Chiu, Mei-Hung

Chemistry Education and Sustainability in the Global Age

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Table of contents

1. Dissemination of Achievements in Chemical Education (Research) via EU Projects
Anna Kolasa, Iwona Maciejowska

2. Polish Education Reform and Resulting Changes in the Process of Chemical Education
Hanna Gulińska

3. Assessment of Chemistry Anxiety Among College Students
Chen@Chong Sheau Huey

4. Teacher-Student Interactions: The Roles of In-Class Written Questions
Liliana Mammino

5. Probing and Fostering Students’ Reasoning Abilities with a Cyclic Predict-Observe-Explain Strategy
Jia-Lin Chang, Chiing-Chang Chen, Chia-Hsing Tsai, Yong-Chang Chen, Meng-Hsun Chou, Ling-Chuan Chang

6. A Trial of Placement and Embodiment of Images for Chemical Concepts in the Lesson Model of a “Surface Active Agent” Through SEIC
Haruo Ogawa, Hiroki Fujii

7. Chemistry Pre-service Teachers’ Mental Models of Science Teaching and Learning in Malaysia
Maryam Sulaiman, Zurida Haji Ismail

8. Chemistry Teachers Enhance Their Knowledge in Contemporary Scientific Areas
Rachel Mamlok-Naaman, Ron Blonder, Avi Hofstein

9. Practical Science Activities in Primary Schools in Malaysia
Norita Mohamed, Mashita Abdullah, Zurida Haji Ismail

10. Teaching Chemistry Effectively with Engineering Majors: Teaching Beyond the Textbook
Yermesha Kyle, Stephen Bacon, Amber Park, Jameka Griffin, Raicherylon Cummins, Raymond Hooks, Bailu Qian, Hua-Jun Fan

11. Problem-Based Learning as an Approach to Teach Cell Potential in Matriculation College, Malaysia
Kai-Li Teh, Nooraida Yakob

12. Teaching Catalysis by Means of Enzymes and Microorganisms
Peter Grunwald

13. The Application of the SATL in Biochemistry
Suzana B. Golemi

14. An Alignment Analysis of Junior High School Chemistry Curriculum Standards and City-Wide Exit Exams in China
Hongjia Ma, Gavin W. Fulmer, Ling L. Liang, Xian Chen, Xinlu Li, Yuan Li

15. A National Survey of Students’ Conceptions and Their Sources of Chemistry in Taiwan: Examples of Chemical Equilibrium and Acids/Bases
Jing-Wen Lin, Mei-Hung Chiu

16. The Use of Electronic Media for Chemical Education Research
Francis Burns, David Frank

17. Investigation of Tertiary Chemistry Learning Environment in Sabah, Malaysia
Yoon-Fah Lay, Chwee-Hoon Khoo

18. The Evaluation of Chemistry Competence for Freshmen at Technology Colleges in Taiwan
Ji-Chyuan Yang, Ching-Yun Hsu, Wen-Jyh Wang, Chia-Hui Tai, Hong-Hsin Huang, Ping-Chih Huang

19. Changes in Teachers’ Views of Cognitive Apprenticeship for Situated Learning in Developing a Chemistry Laboratory Course
Hui-Jung Chen, Mei-Hung Chiu

20. Application of Mind Maps and Mind Manager to Improve Students’ Competence in Solving Chemistry Problems
Zhen Lu, Zheng Zou, Yitian Zhang

21. An Integrated-ICT Assessment for College Students’ Performances of Chemical Learning
King-Dow Su

22. Academic Performance and Attitude Toward Computer-Aided Instruction in Chemistry
Ronaldo C. Reyes

23. Integrating Instant Response System (IRS) as an In-Class Assessment Tool into Undergraduate Chemistry Learning Experience: Student Perceptions and Performance
Tzy-Ling Chen, Yan-Fu Lin, Yi-Lin Liu, Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Horn-Jiunn Sheen, Wei-Jane Lin

24. Aqueous Cationic and Anionic Surfactants for Microscale Experiments in Organic Chemistry Teaching Laboratories
Masayuki Inoue, Yuko Kato, Emi Joguchi, Wataru Banba

25. Development of an Analytical Method of Gaseous Mixtures Using a Syringe
Takashi Yasuoka

26. Microscale Experiments Using a Low-Cost Conductance Meter
Jose H. Bergantin, Djohn Reb T. Cleofe, Fortunato Sevilla

27. Introducing Microscale Experimentation in Volumetric Analysis for Pre-service Teachers
Mashita Abdullah, Norita Mohamed, Zurida Haji Ismail

28. Innovative Techniques in Microscale Chemistry Experiments
Kwok Man Chan

29. Microscale Experiment on Decreases in Volume When Forming Binary Liquid Mixtures: Four Alkanol Aqueous Solutions
Tetsuo Nakagawa

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Learning & Instruction, Teaching and Teacher Education, Educational Technology

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