Tymieniecka, A-T.

Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos

Tymieniecka, A-T. - Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Cosmo-Transcendental Positioning of the Living Being in the Universe in Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka’s New Enlightenment
Jadwiga S. Smith

2. Cosmos, the Meaningful Construct
Halil Turan

3. Competing Concepts of the Cosmos in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Oliver W. Holmes

Cosmos and Scientific Practices in Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese Thought: A Comparative Interpretation
Sinan Kadir Çelik

5. Apel’s Project of Cognitive Anthropology for Non-Western World and a Supplement of Muslim Proposal
Abdul Rahim Afaki

6. El Horizonte Rítmico Del Lenguaje (Trasfondo Fenomenológico En Las Coplas De Jorge Manrique)
Antonio Domínguez Rey

7. Kinds of Guise Bundles
Semiha Akıncı

8. Enmeshed Experience in Architecture: Understanding the Affordances of the Old Galata Bridge in Istanbul
Semra Aydinli

9. Plato on Return to the Nature
Olena Shkubulyani

10. Nature’s Value and Nature’s Future
Leszek Pyra

11. (Mis)Triangulated Human Positioning in the Cosmos: (Un)Covering the (Meta)Physical Identity of Agents of Good and Evil in Head and Silko
Imafedia Okhamafe

12. Beyond the Human-Nature Dualism: Towards a Concept of Nature as Part of the Life-World
Karen François

13. Metaphysics and the Concept of World in Rudolph Carnap and Moritz Schlick
Giuseppina Sgueglia

14. Nature: Sealing the Humanness. Applying Phenomenology of Life to a Romanian Artistic Work
Carmen Cozma

15. The Path of Truth: From Absolute to Reality, from Point to Circle
Konul Bunyadzade

16. Newton’s Phenomena and Malay Cosmology: A Comparative Perspective
A. L. Samian

17. Peering Through the Keyhole (The Phenomenology and Ontology of Cyberspace in Contemporary Societies)
J. C. Couceiro-Bueno

18. Reason and Sense as the Frames and Partitions of the Temple of Life
Salahaddin Khalilov

19. Direct Intuition: Strategies of Knowledge in the Phenomenology of Life, with Reference to the Philosophy of Illumination
Olga Louchakova-Schwartz

20. What the Lake Said. Amiel’s New Phenomenology and Nature
Daria Iwona Gosek

21. How Can Sisyphus Be Happy with His Fate?
Sibel Oktar

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Man

Publication year
Analecta Husserliana
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9 pages

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