Agrawal, Ganesh K.

Seed Development: OMICS Technologies toward Improvement of Seed Quality and Crop Yield

Agrawal, Ganesh K. - Seed Development: OMICS Technologies toward Improvement of Seed Quality and Crop Yield, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Seed Development: A Comparative Overview on Biology of Morphology, Physiology, and Biochemistry Between Monocot and Dicot Plants
Paolo A. Sabelli

2. Proteomics Reveals A Potential Role of the Perisperm in Starch Remobilization During Sugarbeet Seed Germination
Julie Catusse, Claudette Job, Dominique Job

3. Omics Platforms: Importance of Twenty-First Century Genome-Enabled Technologies in Seed Developmental Research for Improved Seed Quality and Crop Yield
Ryan D. Syrenne, Weibing Shi, Charles N. Stewart, Joshua S. Yuan

4. Rice Seed Development: Highly Resolved Transcriptomic Views
Tie Liu, S. Lori Tausta, Neeru Gandotra, Timothy Nelson

5. A Transcriptional Roadmap for Seed Development in Maize
Guifeng Wang, Gang Wang, Fei Wang, Rentao Song

6. Using Transcriptomics to Reveal Gene Networks of Seed Development in Arabidopsis

Richard C. Macknight, Rowan P. Herridge, Robert C. Day

7. The Medicago truncatula Gene Expression Atlas (MtGEA): A Tool for Legume Seed Biology and Biotechnology
Jerome Verdier, Vagner A. Benedito, Michael K. Udvardi

8. Transcriptomics of Legume Seed: Soybean a Model Grain Legume
Sangeeta Dhaubhadel, Frédéric Marsolais

9. Peanut Seed Development: Molecular Mechanisms of Storage Reserve Mobilization and Effect of Water Deficit Stress on Seed Metabolism
Kameswara Rao Kottapalli, Pratibha Kottapalli, Paxton Payton

10. Probing the Genes Expressed in Developing Seed of Oilseed Plants: Brassica Napus (L.) as A Case Example
Sreekala Chellamma, Bhinu Pillai, Abdelali Hannoufa

11. Networks of Seed Storage Protein Regulation in Cereals and Legumes at the Dawn of the Omics Era
Richard D. Thompson, Jerome Verdier

12. Organelle Proteomics of Developing Seeds: Comparison with Other Plant Tissue Organelles
Ombretta Repetto, Karine Gallardo

13. Proteomics in Identifying New Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in Seed Development and Ultimately Seed Quality
Jean-Louis Prioul, Domenica Manicacci, Catherine Damerval, Valérie Méchin

14. Digging Deeper into the Seed Proteome: Prefractionation of Total Proteins
Ján A. Miernyk, Mark L. Johnston

15. The Central Role of Phosphoenolpyruvate Metabolism in Developing Oilseeds
William C. Plaxton, Brendan O’Leary

16. Search for Low-Molecular-Weight Biomarkers in Plant Tissues and Seeds Using Metabolomics: Tools, Strategies, and Applications
Guillaume Marti, Matthias Erb, Serge Rudaz, Ted Turlings, Jean-Luc Wolfender

17. Plant Metabolic Pathways: Databases and Pipeline for Stoichiometric Analysis
Eva Grafahrend-Belau, Björn H. Junker, Falk Schreiber

18. Coupled Transcript-Metabolite Profiling: Towards Systems Biology Approaches to Unravel Regulation of Seed Secondary Metabolism
Thierry Joët, Eleanore T. Wurtzel, Fumio Matsuda, Kazuki Saito, Stéphane Dussert

19. Using Systems Approaches to Analyze Metabolic Networks Involved in Storage Reserve Synthesis in Developing Seeds
Christian Krach, Eva Grafahrend-Belau, Hart Poskar, Kai Schallau, Falk Schreiber, Björn H. Junker

20. Metabolic Specialization of Maternal and Filial Tissues
Hélène Zuber, Mélanie Noguero, Christine Le Signor, Richard Thompson, Karine Gallardo

21. Marker-Aided Breeding Revolutionizes Twenty-First Century Crop Improvement
Rodomiro Ortiz

22. Metabolomics-Assisted Crop Breeding Towards Improvement in Seed Quality and Yield
David Toubiana, Aaron Fait

23. A Role for “Omics” Technologies in Exploration of the Seed Nutritional Quality
Marc Galland, Imen Lounifi, Gwendal Cueff, Aurélie Baldy, Halima Morin, Dominique Job, Loïc Rajjou

24. Using Genome-Enabled Technologies to Address Allergens in Seeds of Crop Plants: Legumes as a Case Study
Lena Y. C. Soo, Nicole E. Walczyk, Penelope M. C. Smith

25. Improving Quality and Content of Oils in Seeds: Strategies, Approaches, and Applications Towards Engineering New Oilseed Crop Plants
Thomas Roscoe, Frédéeic Domergue, Martine Devic, René Lessire

26. Integrating Omics in Food Quality and Safety Assessment
Howard Davies, Louise Shepherd

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Plant Sciences, Agriculture, Proteomics, Systems Biology, Metabolomics

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