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Forest Landscape Restoration

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Table of contents

1. What Is Forest Landscape Restoration?
David Lamb, John Stanturf, Palle Madsen

2. What Can Landscape Ecology Contribute to Forest Landscape Restoration?
Thomas R. Crow

3. Landscape Management
Chadwick Dearing Oliver, Kristofer Covey, Aaron Hohl, David Larsen, James B. McCarter, Andrew Niccolai, Jeremy Wilson

4. Hydrologic Connectivity of Landscapes and Implications for Forest Restoration
R. Chelsea Nagy, B. Graeme Lockaby

5. Connecting Landscape Fragments Through Riparian Zones
Gary Bentrup, Mike Dosskey, Gary Wells, Michele Schoeneberger

6. Understanding Landscapes Through Spatial Modeling
Michael C. Wimberly, Stephen P. Boyte, Eric J. Gustafson

7. Forest Landscape Restoration Decision-Making and Conflict Management: Applying Discourse-Based Approaches
Jens Emborg, Gregg Walker, Steven Daniels

8. Alternative Approaches to Urban Natural Areas Restoration: Integrating Social and Ecological Goals
Paul H. Gobster

9. Urban Forest Landscape Restoration – Applying Forest Development Types in Design and Planning
J. Bo Larsen, Anders Busse Nielsen

10. Watershed-Scale Adaptive Management: A Social Science Perspective
Catherine Allan, Allan Curtis, Bruce Shindler

11. The Economics of Restoration
Kerrie A. Wilson, Megan Lulow, Jutta Burger, Marissa F. McBride

12. Wild Ennerdale: A Cultural Landscape
Ian Convery, Tom Dutson

13. The Role of Forest Landscape Restoration in Supporting a Transition Towards More Sustainable Coastal Development
Peter R. Burbridge

14. Broad-Scale Restoration of Landscape Function with Timber, Carbon and Water Investment
R. J. Harper, K. R. J. Smettem, P. V. Townsend, J. R. Bartle, J. F. McGrath

15. Challenging a Paradigm: Toward Integrating Indigenous Species into Tropical Plantation Forestry
Anthony S. Davis, Douglass F. Jacobs, R. Kasten Dumroese

16. Forest Landscape Restoration: Restoring What and for Whom?
Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono, Jeffrey Sayer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Landscape Ecology, Forestry Management, Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Social Sciences, general

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World Forests
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6 pages
Natural Sciences

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