Squires, Victor

Rangeland Stewardship in Central Asia

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Table of contents

1. Setting the Stage: Key Features of the Present-Day Central Asian Region: An Introduction to the Wider Historical, Social, Political, Economic, Cultural, and Ecologic Contexts of the Region in a Nutshell
Daniel Maselli, Inam-ur-Rahim

2. Better Land Stewardship: An Economic and Environmental Imperative, If There Is to Be Sustainable Development
Victor Squires

3. Evolution of Land Use in Pastoral Culture in Central Asia with Special Reference to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
R. M. Rahimon

4. Land Stewardship in Practice: An Example from the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan
Kim André Vanselow, Tobias Kraudzun, Cyrus Samimi

5. Better Land Stewardship to Avert Poverty and Land Degradation: A Viewpoint from Afghanistan
Mohammad Hossein Emadi

6. Extensive Livestock Production: Afghanistan’s Kuchi Herders, Risks to and Strategies for Their Survival
Michael J. Jacobs, Catherine A. Schloeder

7. Constraints and Barriers to Better Land Stewardship: Analysis of PRAs in Tajikistan
Barno Kurbanova

8. Rural Livelihoods in Tajikistan: What Factors and Policies Influence the Income and Well-Being of Rural Families?
Zvi Lerman

9. The Feed-Livestock Nexus: Livestock Development Policy in Tajikistan
David Sedik

10. Rangeland-Based Livestock: A Vital Subsector Under Threat in Tajikistan
Paul J. H. Strong, Victor Squires

11. Pastoral Tenure in Central Asia: Theme and Variation in the Five Former Soviet Republics
Sarah Robinson, Christoph Wiedemann, Stefan Michel, Yerlan Zhumabayev, Navinder Singh

12. Governance and the Role of Institutions in Sustainable Development in the Central Asian Region
Victor Squires

13. Land Tenure Reform in Tajikistan: Implications for Land Stewardship and Social Sustainability: A Case Study
Nargis Halimova

14. Engaging with Land Users: The First Steps on a Long Road
Hua Limin, Degang Zhang

15. Fostering Community-Based Stewardship of Wildlife in Central Asia: Transforming Snow Leopards from Pests into Valued Assets
Rodney Jackson

16. Participatory Management of Desert Rangelands to Improve Food Security and Sustain the Natural Resource Base in Uzbekistan
Makhmud Shaumarov, Kristina N. Toderich, E. V. Shuyskaya, Shoaib Ismail, T. F. Radjabov, Osamu Kozan

17. International Perspectives on Legislative and Administrative Reforms as an Aid to Better Land Stewardship
Ian Hannam

18. Conclusions and a Way Forward
John E. Leake

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Economic Geography, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Regional and Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies

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