Azmi, Asfar S.

Systems Biology in Cancer Research and Drug Discovery

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Table of contents

1. Systems Biology Approach to Metabolomics in Cancer Studies
Mariano Bizzarri, Simona Dinicola, Cesare Manetti

2. System Biology Approach to Study Cancer Related Pathways
Yike Guo, Xian Yang

3. Modeling Oncogenic Signaling Networks from Gene Expression Dynamics
Aliccia Bollig-Fischer

4. An Integrated Systems Approach to the Study of Pancreatic Cancer
Emanuela Gadaleta, Rosalind J. Cutts, Ajanthah Sangaralingam, Nicholas R. Lemoine, Claude Chelala

5. Protein Microarray: An Ideal Platform for Systems Biology
Zong-Xiu Wang, Rui-Ping Deng, Shu-Juan Guo, Ji-Bin Zhang, Sheng-Ce Tao

6. Systems Biology of Pancreatic Cancer: The Role of Tumor-Microenvironment Communication in Development, Progression and Therapy Resistance
Sara Chiblak, Fevzi Demircioglu, Azadeh Fahim Golestaneh, Amir Abdollahi

7. Understanding Cancer Progression Using Protein Interaction Networks
Emre Guney, Rebeca Sanz-Pamplona, Angels Sierra, Baldo Oliva

8. Understanding the Dynamics of Tumor Angiogenesis: A Systems Biology Approach
M. M. Quinas-Guerra, T. M. Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Juan Carlos Rodríguez-Manzaneque, Rui D. M. Travasso

9. Applications of Network Bioinformatics to Cancer Angiogenesis
Corban G. Rivera, Liang-Hui Chu, Joel S. Bader, Aleksander S. Popel

10. Human MicroRNA Targetome Indicates a Specialized Role of MicroRNAs in Regulation of Oncogenesis
Jun-ichi Satoh

11. Novel and Alternative Bioinformatics Approaches to Understand miRNA-mRNA Interactome in Cancer Research
Xiaohong Li, Carolyn M. Klinge, Susmita Datta

12. Prioritizing Candidate Disease miRNAs by Topological Features in the miRNA-Target Dysregulated Network
Xia Li, Juan Xu, Yongsheng Li

13. Development and Clinical Implementation of Reverse Phase Protein Microarrays for Protein Network Activation Mapping: Personalized Cancer Therapy
Mariaelena Pierobon, Julie Wulfkuhle, Lance A. Liotta, Emanuel F. Petricoin

14. The Principle of Rational Design of Drug Combination and Personalized Therapy Based on Network Pharmacology
Jianghui Xiong, Simon Rayner, Fengji Liang, Yinghui Li

15. Relevance of Network Hierarchy in Cancer Drug-Target Selection
Aritro Nath, Christina Chan

16. Computational Infrastructures for Large-Scale Data Access and Analysis in Post-Genomic Clinical Trials
Manolis Tsiknakis

17. Network Pharmacology: An Emerging Area in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
Asfar S. Azmi, Frances W. J. Beck, Bin Bao, Fazlul H. Sarkar, Ramzi M. Mohammad

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Cancer Research, Systems Biology, Bioinformatics

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