Janicka, Johannes

Flow and Combustion in Advanced Gas Turbine Combustors

Janicka, Johannes - Flow and Combustion in Advanced Gas Turbine Combustors, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Primary Atomization in an Airblast Gas Turbine Atomizer
L. Opfer, I. V. Roisman, C. Tropea

2. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Shear-Driven Film Flow and Film Evaporation
P. Stephan, T. Gambaryan-Roisman, M. Budakli, J. R. Marati

3. Thermodynamically Consistent Modelling of Gas Turbine Combustion Sprays
A. Sadiki, M. Chrigui, A. Dreizler

4. Advanced Laser Diagnostics for Understanding Turbulent Combustion and Model Validation
B. Böhm, D. Geyer, M. A. Gregor, C. Heeger, A. Nauert, C. Schneider, A. Dreizler

5. Simplified Reaction Models for Combustion in Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers
Dirk Lebiedz, Jochen Siehr

6. Large Eddy Simulation of Combustion Systems at Gas Turbine Conditions
J. Janicka, J. Kuehne, G. Kuenne, A. Ketelheun

7. A Simplified Model for Soot Formation in Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers
J. Marquetand, M. Fischer, I. Naydenova, U. Riedel

8. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Premixed Combustion Multiphase Problems
M. Oberlack, F. Kummer

9. Computational Modelling of Flow and Scalar Transport Accounting for Near-Wall Turbulence with Relevance to Gas Turbine Combustors
S. Jakirlić, R. Jester-Zürker, G. John-Puthenveettil, B. Kniesner, C. Tropea

10. Efficient Numerical Schemes for Simulation and Optimization of Turbulent Reactive Flows
J. Siegmann, G. Becker, J. Michaelis, M. Schäfer

11. Integral Model for Simulating Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers
S. Kneissl, D. C. Sternel, M. Schäfer, P. Pantangi, A. Sadiki, J. Janicka

12. Adaptive Large Eddy Simulation and Reduced-Order Modeling
S. Ullmann, S. Löbig, J. Lang

13. Efficient Numerical Multilevel Methods for the Optimization of Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers
S. Ulbrich, R. Roth

14. Large Eddy Simulation of Dispersed Two-Phase Flows and Premixed Combustion in IC-Engines
D. Dimitrova, M. Braun, J. Janicka, A. Sadiki

15. Planar Droplet Sizing for Characterization of Automotive Sprays in Port Fuel Injection Applications Using Commercial Fuel
S. Bareiss, N. Fuhrmann, A. Dreizler, H. Bacher, J. Höffner, R. Weishäupl, D. Kügler

16. High-Speed Laser Diagnostics for the Investigation of Cycle-to-Cycle Variations of IC Engine Processes
S. H. R. Müller, B. Böhm, A. Dreizler

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Mechanical Engineering

Publication year
Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications
Page amount
11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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