Repin, Sergey

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Optimization, and Technological Problems

Repin, Sergey - Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Optimization, and Technological Problems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Finite Element Immersed Boundary Method for the Numerical Simulation of the Motion of Red Blood Cells in Microfluidic Flows
Ronald H. W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann

2. Iterative Solution Methods for Large-Scale Constrained Saddle-Point Problems
Erkki Laitinen, Alexander Lapin

3. Analytical-Numerical Methods for Hidden Attractors’ Localization: The 16th Hilbert Problem, Aizerman and Kalman Conjectures, and Chua Circuits
Gennady A. Leonov, Nikolay V. Kuznetsov

4. Numerical Study of a High Order 3D FEM-Level Set Approach for Immiscible Flow Simulation
Stefan Turek, Otto Mierka, Shuren Hysing, Dmitri Kuzmin

5. GAs and Nash GAs Using a Fast Meshless Method for CFD Design
Hong Wang, Hong-Quan Chen, Jacques Periaux

6. Balancing Discretization and Iteration Error in Finite Element A Posteriori Error Analysis
Rolf Rannacher, Jevgeni Vihharev

7. On Quantitative Analysis of an Ill-Posed Elliptic Problem with Cauchy Boundary Conditions
Sergey Repin, Tuomo Rossi

8. On the Advantages and Drawbacks of A Posteriori Error Estimation for Fourth-Order Elliptic Problems
Karel Segeth

9. Upper Bound for the Approximation Error for the Kirchhoff-Love Arch Problem
Olli Mali

10. Guaranteed Error Bounds for a Class of Picard-Lindelöf Iteration Methods
Svetlana Matculevich, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Sergey Repin

11. Hermitian Interpolation Subject to Uncertainties
Jean-Antoine Désidéri, Manuel Bompard, Jacques Peter

12. Inversion of the Heat Equation by a Block Based Algorithm Using Spline Wavelet Packets
Amir Averbuch, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Valery Zheludev

13. Comparison Between Two Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms: PAES and MGDA. Testing MGDA on Kriging Metamodels
Adrien Zerbinati, Jean-Antoine Désidéri, Régis Duvigneau

14. Polar Classification of Nominal Data
Guy Wolf, Shachar Harussi, Yaniv Shmueli, Amir Averbuch

15. Subgradient and Bundle Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization
Marko M. Mäkelä, Napsu Karmitsa, Adil Bagirov

16. Shape Optimization via Control of a Shape Function on a Fixed Domain: Theory and Numerical Results
Peter Philip, Dan Tiba

17. Multi-Objective Actuator Placement Optimization for Local Sound Control Evaluated in a Stochastic Domain
Tuomas Airaksinen, Timo Aittokoski

18. From the Idea of Bone Remodelling Simulation to Parallel Structural Optimization
Michal Nowak

19. Uncertainties in Contact Mechanics and Shape Optimization Problems
Nikolay Banichuk, Svetlana Ivanova

20. PPPC—Peer-2-Peer Streaming and Algorithm for Creating Spanning Trees for Peer-2-Peer Networks
Amir Averbuch, Yehuda Roditi, Nezer Jacob Zaidenberg

21. Safety Analysis and Optimization of Travelling Webs Subjected to Fracture and Instability
Nikolay Banichuk, Svetlana Ivanova, Matti Kurki, Tytti Saksa, Maria Tirronen, Tero Tuovinen

22. Dynamic Behaviour of a Travelling Viscoelastic Band in Contact with Rollers
Tytti Saksa, Nikolay Banichuk, Juha Jeronen, Matti Kurki, Tero Tuovinen

23. Visual Contrast Preserving Representation of High Dynamic Range Mathematical Functions
Juha Jeronen

24. Failure Simulations with a Strain Rate Dependent Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Model
Juha Hartikainen, Kari Kolari, Reijo Kouhia

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Numerical and Computational Physics

Publication year
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
Page amount
20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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