Pustejovsky, James

Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
James Pustejovsky, Pierrette Bouillon, Hitoshi Isahara, Kyoko Kanzaki, Chungmin Lee

2. Type Theory and Lexical Decomposition
James Pustejovsky

3. A Type Composition Logic for Generative Lexicon
Nicholas Asher, James Pustejovsky

4. Lexical Representation, Co-composition, and Linking Syntax and Semantics
Robert D. Valin

5. The Telic Relationship in Compounds
Christian Bassac, Pierrette Bouillon

6. Metonymy and Metaphor: Boundary Cases and the Role of a Generative Lexicon
Sabine Bergler

7. Spanish Clitics, Events and Opposition Structure
José M. Castaño

8. Adjective-Noun Combinations and the Generative Lexicon
Irena Drašković, James Pustejovsky, Rob Schreuder

9. Combination of the Verb Ha- ‘Do’ and Entity Type Nouns in Korean: A Generative Lexicon Approach
Seohyun Im, Chungmin Lee

10. Generative Lexicon Approach to Derived Inchoative Verbs in Korean
Yoon-shin Kim, Chungmin Lee

11. Degree vs. Manner Well: A Case Study in Selective Binding
Louise McNally, Christopher Kennedy

12. V-Concatenation in Japanese
Kentaro Nakatani

13. Change of Location and Change of State
Chungmin Lee

14. Event Structure and the Japanese Indirect Passive
Naoyuki Ono

15. Developing a Generative Lexicon Within HPSG
Toni Badia, Roser Saurí

16. Purpose Verbs
Christiane Fellbaum

17. Word Formation Rules and the Generative Lexicon: Representing Noun-to-Verb Versus Verb-to-Noun Conversion in French
Fiammetta Namer, Evelyne Jacquey

18. Boosting Lexical Resources for the Semantic Web: Generative Lexicon and Lexicon Interoperability
Nicoletta Calzolari, Francesca Bertagna, Alessandro Lenci, Monica Monachini

19. Automatic Acquisition of GL Resources, Using an Explanatory, Symbolic Technique
Vincent Claveau, Pascale Sébillot

20. The Semi-generative Lexicon: Limits on Productivity
Ann Copestake

Keywords: Computer Science, Language Translation and Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Computer Appl. in Arts and Humanities

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Text, Speech and Language Technology
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8 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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