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Origins of Mind

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Exploring the Origins of Mindedness in Nature
Liz Swan

2. Organic Codes and the Natural History of Mind
Marcello Barbieri

3. The Descent of Humanity: The Biological Roots of Human Consciousness, Culture and History
Angelo N. M. Recchia-Luciani

4. From Non-minds to Minds: Biosemantics and the Tertium Quid

Crystal L’Hôte

5. Cybersemiotics: A New Foundation for a Transdisciplinary Theory of Consciousness, Cognition, Meaning and Communication
Soren Brier

6. The Emergence of Empathy in the Context of Cross-Species Mind Reading
John Sarnecki

7. The Evolution of Scenario Visualization and the Early Hominin Mind
Robert Arp

8. Representation in Biological Systems: Teleofunction, Etiology, and Structural Preservation
Michael Nair-Collins

9. Beyond Embodiment: From Internal Representation of Action to Symbolic Processes
Isabel Barahona Fonseca, Jose Barahona Fonseca, Vitor Pereira

10. Imitation, Skill Learning, and Conceptual Thought: An Embodied, Developmental Approach
Ellen Fridland

11. Evolving Consciousness: The Very Idea!
James H. Fetzer

12. Mind or Mechanism: Which Came First?
Teed Rockwell

13. Origins of the Qualitative Aspects of Consciousness: Evolutionary Answers to Chalmers’ Hard Problem
Jonathan Y. Tsou

14. Neuropragmatism on the Origins of Conscious Minding
Tibor Solymosi

15. Not So Exceptional: Away from Chomskian Saltationism and Towards a Naturally Gradual Account of Mindfulness
Andrew M. Winters, Alex Levine

16. Mental Organs and the Origins of Mind
Thomas S. Ray

17. Mnemo-psychography: The Origin of Mind and the Problem of Biological Memory Storage
Frank Scalambrino

18. Minimal Mind
Alexei A. Sharov

19. Concept Combination and the Origins of Complex Cognition
Liane Gabora, Kirsty Kitto

20. The Mind of the Noble Ape in Three Simulations
Tom Barbalet

21. From the Natural Brain to the Artificial Mind
Massimo Negrotti

Keywords: Life Sciences, Life Sciences, general, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Nature, Biological Psychology, Anthropology, Simulation and Modeling

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