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Essentials of Medical Geology

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Table of contents

1. Medical Geology: Perspectives and Prospects
Brian E. Davies, Charlotte Bowman, Theo C. Davies, Olle Selinus

2. Public Health and Geological Processes: An Overview of a Fundamental Relationship
Angus Cook

Part I. Environmental Biology

3. Natural Distribution and Abundance of Elements
Robert G. Garrett

4. Anthropogenic Sources
Ron Fuge

5. Uptake of Elements from a Chemical Point of View
Robert J. P. Williams

6. Uptake of Elements from a Biological Point of View
Ulf Lindh

7. Biological Functions of the Elements
Ulf Lindh

8. Geological Impacts on Nutrition
Gerald F. Combs

9. Biological Responses of Elements
Monica Nordberg, M. George Cherian

Part II. Pathways and Exposure

10. Volcanic Emissions and Health
Philip Weinstein, Claire J. Horwell, Angus Cook

11. Radon in Air and Water
J. Donald Appleton

12. Arsenic in Groundwater and the Environment
P. L. Smedley, David G. Kinniburgh

13. Fluoride in Natural Waters
W. Mike Edmunds, Pauline L. Smedley

14. Water Hardness and Health Effects
Eva Rubenowitz-Lundin, Kevin M. Hiscock

15. Bioavailability of Elements in Soil
Brian J. Alloway

16. Selenium Deficiency and Toxicity in the Environment
Fiona M. Fordyce

17. Soils and Iodine Deficiency
Ron Fuge

18. Geophagy and the Involuntary Ingestion of Soil
Peter W. Abrahams

19. Natural Aerosolic Mineral Dusts and Human Health
Edward Derbyshire

20. The Ecology of Soil-Borne Human Pathogens
Mark W. Bultman, Frederick S. Fisher, Demosthenes Pappagianis

21. Animals and Medical Geology
Bernt Jones

22. The Impact of Micronutrient Deficiencies inThe Impact of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Agricultural Soils and Crops on the Nutritional Health of Humans
Marija Knez, Robin D. Graham

Part III. Environmental Toxicology, Pathology, and Medical Geology

23. Environmental Epidemiology
Jesper B. Nielsen, Tina Kold Jensen

24. Environmental Medicine
Jefferson Fowles, Philip Weinstein, Chin-Hsiao Tseng

25. Environmental Pathology
José A. Centeno, Florabel G. Mullick, Kamal G. Ishak, Teri J. Franks, Allen P. Burke, Michael N. Koss, Daniel P. Perl, Paul B. Tchounwou, Joseph P. Pestaner

26. Toxicology
Tee L. Guidotti

27. Speciation of Trace Elements
Bernhard Michalke, Sergio Caroli

Part IV. Techniques and Tools

28. GIS in Human Health Studies
Joseph E. Bunnell, Alexander W. Karlsen, Robert B. Finkelman, Timothy M. Shields

29. Investigating Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases with Remote Sensing and GIS
Stephen C. Guptill, Chester G. Moore

30. Mineralogy of Bones
H. Catherine W. Skinner

31. Inorganic and Organic Geochemistry Techniques
Mitko Vutchkov, Gerald Lalor, Stephen Macko

32. Histochemical and Microprobe Analysis in Medical Geology
José A. Centeno, Todor Todorov, Joseph P. Pestaner, Florabel G. Mullick, Wayne B. Jonas

33. Modeling Groundwater Flow and Quality
Leonard F. Konikow, Pierre D. Glynn

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geology, Public Health, Environmental Chemistry

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