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European Data Protection: Coming of Age

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Table of contents

1. Seven Types of Privacy
Rachel L. Finn, David Wright, Michael Friedewald

2. The Internet as Surveilled Workplayplace and Factory
Christian Fuchs, Daniel Trottier

3. From Market-Making Tool to Fundamental Right: The Role of the Court of Justice in Data Protection’s Identity Crisis
Orla Lynskey

4. Anonymity: A Comparison Between the Legal and Computer Science Perspectives
Sergio Mascetti, Anna Monreale, Annarita Ricci, Andrea Gerino

5. Digital Natives and the Metamorphosis of the European Information Society. The Emerging Behavioral Trends Regarding Privacy and Their Legal Implications
Norberto Nuno Gomes Andrade, Shara Monteleone

6. Autonomy in ICT for Older Persons at the Crossroads Between Legal and Care Practices
Daniel Lopez Gomez, Eugenio Mantovani, Paul Hert

7. Ethical Implications of Technologies That “Support” Ageing with Dementia at Home
Unai Díaz-Orueta, Elena Urdaneta

Privacy by Design: Leadership, Methods, and Results
Ann Cavoukian

9. Roadmap for Privacy Protection in Mobile Sensing Applications
Delphine Christin, Matthias Hollick

10. Privacy Enhancing Techniques for the Protection of Mobility Patterns in LBS: Research Issues and Trends
Maria Luisa Damiani

11. Privacy by Design Through a Social Requirements Analysis of Social Network Sites form a User Perspective
Ralf Wolf, Rob Heyman, Jo Pierson

12. Smart Metering and Privacy in Europe: Lessons from the Dutch Case
Colette Cuijpers, Bert-Jaap Koops

13. User Choice, Privacy Sensitivity, and Acceptance of Personal Information Collection
Joshua B. Hurwitz

14. Beyond Gut Level – Some Critical Remarks on the German Privacy Approach to Smart Metering
Frank Pallas

15. Surveillance as a Service? On the Use of Surveillance Data for Administrative Purposes
Martin Pekárek, Arnold Roosendaal, Jasper Sluijs

16. Profiling – the Council of Europe’s Contribution
Jörg Polakiewicz

17. Communicating Privacy in Organisations. Catharsis and Change in the Case of the Deutsche Bahn
Daniel Guagnin, Carla Ilten, Leon Hempel

18. The End of Independent Data Protection Supervision in Hungary – A Case Study
András Jóri

19. Data Protection, Social Networks and Online Mass Media
Artemi Rallo, Ricard Martínez

Keywords: Law, Public International Law, Computers and Society, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Technology

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