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Science Education for Diversity

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Table of contents

Part I. Science Education Reform for Diversity

1. Dialogic Science Education for Diversity
Rupert Wegerif, Keith Postlethwaite, Nigel Skinner, Nasser Mansour, Alun Morgan, Lindsay Hetherington

2. Expanding Notions of Scientific Literacy: A Reconceptualization of Aims of Science Education in the Knowledge Society
Xiufeng Liu

3. Activity, Subjectification, and Personality: Science Education from a Diversity-of-Life Perspective
Wolff-Michael Roth

4. Reflexivity and Diversity in Science Education Research in Europe: Towards Cultural Perspectives
Michiel Eijck

Part II. From Learning to Pedagogy

5. Science Education for Diversity and Informal Learning
Loran Carleton Parker, Gerald H. Krockover

6. Diverse, Disengaged and Reactive: A Teacher’s Adaptation of Ethical Dilemma Story Pedagogy as a Strategy to Re-engage Learners in Education for Sustainability
Elisabeth (Lily) Taylor, Peter Charles Taylor, MeiLing Chow

7. Tracing Science in the Early Childhood Classroom: The Historicity of Multi-resourced Discourse Practices in Multilingual Interaction
Charles Max, Gudrun Ziegler, Martin Kracheel

8. Conceptual Frameworks, Metaphysical Commitments and Worldviews: The Challenge of Reflecting the Relationships Between Science and Religion in Science Education
Keith S. Taber

9. Science Curriculum Reform on ‘Scientific Literacy for All’ Across National Contexts: Case Studies of Curricula from England & Wales and Hong Kong
Sibel Erduran, Siu Ling Wong

Part III. Science Teacher Education and Diversity

10. Science Teachers’ Cultural Beliefs and Diversities: A Sociocultural Perspective to Science Education
Nasser Mansour

11. Envisioning Science Teacher Preparation for Twenty-First-Century Classrooms for Diversity: Some Tensions
Norman Thomson, Deborah J. Tippins

12. Expanded Agency in Multilingual Science Teacher Training Classrooms
Silvia Lizette Ramos-De Robles, Mariona Espinet

Part IV. Cultural Issues in Science Education

13. Reconceptualizing a Lifelong Science Education System that Supports Diversity: The Role of Free-Choice Learning
Lynn D. Dierking

14. Ignoring Half the Sky: A Feminist Critique of Science Education’s Knowledge Society
Anita Hussénius, Kristina Andersson, Annica Gullberg, Kathryn Scantlebury

15. Religion in Science Education
Michael J. Reiss

16. Students’ Perceptions of Apparent Contradictions Between Science and Religion: Creation Is Only the Beginning
Berry Billingsley

17. Gender and Science in the Arab States: Current Status and Future Prospects
Saouma BouJaoude, Ghada Gholam

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Learning & Instruction, Sociology of Education, Religion and Education

Publication year
Cultural Studies of Science Education
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20 pages
Upbringing, Education

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