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Coastal Hazards

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Table of contents

Part I. Environmental and Human-Induced Hazards

1. The Southeast Florida Coastal Zone (SFCZ): A Cascade of Natural, Biological, and Human-Induced Hazards
Charles W. Finkl, Christopher Makowski

Part II. Remote Sensing of Coastal Hazards (Platforms, Methods, and Procedures)

2. Remote Sensing of Coastal Hazards
Victor V. Klemas

3. Determination of Human Induced Coastal Changes Using RS, GIS and Geostatistics
Elif Sertel, Dursun Zafer Seker

Part III. Flood Hazards (Storm Surge, Sea-Level Rise, and Populations from Risk of Coastal Flood Hazards)

4. Coastal Risk Versus Vulnerability in an Uncertain Sea Level Future
Michael S. Kearney

5. Sea-Level Rise Impacts and Responses: A Global Perspective
Sally Brown, Robert J. Nicholls, Colin D. Woodroffe, Susan Hanson, Jochen Hinkel, Abiy S. Kebede, Barbara Neumann, Athanasios T. Vafeidis

6. Estimating the United States Population at Risk from Coastal Flood-Related Hazards
Mark Crowell, Jonathan Westcott, Susan Phelps, Tucker Mahoney, Kevin Coulton, Doug Bellomo

7. Public Perception of Hurricane-Related Hazards
Bernhard Lee Lindner, Charles Cockcroft

8. Anthropogenic Amplification of Storm Surge Damage in the 1935 “Labor Day” Hurricane
Nicholas K. Coch

9. Coastal Flooding Hazard in Low-Tide and High-Tide Coasts: Evidence from the North Aegean Coast
Sotiris A. Lycourghiotis, Stathis C. Stiros

10. Sea Level Rise
James Houston

Part IV. Hydrologic (Groundwater, Saltwater Intrusion, Brine Disposal) Hazards

11. Conceptualizing Seawater Intrusion Processes in Small Tropical Island Via Geochemical Modelling
Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Sarva Mangala Praveena

12. Reducing the Risk Associated to Desalination Brine Disposal on the Coastal Areas of Red Sea
Adrian Ciocanea, Viorel Badescu, Richard B. Cathcart, Charles W. Finkl

Part V. Coastal Erosion and Sedimentation (Detection and Measurement of Shoreline Retreat)

13. Beach Erosion: Causes and Stabilization
R. G. Dean, T. L. Walton, J. D. Rosati, L. Absalonsen

14. Innovative Technique of Predicting Shoreline Change in Developing Countries: Case of Accra Erosion and Causal Factors
Kwasi Appeaning-Addo, Emmanuel Lamptey

15. Detection of Coastal Change by Geo-Informatics Means
Jay Gao

16. Spatial and Numerical Methodologies on Coastal Erosion and Flooding Risk Assessment
Jarbas Bonetti, Antonio Henrique Fontoura Klein, Mariela Muler, Clarissa Brelinger Luca, Guilherme Vieira Silva, Elírio E. Toldo, Mauricio González

17. Coastal Erosion and Protection Policies in Europe: From EU Programme (Eurosion and Interreg Projects) to Local Management
Giovanni Randazzo, Jordi Serra Raventos, Lanza Stefania

Part VI. Coastal Dune Hazards (Erosion and Management)

18. Coastal Dune Hazards
Sara Muñoz Vallés, Jesús Cambrollé

19. Erosion and Management in Coastal Dunes
Silvia Cristina Marcomini, Ruben Alvaro López

Part VII. Coastal Storms (Tropical Cyclones and Extra-Tropical Winter Storms)

20. Coastal Hazards from Tropical Cyclones and Extratropical Winter Storms Based on Holocene Storm Chronologies
S. M. May, M. Engel, D. Brill, P. Squire, A. Scheffers, D. Kelletat

21. U.S. Pacific Northwest Coastal Hazards: Tectonic and Climate Controls
Paul D. Komar, Jonathan C. Allan, Peter Ruggiero

Part VIII. Wave Hazards (Extreme Coastal Waves, Storm Surge, and Runup)

22. Extreme Coastal Waves, Ocean Surges and Wave Runup
Zai-Jin You, Peter Nielsen

23. Effects of Stratification on Multi-layered Tsunami Waves
Monzur A. Imteaz, Fatemeh Mekanik, Amimul Ahsan

Part IX. Coastal Marine Pollution

24. The Hazards of Beach Litter
A. T. Williams, K. Pond, A. Ergin, M. J. Cullis

25. Coastal Hazards from Oil Spills
Erich R. Gundlach

Part X. Beach Safety

26. Rip Currents
Stephen P. Leatherman

27. Erratum
S. M. May, M. Engel, D. Brill, P. Squire, A. Scheffers, D. Kelletat

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Coastal Sciences, Physical Geography

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