Buscema, Massimo

Intelligent Data Mining in Law Enforcement Analytics

Buscema, Massimo - Intelligent Data Mining in Law Enforcement Analytics, ebook


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ISBN: 9789400749146
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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Artificial Networks and Law Enforcement Analytics
William J. Tastle

2. Law Enforcement and Artificial Intelligence
Paolo Massimo Buscema

3. The General Philosophy of Artificial Adaptive Systems
Paolo Massimo Buscema

4. A Brief Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms and the Genetic Doping Algorithm
Massimo Buscema, Massimiliano Capriotti

5. Artificial Adaptive Systems in Data Visualization: Proactive Data
Massimo Buscema

6. The Metropolitan Police Service Central Drug-Trafficking Database: Evidence of Need
Geoffrey Monaghan, Stefano Terzi

7. Supervised Artificial Neural Networks: Backpropagation Neural Networks
Massimo Buscema

8. Preprocessing Tools for Nonlinear Datasets
Massimo Buscema, Alessandra Mancini, Marco Breda

9. Metaclassifiers
Massimo Buscema, Stefano Terzi

10. Auto-Identification of a Drug Seller Utilizing a Specialized Supervised Neural Network
Massimo Buscema, Marco Intraligi

11. Visualization and Clustering of Self-Organizing Maps
Giulia Massini

12. Self-Organizing Maps: Identifying Nonlinear Relationships in Massive Drug Enforcement Databases
Giulia Massini

13. Theory of Constraint Satisfaction Neural Networks
Massimo Buscema

14. Application of the Constraint Satisfaction Network
Marco Intraligi, Massimo Buscema

15. Auto-Contractive Maps, H Function, and the Maximally Regular Graph: A New Methodology for Data Mining
Massimo Buscema

16. Analysis of a Complex Dataset Using the Combined MST and Auto-Contractive Map
Giovanni Pieri

17. Auto-Contractive Maps and Minimal Spanning Tree: Organization of Complex Datasets on Criminal Behavior to Aid in the Deduction of Network Connectivity
Giulia Massini, Massimo Buscema

18. Data Mining Using Nonlinear Auto-Associative Artificial Neural Networks: The Arrestee Dataset
Massimo Buscema

19. Artificial Adaptive System for Parallel Querying of Multiple Databases
Massimo Buscema

Keywords: Social Sciences, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks

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