Gross, Zehavit

Gender, Religion and Education in a Chaotic Postmodern World

Gross, Zehavit - Gender, Religion and Education in a Chaotic Postmodern World, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Challenging Patriarchy: New Advances in Researching Religious Feminism and Religious Education
Zehavit Gross

2. Gender, Religion, and the Work of Homeschooling
Michael W. Apple

3. Women’s Theologies, Women’s Pedagogies: Globalization, Education, and Liberation in Nicaragua
Lauren Ila Jones

4. Gender, Buddhism and Education: Dhamma and Social Transformation Within the Theravada Tradition
Caroline Starkey, Emma Tomalin

5. Shakti as a Liberatory and Educative Force for Hindu Women
Reva Joshee, Karen Sihra

6. Shame and Borders: The ‘Aisyiyah’s Struggle for Muslim Women’s Education in Indonesia
Tutin Aryanti

7. The Role of Silencing Among Religious Girls in Jewish, Christian-Arab, Muslim, and Bedouin Schools in Israel
Zehavit Gross

8. Gendering Religious Studies: Reconstructing Religion and Gender Studies in Japan
Noriko Kawahashi, Kayoko Komatsu, Masako Kuroki

9. The Implications of the Feminization of Theology: Deconstructing Sacred Texts as an Educational Issue
Tamar Ross

10. Religious Education Beyond Multireligious Instruction: Pupils’ and Students’ Reactions to Religious Education in a Context of Diversity
Ina ter Avest

11. “Holiness Class”: “Constructing a Constructive Woman” in a Zionist Religious Ulpana

Tamar Rapoport

12. Recovering the Voice of Women in Islam: Lessons for Educators and Others
Terence Lovat, Ibtihal Samarayi, Belinda Green

13. Germany, Islam, and Education: Unveiling the Contested Meaning(s) of the Headscarf
Katie Sandford-Gaebel

14. Palestinian-Educated Women: Between Religion and Society
Al-Khansaa Diab, Ruba Daas

15. Defying Religion or Changing Through Religion? Shifting Concepts of Religion, Culture, and Self
Naomi Weiner-Levy

16. Islam, Education, and Gender: Discourses and Practices Among Pakistani Diaspora in the UK
Saeeda Shah

17. The Role of Islam in the Lives of Girls and Women in Physical Education and Sport
Tansin Benn, Haifaa Jawad, Yousra Al-Sinani

18. Homophobic Bullying in Catholic High Schools: Five US Studies in Heterosexism, Authority, Masculinity, and Religion
Michael J. Maher

19. Teenage Boys and Life Experience: Towards a Theory of Spirituality and Religiosity
Kath Engebretson

20. Embodying the Veil: Muslim Women and Gendered Islamophobia in ‘New Times’
Heidi Safia Mirza

21. Learning Through Living: Intersections of Religion and Gender
Mary Ann Maslak

22. A World Beyond the Veil: Pursuing Gender Equality in Pakistan
Filomena Critelli

23. Fundamentalist Religion and Gender: The Case for an Inclusive Secular Education
Lynn Davies

24. Conclusion: Intersections and Drivers of Change in Gender, Religion and Education
Lynn Davies

Keywords: Education, Religion and Education, International and Comparative Education, Sociology of Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Higher Education

Publication year
Upbringing, Education

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