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Advance in Barley Sciences

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Table of contents

1. Evolution of Wild Barley and Barley Improvement
Eviatar Nevo

2. Genetic Diversity in Latvian Spring Barley Association Mapping Population
Ieva Mezaka, Linda Legzdina, Robbie Waugh, Timothy J. Close, Nils Rostoks

3. Genome-Wide Association Mapping of Malting Quality Traits in Relevant Barley Germplasm in Uruguay
Ariel Castro, Lorena Cammarota, Blanca Gomez, Lucia Gutierrez, Patrick M. Hayes, Andres Locatelli, Lucia Motta, Sergio Pieroni

4. The “Italian” Barley Genetic Mutant Collection: Conservation, Development of New Mutants and Use
Antonio Michele Stanca, Giorgio Tumino, Donata Pagani, Fulvia Rizza, Renzo Alberici, Udda Lundqvist, Caterina Morcia, Alessandro Tondelli, Valeria Terzi

5. Alpha-Amylase Allelic Variation in Domesticated and Wild Barley
Suong Cu, Sophia Roumeliotis, Jason Eglinton

6. Novel Genes from Wild Barley Hordeum spontaneum for Barley Improvement
Xue Gong, Chengdao Li, Guoping Zhang, Guijun Yan, Reg Lance, Dongfa Sun

7. The Distribution of the Hordoindoline Genes and Identification of Puroindoline b-2 Variant Gene Homologs in the Genus Hordeum

Yohei Terasawa, Kanenori Takata, Tatsuya M. Ikeda

8. Exploiting and Utilizing the Novel Annual Wild Barleys Germplasms on the Qing-Tibetan Plateau
Dongfa Sun, Tingwen Xu, Guoping Zhang, Zhao Ling, Daokun Sun, Ding Yi

9. Agronomic and Quality Attributes of Worldwide Primitive Barley Subspecies
Abderrazek Jilal, Stefania Grando, Robert James Henry, Nicole Rice, Salvatore Ceccarelli

10. Differences between Steely and Mealy Barley Samples Associated with Endosperm Modification
Barbara Ferrari, Marina Baronchelli, Antonio M. Stanca, Luigi Cattivelli, Alberto Gianinetti

11. Genotypic Difference in Molecular Spectral Features of Cellulosic Compounds and Nutrient Supply in Barley: A Review
Peiqiang Yu

12. Use of Barley Flour to Lower the Glycemic Index of Food: Air Classification β-Glucan Enrichment and Postprandial Glycemic Response After Consumption of Bread Made with Barley β-Glucan-Enriched Flour Fractions
Francesca Finocchiaro, Alberto Gianinetti, Barbara Ferrari, Antonio Michele Stanca, Luigi Cattivelli

13. Food Preparation from Hulless Barley in Tibet
Nyima Tashi, Tang Yawei, Zeng Xingquan

14. Screening Hull-less Barley Mutants for Potential Use in Grain Whisky Distilling
John Stuart Swanston, Jill Elaine Middlefell-Williams

15. Natural Variation in Grain Iron and Zinc Concentrations of Wild Barley, Hordeum spontaneum, Populations from Israel
Jun Yan, Fang Wang, Rongzhi Yang, Tangfu Xiao, Tzion Fahima, Yehoshua Saranga, Abraham Korol, Eviatar Nevo, Jianping Cheng

16. Genes Controlling Low Phytic Acid in Plants: Identifying Targets for Barley Breeding
Hongxia Ye, Chengdao Li, Matthew Bellgard, Reg Lance, Dianxing Wu

17. Correlation Analysis of Functional Components of Barley Grain
Tao Yang, Ya-Wen Zeng, Xiao-Ying Pu, Juan Du, Shu-Ming Yang

18. Genome-Wide Association Mapping Identifies Disease-Resistance QTLs in Barley Germplasm from Latin America
Lucía Gutiérrez, Natalia Berberian, Flavio Capettini, Esteban Falcioni, Darío Fros, Silvia Germán, Patrick M. Hayes, Julio Huerta-Espino, Sibyl Herrera, Silvia Pereyra, Carlos Pérez, Sergio Sandoval-Islas, Ravi Singh, Ariel Castro

19. The CC-NB-LRR-type Rdg2a Resistance Gene Evolved Through Recombination and Confers Immunity to the Seed-Borne Barley Leaf Stripe Pathogen in the Absence of Hypersensitive Cell Death
Chiara Biselli, Davide Bulgarelli, Nicholas C. Collins, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Antonio Michele Stanca, Luigi Cattivelli, Giampiero Valè

20. Increased Auxin Content and Altered Auxin Response in Barley Necrotic Mutant nec1

Anete Keisa, Ilva Nakurte, Laura Kunga, Liga Kale, Nils Rostoks

21. Vulnerability of Cultivated and Wild Barley to African Stem Rust Race TTKSK
Brian J. Steffenson, Hao Zhou, Yuan Chai, Stefania Grando

22. Genome-Wide Association Mapping Reveals Genetic Architecture of Durable Spot Blotch Resistance in US Barley Breeding Germplasm
Hao Zhou, Brian J. Steffenson

23. Genetic Fine Mapping of a Novel Leaf Rust Resistance Gene and a Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Tolerance (BYDV) Introgressed from Hordeum bulbosum by the Use of the 9K iSelect Chip
Perovic Dragan, Doris Kopahnke, Brian J. Steffenson, Jutta Förster, Janine König, Benjamin Kilian, Jörg Plieske, Gregor Durstewitz, Viktor Korzun, Ilona Kraemer, Antje Habekuss, Paul Johnston, Richrad Pickering, Frank Ordon

24. A Major QTL Controlling Adult Plant Resistance for Barley Leaf Rust
Chengdao Li, Sanjiv Gupta, Xiao-Qi Zhang, Sharon Westcott, Jian Yang, Robert Park, Greg Platz, Robert Loughman, Reg Lance

25. Large Population with Low Marker Density Verse Small Population with High Marker Density for QTL Mapping: A Case Study for Mapping QTL Controlling Barley Net Blotch Resistance
Jian Yang, Chengdao Li, Xue Gong, Sanjiv Gupta, Reg Lance, Guoping Zhang, Rob Loughman, Jun Zhu

26. “Deep Phenotyping” of Early Plant Response to Abiotic Stress Using Non-invasive Approaches in Barley
Agim Ballvora, Christoph Römer, Mirwaes Wahabzada, Uwe Rascher, Christian Thurau, Christian Bauckhage, Kristian Kersting, Lutz Plümer, Jens Léon

27. Barley Adaptation: Teachings from Landraces Will Help to Respond to Climate Change
Ernesto Igartua, Ildikó Karsai, M. Cristina Casao, Otto Veisz, M. Pilar Gracia, Ana M. Casas

28. Development of Recombinant Chromosome Substitution Lines for Aluminum Tolerance in Barley
Kazuhiro Sato, Jianfeng Ma

29. New and Renewed Breeding Methodology
Hayes Patrick, Cuesta-Marcos Alfonso

30. Barley in Tropical Areas: The Brazilian Experience
Euclydes Minella

31. Performance and Yield Components of Forage Barley Grown Under Harsh Environmental Conditions of Kuwait
Habibah S. Al-Menaie, Hayam S. Mahgoub, Ouhoud Al-Ragam, Noor Al-Dosery, Meena Mathew, Nisha Suresh

32. Variability of Spring Barley Traits Essential for Organic Farming in Association Mapping Population
Linda Legzdina, Ieva Mezaka, Indra Beinarovica, Aina Kokare, Guna Usele, Dace Piliksere, Nils Rostoks

33. Barley Production and Breeding in Europe: Modern Cultivars Combine Disease Resistance, Malting Quality and High Yield
Wolfgang Friedt, Frank Ordon

34. Variation in Phenological Development of Winter Barley
Novo Pržulj, Vojislava Momèiloviæ, Dragan Perović, Miloš Nožinić

35. Leaf Number and Thermal Requirements for Leaf Development in Winter Barley
Vojislava Momčilović, Novo Pržulj, Miloš Nožinić, Dragan Perović

36. Characterization of the Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) miRNome: A Computational-Based Update on MicroRNAs and Their Targets
Moreno Colaiacovo, Cristina Crosatti, Lorenzo Giusti, Renzo Alberici, Luigi Cattivelli, Primetta Faccioli

37. The Construction of Molecular Genetic Map of Barley Using SRAP Markers
Leilei L. Guo, Xianjun J. Liu, Xinchun C. Liu, Zhimin M. Yang, Deyuan Y. Kong, Yujing J. He, Zongyun Y. Feng

38. Phenotypic Evaluation of Spring Barley RIL Mapping Populations for Pre-harvest Sprouting, Fusarium Head Blight and β-Glucans
Linda Legzdina, Mara Bleidere, Guna Usele, Daiga Vilcane, Indra Beinarovica, Ieva Mezaka, Zaiga Jansone, Nils Rostoks

39. Molecular Mechanisms for Covered vs. Naked Caryopsis in Barley
Shin Taketa, Takahisa Yuo, Yuko Yamashita, Mika Ozeki, Naoto Haruyama, Maejima Hidekazu, Hiroyuki Kanamori, Takashi Matsumoto, Katsuyuki Kakeda, Kazuhiro Sato

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Molecular Ecology, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture

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