Hutton, John J.

Pediatric Biomedical Informatics

Hutton, John J. - Pediatric Biomedical Informatics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Pediatric Electronic Health Records and Research
S. Andrew Spooner, Eric S. Kirkendall

2. Interfaces and Data Transmission Standards
S. Andrew Spooner, Judith W. Dexheimer

3. Data Storage and Access Management
Michal Kouril, Nicholas Hunt, Michael Wagner

4. Institutional Cybersecurity in a Clinical Research Setting
Nicholas Hunt, Michal Kouril

5. Protecting Privacy in the Child’s Electronic Health Record
S. Andrew Spooner

6. Research Patient Data Warehousing
Keith Marsolo

7. Biobanking in Pediatric Research
Michael G. Barnes, John A. Lynch, Jeremy J. Corsmo, David P. Witte, Paul E. Steele

8. EHR-Linked Registries for Studies of Populations
Keith Marsolo

9. Natural Language Processing – The Basics
John P. Pestian, Louise Deleger, Guergana K. Savova, Judith W. Dexheimer, Imre Solti

10. Natural Language Processing: Applications in Pediatric Research
Guergana K. Savova, Louise Deleger, Imre Solti, John Pestian, Judith W. Dexheimer

11. Informatics and Decision Support
Judith W. Dexheimer, Laurie H. Johnson, Imre Solti, Dominik Aronsky, John P. Pestian

12. Support of Perinatal and Neonatal Research
Eric S. Hall

13. Informatics Support of Outcome Measures
Keith Marsolo

14. Patient Safety – Automated Detection and Reporting
Eric S. Kirkendall

15. Network Analysis in Translational Research
Minlu Zhang, Jingyuan Deng, Lirong Tan, Ye Chen, Long Jason Lu

16. Orphan Diseases, Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery
Anil G. Jegga, Cheng Zhu, Bruce J. Aronow

17. Transcriptional Networks – Control of Lung Maturation
Yan Xu, Jeffrey A. Whitsett

18. Defining Genetic Blueprints – Kidney and Craniofacial Development
Eric W. Brunskill, Andrew S. Potter, S. Steven Potter

19. From SNP Genotyping to Improved Pediatric Healthcare
Jacek W. Biesiada, Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, Michael Wagner, Jaroslaw Meller

20. Genetic Variation and Gene Discovery
John J. Hutton, Phillip Dexheimer, Gregory A. Grabowski

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Informatics, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, Pediatrics, Biostatistics

Publication year
Translational Bioinformatics
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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