Marta-Costa, Ana Alexandra

Methods and Procedures for Building Sustainable Farming Systems

Marta-Costa, Ana Alexandra - Methods and Procedures for Building Sustainable Farming Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Needs for Building Sustainable Farming Systems: Issues and Scope
Emiliana Silva, Ana Alexandra Marta-Costa

2. Agricultural and Environmental Policies in the European Union
Emiliana Silva, Ana Alexandra Marta-Costa

3. Approaches for Sustainable Farming Systems Assessment
Ana Alexandra Marta-Costa, Emiliana Silva

4. Normative, Systemic and Procedural Aspects: A Review of Indicator-Based Sustainability Assessments in Agriculture
Claudia R. Binder, Giuseppe Feola

5. Assessing the Sustainability of Activity Systems to Support Households’ Farming Projects
Médulline Terrier, Pierre Gasselin, Joseph Blanc

6. Multilevel and Multi-user Sustainability Assessment of Farming Systems
Steven Passel, Marijke Meul

7. Learning and Experimentation Strategy: Outline of a Method to Develop Sustainable Livestock Production Systems
Boelie Elzen, Sierk F. Spoelstra

8. Factors Affecting the Implementation of Measures for Improving Sustainability on Farms Following the RISE Sustainability Evaluation
Christian Thalmann, Jan Grenz

9. A Multi-attribute Decision Method for Assessing the Overall Sustainability of Crop Protection Strategies: A Case Study Based on Apple Production in Europe
Patrik Mouron, Ursula Aubert, Bart Heijne, Andreas Naef, Jörn Strassemeyer, Frank Hayer, Gérard Gaillard, Gabriele Mack, José Hernandez, Jesus Avilla, Joan Solé, Benoit Sauphanor, Aude Alaphilippe, Andrea Patocchi, Jörg Samietz, Heinrich Höhn, Esther Bravin, Claire Lavigne, Marko Bohanec, Franz Bigler

10. Converting Suckler Cattle Farming Systems to Organic Farming: A Method to Assess the Productive, Environmental and Economic Impacts
Patrick Veysset, Michel Lherm, Didier Bébin

11. Assessing Multifunctionality in Relation to Resource Use: A Holistic Approach to Measure Efficiency, Developed by Participatory Research
Johanna Björklund, Börje Johansson

12. Indicator-Based Method for Assessing Organic Farming Sustainability
Mohamed Gafsi, Jean Luc Favreau

X-farm: Modelling Sustainable Farming Systems
Alvaro Rocca, Francesco Danuso, Franco Rosa, Elena Bulfoni

14. Ecological-Economic Modelling for Farming Systems of Montemuro Mountain (Portugal)
Ana Alexandra Marta-Costa, Filipa Manso, Luís Tibério, Carlos Fonseca

15. Evaluating Socio-economic and Environmental Sustainability of the Sheep Farming Activity in Greece: A Whole-Farm Mathematical Programming Approach
Alexandra Sintori, Konstantinos Tsiboukas, George Zervas

16. Method for the Evaluation of Farm Sustainability in Quebec, Canada: The Social Aspect
Diane Parent, Valérie Bélanger, Anne Vanasse, Guy Allard, Doris Pellerin

17. Adapting a European Sustainability Model to a Local Context in Semi-arid Areas of Lebanon
Elias Ghadban, Salma Talhouk, Mabelle Chedid, Shady K. Hamadeh

18. Tendency of Production Decisions of the Farmers of the Southeast Pampa Region in Argentina Under Uncertainty Conditions
Mirna Mosciaro, Carlos Iorio

19. Methodologies for Building Sustainable Farming Systems: The Main Critical Points and Questions
Ana Alexandra Marta-Costa, Emiliana Silva

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture, Operation Research/Decision Theory

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Natural Sciences

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