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Handbook of Neurosociology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Summaries and Comments
David D. Franks, Jonathan H. Turner

2. Neural Social Science
George Lakoff

3. Why We Need Neurosociology as Well as Social Neuroscience: Or—Why Role-Taking and Theory of Mind Are Different Concepts
David D. Franks

4. Social Cognition and the Problem of Other Minds
John R. Shook

5. Genetic, Hormonal, and Neural Underpinnings of Human Aggressive Behavior
Pranjal H. Mehta, Stefan M. Goetz, Justin M. Carré

6. Social Neuroscience and the Modern Synthesis of Social and Biological Levels of Analysis
Greg J. Norman, Louise C. Hawkley, Maike Luhmann, John T. Cacioppo, Gary G. Berntson

7. Can the Two Cultures Reconcile? Reconstruction and Neuropragmatism
Tibor Solymosi

8. Notes Toward a Neuroethics
David D. Franks

9. Emergence and Reductionism in Sociology and Neuroscience
David D. Franks

10. Neurology and Interpersonal Behavior: The Basic Challenge for Neurosociology
Jonathan H. Turner

11. Relationships Between Neurosociology, Foundational Social Behaviorism, and Currents in Symbolic Interaction
David D. Franks

12. What Are the Neurological Foundations of Identities and Identity-Related Processes?
Richard E. Niemeyer

13. The Emergent Self: How Distributed Neural Networks Support Self-Representation
Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, Lucina Q. Uddin

14. The Human Mirror Neuron System, Social Control, and Language
Sook-Lei Liew, Lisa Aziz-Zadeh

15. A Neurosociological Model of Weberian, Instrumental Rationality: Its Cognitive, Conative, and Neurobiological Foundations
Warren D. TenHouten

16. Neurosociology and Theory of Mind (ToM)
Rosemary L. Hopcroft

17. Attachment, Interaction, and Synchronization: How Innate Mechanisms in Attachment Give Rise to Emergent Structure in Networks and Communities
Thomas S. Smith

18. The Secret of the Hominin Mind: An Evolutionary Story
Alexandra Maryanski

19. The Evolution of the Neurological Basis of Human Sociality
Jonathan H. Turner, Alexandra Maryanski

20. The Neurosociology of Reward Release, Repetition, and Social Emergence
Michael Hammond

21. Persistent Inequality: A Neurosociological Perspective
Jeff Davis

22. The Neurobiology of Stereotyping and Prejudice
Todd D. Nelson

23. Dominance, Violence, and the Neurohormonal Nexus
Allan Mazur

24. Comprehending the Neurological Substratum of Paraverbal Communications: The Invention of SplitSpec Technology
Stanford W. Gregory, Will Kalkhoff

25. A Neurosociology of Mental Health
Anne F. Eisenberg

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Neuropsychology, Neurology

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
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