characterization of the Human Liver
Marc Hollenstein, Edoardo Mazza

27. In Vivo Validation of Predictive Models for Bone Remodeling and Mechanobiology
Alina Levchuk, Ralph Müller

28. Bridging Scales in Respiratory Mechanics
Lena Yoshihara, Mahmoud Ismail, Wolfgang A. Wall

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Biomedicine general, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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