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Advances in Mechanisms Design

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Table of contents

Part I. General Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

1. Mobile Wheel-Legged Robot: Researching of Suspension Leveling System
J. Bałchanowski

2. Comparison of Alternative Equivalent Circuits of Induction Motor with Real Machine Data
J. Bradna, J. Bauer, S. Fligl, V. Hlinovsky

3. Band Mechanism with Nonlinear Gear Ratio for Gravity Force Balance: Design and Analysis in Total System Network
F. Ebert, M. Berger

4. Application of the Research Environment e-Kinematix in Mechanism Development
G. Lonij, B. Corves, M. Reeßing, M. Razum

5. Advanced Digitization Techniques in Retrieval of Mechanism and Machine Science Resources
E-Ch. Lovasz, C. M. Gruescu, V. Ciupe, I. Carabas, D. Margineanu, I. Maniu, N. Dehelean

6. Trends in Development of Positioning Mechanisms
F. Palčák

7. New Models of Mechanisms for the Motion Transformation
Tomislav Petrović, Ivan Ivanov

8. Structural Synthesis of a Class of the Parallel Mechanisms Providing Plane-Parallel Displacement of a Mobile Platform
L. Rybak, A. Chichvarin, R. Sidorenko, J. Šklíba

9. Development of a Wearable Assist Robot for Walk Rehabilitation After Knee Arthroplasty Surgery
H. Terada, Y. Zhu, K. Horiguchi, M. Nakamura, R. Takahashi

10. Modeling of Lifting Equipment with Backlash Consideration
J. Vondrich, E. Thöndel

11. Analysis of Automatic Automotive Gear Boxes by Means of Versatile Graph-Based Methods
J. Drewniak, J. Kopeć, S. Zawiślak

Part II. Analysis and Synthesis of Planar and Spatial Mechanisms, Linkages and Cams

12. Direct and Inverse Kinematic of 3DOF Parallel Mechanism with Singularity Analysis
J. Bałchanowski

13. Measuring of Radial Cams Contours
V. Crhak

14. High-Speed Parallel Shaft Indexing Drive
P. Dostrašil, F. Hartig, M. Václavík, P. Jirásko

15. A Simplified Design with a Toothed Belt and Non-Circular Pulleys to Separate Parts from a Magazine File
U. Hanke, K.-H. Modler, R. Neumann, C. Fischer

16. Path Generation of Regular Polygon Using a Geared-Parallelogram Mechanism
S. Lin, Y. Fan, Z. Ren, U. Hanke

17. MOCAD: A Tool for Graphical and Interactive Calculation and Optimization of Cam Mechanisms and Motion Control Systems
A. Heine, M. Berger

18. Efficiency of Integrated Anti-Backlash Designed Planetary Gearbox
V. Klouček

19. Numerical Method for Determination of Base Circle Radius of Cam Mechanisms with Oscillating Flat-Face Follower
E.-C. Lovasz, D. Perju, C. M. Gruescu, K.-H. Modler, Cărăbaş I, E. S. Zăbavă

20. Analytical Displacement and Velocity Modeling of the RSSR-SS Linkage
Q. Shen, K. Russell, R. S. Sodhi

Part III. Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms, Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Noise in Machines, Computational Mechanics

21. Shaking Force Minimization of High-Speed Robots via Optimal Trajectory Planning
S. Briot, V. Arakelian, J.-P. Baron

22. Nonlinear Antiresonance Vibrating Screen
V. N. Belovodskiy, S. L. Bukin, M. Y. Sukhorukov

23. Modeling and Simulation of a Slider Crank Mechanism with a Flexible Extensible Link
M. Dupac, S. Noroozi

24. Multipoint Contact Approach to the Analysis of Interacting Flexible Bodies Vibration
M. Hajžman, D. Rychecký

25. Dynamic Analysis of Resonance: Bifurcation Characteristics of Non-linear Parametric Systems
M. Hortel, A. Škuderová, C. Kratochvíl, M. Houfek

26. Control of Compliant Mechanisms with Large Deflections
D. Kern, J. Bauer, W. Seemann

27. About Problems of Nonlinear Dynamics of the Elastic Rod Elements in Practice of Chisel Works
L. Khajiyeva

28. Dynamic Analysis of Hammer Mechanism “Twin Hammer” of Impact Wrench
M. Konečný, J. Slavík

29. Forces and Moments Acting on the Fluttering Profile
J. Kozánek, V. vlcek, I. Zolotarev

30. Rotor-Liquid-Fundament System’s Oscillation
A. Kydyrbekuly

31. Simulations of Radiation Heat Transfer in Design of Alternative Infrared Emitters
J. Loufek

32. Creating a Mathematical Model for Solving Chatter and Dealing the Problems Concerning the Maximum Allowable Size of a Machining Chip
J. Ondrášek

33. Impact of Thermal Stresses on Micro-fabricated Devices Used for Optical Applications
K. Malinauskas, V. Ostasevicius, R. Dauksevicius

34. Exponential Damping as an Approach to Internal Hysteretic Damping of Rotor Systems: FEM Model of Timoshenko Rotating Beam with Maxwell-Weichert Damping Model
Antonín Skarolek

35. Contribution to Numerical Analysis ofUncertain Mechanical Systems Using Probability and Possibility Theory
M. Vaško, M. Sága, V. Dekýš

36. Reducing the Steady State Vibrations of Flexible Rotors by Squeezing Thin Layers of Normal and Magneto Rheological Oils
J. Zapoměl, P. Ferfecki

Part IV. Robots and Manipulators

37. Development of an Upper Limb Motorized Assistive-Rehabilitative Robot
Masoud Amiri, Federico Casolo

38. Workspace Evaluation for Analysis and Synthesis of Manipulators
M. Ceccarelli

39. The Force Reaction Control of the Wheel-Legged Robot’s Limb Prototype
A. Gronowicz, J. Szrek, S. Wudarczyk

40. Method for Planning the Finger’s Movement in the Anthropomorphic Manipulator Hand-K3, Using a Tactile Sensors Network, with the Aim of Optimal Grasping
A. Handke, W. Twaróg

41. Development of Spherical Ultrasonic Motor as a Camera Actuator for Pipe Inspection Robot
M. Hoshina, S. Toyama

42. Research on Multi-Directional Pose Accuracy Variation to a Welding Robot
V. Vacarescu, E. Ch. Lovasz, C. F. Buciuman

Part V. Biomechanics

43. Inverse Dynamics Model for the Ankle Joint with Applications in Tibia Malleolus Fracture
E. Budescu, E. Merticaru, M. Chirazi

44. Dynamic Characteristics of Prosthetic Feet: A Comparison Between Modal Parameters of Walking, Running and Sprinting Foot
S. Noroozi, A. G. A. Rahman, M. Dupac, J. E. Vinney

45. Biomechanical Solutions in Tibial Malleolus Fracture
C. Oprisan, E. Budescu, V. Cotoros

46. Validation of Human Body Model VIRTHUMAN and its Implementation in Crash Scenarios
Ing. Jaroslav Maňas, Ing. Luděk Kovář, Ing. Jan Petřík, Ing. Hana Čechová, Ing. Stanislav Špirk

47. Numerical Simulation of the Self-Oscillations of the Vocal Folds and of the Resulting Acoustic Phenomena in the Vocal Tract
P. Švancara, J. Horáček, J. G. Švec

Part VI. Optimization of Mechanisms and Machines, The Mechanisms of Textile Machines

48. Analysis of Heald Motion During of Weaving Process
M. Bilek

49. Kinematic Design and Ideal Dimensioning of New Highly Dynamic Drive Assemblies for Knitting and Braiding Machines
D. Denninger, M. Berger, A. Heine

50. Analysis of the Loop Spinning System
J. Beran, M. Hejnova

51. Adjusting the Chain Gear
Z. Koloc, J. Korf, P. Kavan

52. Modification of Upper Thread Tensioner of Sewing Machine
P. Klouček, P. Škop

53. Optimization of Car Seats in the Interaction of Sitting Man on the Size of the Contact Pressure
R. Martonka, V. Fliegel

54. Trajectories of Dop Points on a Machining Wheel During Grinding of High Quality Plane Surfaces
I. Petrikova, R. Vrzala, J. Kafka

55. A Design and Optimization of the Fully Automatic Shunting Mechanism
A. Sapietova, V. Dekys

56. Modelling and Optimization of the Half Model of a Passenger Car with Magnetorheological Suspension System
S. Segla

57. Optimization of Industrial Sewing Machine Balancing Using Adams and Mathematica Software
P. Šidlof, J. Ondrášek

58. Application of the Impact-Free Lift Dependence in Small-Diameter Knitting Machines
J. Skřivánek, M. Bilek

59. The Optimal Design of an Auxiliary Switch for an Internal Combustion Engine Starter
J. Stropnik

60. Construction for High Pressure Application on 3D Nanofibers
L. Ševčík, D. Vejrych

61. Dynamic Properties of Traversing Rod
P. Žabka, J. Valtera, J. Beran

62. Flexible Elements in the Mechanisms of Weaving Machines
J. Žák

Part VII. Mechatronics, Control and Monitoring Systems of Machines

63. New Conception of Waving Machine CamEl Drive
A. Bílkovský, O. Marek, P. Jirásko, Z. Volanský

64. Application of Motion API for Input Production Data in a Single-Purpose Machine Tool with Control System by YASKAWA
P. Bureš

65. The Conception of the Control System of Radial Cam Grinder
P. Jirásko, V. Crhák, P. Bureš

66. An Analysis of Planetary Gearboxes for Their Use With Electronic Cam
P. Dostrašil, P. Jirásko, M. Bušek

67. DC/DC Power Converter for Super-Capacitor Supplied by Electric Power Splitter
T. Haubert, P. Mindl

68. Traction Control System for Formula Student Electric
Z. Houf, Z. Čeřovský, V. Hlinovský

69. Electro Dermal Quantification of Some Dental Treatment’s Efficiency
M. Mateas, E. Ianosi

70. Servo Control Using Wave-Based Method
O. Marek

71. Drives Dynamic Models Implementation with Regard to Real-Time Simulation
J. Opálka

72. High Performance Real-Time Simulation for Control Systems Development on Fast but Ordinary PC
J. Rameš

73. Function Properties of Electronic Cam with Great Unevenness of Angular Speed
P. Šidlof, P. Klouček

Keywords: Physics, Applied and Technical Physics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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