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Moving the Equity Agenda Forward

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: Science Education Policy

1. Science for All: Historical Perspectives on Policy for Science Education Reform
George E. DeBoer

2. Is It Possible to Teach “Science for All” in a Climate of Accountability? Educational Policy and the Equitable Teaching of Science
Sherry A. Southerland

3. Conceptions of Inequality in the Era of Bush/Obama
Nancy W. Brickhouse

4. International Response for Part I: Bridging the Gaps Between Policy and Practice on Equity for Science Education Reforms
Mei-Hung Chiu

Part II. Introduction: Globalization

5. The Imperative of Context in the Age of Globalization in Creating Equity in Science Education
Alejandro J. Gallard Martínez

6. Frameworks for Examining the Intersections of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender on English Language Learners in K-12 Science Education in the USA
Sonya N. Martin, Beth Wassell, Kathryn Scantlebury

7. Elementary Students’ Ways of Seeing Globalization in Science
Bhaskar Upadhyay

8. International Response for Part II: Globalisation and Science Education: A View from the Periphery
Lyn Carter

Part III. Introduction: Context and Culture

9. Race, Culture, Gender, and Nature of Science in Elementary Settings
Leon Walls, Gayle A. Buck, Valarie L. Akerson

10. Conceptualizations of Context in Science Education Research: Implications for Equity
Eileen Carlton Parsons, Gillian U. Bayne

11. Allowing Our Research on Urban, Low-SES, African American Girls and Science Education to Actively and Continually Rewrite Itself
Gayle A. Buck, Cassie F. Quigley

12. Science Learning as Participation with and in a Place
Miyoun Lim, Edna Tan, Angela Calabrese Barton

13. International Response for Part III: Reflections on Context, Place-Based Education, and Science for All
Tali Tal

Part IV. Introduction: Discourse, Language, and Identity

14. The Language-Identity Dilemma: An Examination of Language, Cognition, Identity, and Their Associated Implications for Learning
Bryan A. Brown

15. Science, Language, and Families: Constructing a Model of Steps to College Through Language-Rich Science Inquiry
Cory A. Buxton, Martha Allexsaht-Snider, Carlos Rivera

16. Relationships Among Science Language, Concepts, and Processes: A Study of English Learners in Junior High School Science Classrooms
Emily J. S. Kang, Julie A. Bianchini

17. International Response for Part IV: Discourse, Language, and Identity in Science Education
Michael J. Reiss

Part V. Introduction: Leadership and Social Networking

18. NARST Equity and Ethics Committee: Mentoring Scholars of Color in the Organization and in the Academy
Maria S. Rivera Maulucci, Felicia Moore Mensah

19. Retrospective Accounts in the Formation of an Agenda for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice for Science Education
Felicia Moore Mensah

20. What Perspectives on Community-Based Learning Can Teach Us About Organizational Support of Research and Policy Work in Equity and Diversity
Gail Richmond

21. International Response for Part V: Equity and Diversity in Science Education and Academia: A South American Perspective
Melina Furman

22. Epilogue: Moving the Equity Agenda Forward Requires Transformative Action
Alberto J. Rodriguez

23. Erratum: Epilogue: Moving the Equity Agenda Forward Requires Transformative Action
Alberto J. Rodriguez

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Learning & Instruction

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Cultural Studies of Science Education
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