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Achieving Quality Education for All

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Table of contents

1. The Power of Belief
Geoff N. Masters

2. If Wishes Were Horses…
Denise Bradley

3. The Great Australian Divide: Public and Private Schooling
Don Anderson

4. What Is a Good School?
Deborah Meier

5. Realizing Moral Purpose
Michael Fullan

6. Public Education: Its Value Is Beyond Price
Lyndsay Connors

7. Basic Schooling for Universal Lifelong Learning: Renegotiating the Policy Agenda
Malcolm Skilbeck, Helen Connell

8. Education: Social Elevator or Holding Area?
Kerry J. Kennedy

9. Teaching for Learning, Living and Serving
Carol Nicoll

10. How the Call for High Standards of Teaching May Be Hijacked
Brian J. Caldwell

11. A High-Quality Education for All
Colin Power

12. Quality Education for All
Ian Hill

13. Student School Engagement, Self-Efficacy and Post-compulsory Retention
Joan Abbott-Chapman

14. Did I Experience a Good Education?
Max Walsh

15. Supervising or Coaching? Thoughts on Student Teaching
Nancy Faust Sizer

16. The Power of Teaching
Susan Pascoe

17. Let’s Emphasise Teachers’ Professionalisation
Françoise Caillods

18. The Expectations Have It
Barry McGaw

19. Students with Additional Needs
Geoffrey W. Beeson

20. Reflections on Education in Remote Indigenous Australia
Michael Jones

21. Two Sides of the Coin: Priorities for Good Schools
John Grant

22. Getting Accountability Settings Right for Remote Indigenous Australians
Margaret Clark

23. Quality and Equity in Education: A Perspective from Mexico
Sylvia Schmelkes

24. Grandparents and Reciprocal Learning for Family Harmony
Robert Strom, Paris Strom

25. Flying Upwards and Outwards
Paul Brock

26. Four Priorities for Australian Education
Christine Deer

27. Rotten at the Core: Paideia Politicised
Patrick Daunt

28. Let Us Turn Around and Face the Future
Joanna Métais, Don W. Jordan

29. Providing a Balanced Schooling in a Networked World
Mal Lee

30. Educating Everybody: Properly!
Don Aitkin

31. Three Priorities for a Great Education
Neil Dempster

32. A Humanistic Education
Alexandra Draxler

33. Democracy and Pedagogy Count
John Fien

34. Literacy Ain’t Everything
Edna Tait

35. A World-Class Education for Mauritius in the Twenty-First Century
Rajesh Bhowon

36. Values: The Core of Successful School Leadership
Philip Hallinger, Allan Walker

37. Education for Some or Education for All?
Rupert Maclean

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Lifelong Learning/Adult Education

Publication year
Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects
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16 pages
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