Brinkman, Donald B.

Morphology and Evolution of Turtles

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Table of contents

1. Eugene S. Gaffney: A Professional Biography and Bibliography
Robert L. Carroll

2. Autobiography (Through May 2009)
Eugene S. Gaffney

3. Problems of the Ancestry of Turtles
Robert L. Carroll

4. Origin of the Turtle Body Plan: The Folding Theory to Illustrate Turtle-Specific Developmental Repatterning
Hiroshi Nagashima, Shigehiro Kuraku, Katsuhisa Uchida, Yoshie Kawashima-Ohya, Yuichi Narita, Shigeru Kuratani

5. The Evolution of the Turtle Shell
Olivier Rieppel

6. Three Ways to Tackle the Turtle: Integrating Fossils, Comparative Embryology, and Microanatomy
Torsten M. Scheyer, Ingmar Werneburg, Christian Mitgutsch, Massimo Delfino, Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra

7. Geometric and Developmental Perspectives on the Evolution of the Skull and Internal Carotid Circulation in Turtles
Tetsuto Miyashita

8. New Material of the Platychelyid Turtle Notoemys
zapatocaensis from the Early Cretaceous of Colombia; Implications for Understanding Pleurodira Evolution
Edwin A. Cadena, Carlos A. Jaramillo, Jonathan I. Bloch

Spoochelys ormondea gen. et sp. nov., an Archaic Meiolaniid-Like Turtle from the Early Cretaceous of Lightning Ridge, Australia
Elizabeth T. Smith, Benjamin P. Kear

10. Turtles from the Jurassic Shishugou Formation of the Junggar Basin, People’s Republic of China, with Comments on the Basicranial Region of Basal Eucryptodires
Donald B. Brinkman, David A. Eberth, Xing Xu, James M. Clark, Xiao-Chun Wu

11. Rediscovery of the Carapace of the Lost Holotype of the Purbeck Turtle Chelone
obovata Owen 1842
Andrew R. Milner

Kappachelys okurai gen. et sp. nov., a New Stem Soft-Shelled Turtle from the Early Cretaceous of Japan
Ren Hirayama, Shinji Isaji, Tsuyoshi Hibino

13. Morphology and Relationships of Brachyopsemys tingitana gen. et sp. nov. from the Early Paleocene of Morocco and Recognition of the New Eucryptodiran Turtle Family: Sandownidae
Haiyan Tong, Peter Meylan

14. A New Long-Necked Turtle, Laganemys tenerensis (Pleurodira: Araripemydidae), from the Elrhaz Formation (Aptian–Albian) of Niger

Paul C. Sereno, Sara J. ElShafie

15. Two Synchronic and Sympatric Bothremydidae Taxa (Chelonii, Pleurodira) in the Late Cretaceous Site of “Lo Hueco” (Cuenca, Spain)
Adán Pérez-García, Francisco Ortega, Xabier Murelaga

16. New Information about Pelomedusoides (Testudines: Pleurodira) from the Cretaceous of Brazil
Pedro S. R. Romano, Gustavo R. Oliveira, Sergio A. K. Azevedo, Alexander W. A. Kellner, Diogenes Almeida Campos

lampra gen. et sp. nov., an Enigmatic New Podocnemidoidean Turtle from the Early Miocene of Northern Greece

Georgios L. Georgalis, Evangelos Velitzelos, Dimitrios E. Velitzelos, Benjamin P. Kear

18. A New Species of Bairdemys (Pelomedusoides: Podocnemididae) from the Oligocene (Early Chattian) Chandler Bridge Formation of South Carolina, USA, and Its Paleobiogeographic Implications for the Genus
Robert E. Weems, James L. Knight

19. Preliminary Overview of Late Cretaceous Turtle Diversity in Eastern Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, and Romania)
Márton Rabi, Mátyás Vremir, Haiyan Tong

20. Re-Assessment of Late Campanian (Kirtlandian) Turtles from the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland and Kirtland Formations, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA
Robert M. Sullivan, Steven E. Jasinski, Spencer G. Lucas

21. A New Species of Neurankylus from the Milk River Formation (Cretaceous: Santonian) of Alberta, Canada, and a Revision of the Type Species N. eximius

Derek W. Larson, Nicholas R. Longrich, David C. Evans, Michael J. Ryan

22. Redescription of Zangerlia dzamynchondi (Testudines: Nanhsiungchelyidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia, with a Reassessment of the Phylogenetic Position and Relationships of Zangerlia

Igor G. Danilov, Vladimir B. Sukhanov, Elena V. Syromyatnikova

23. Cretaceous Trionychids of Asia: An Expanded Review of Their Record and Biogeography
Igor G. Danilov, Natasha S. Vitek

24. Fossil European Sea Turtles: A Historical Perspective
Richard T. J. Moody, Cyril A. Walker, Sandra D. Chapman

25. Fossil Kinosternidae from the Oligocene and Miocene of Florida, USA
Jason R. Bourque

26. New Turtles from the Paleogene of North America

J. Howard Hutchison

27. Osseous and Other Hard Tissue Pathologies in Turtles and Abnormalities of Mineral Deposition
Bruce M. Rothschild, Hans-Peter Schultze, Rodrigo Pellegrini

28. Morphological Variation in the Carapace and Plastron of Terrapene
coahuila Schmidt and Owens 1944
Robert W. Burroughs, Christopher J. Bell, Travis J. LaDuc, Dean A. Hendrickson

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Paleontology, Evolutionary Biology, Vertebrates, Animal Anatomy / Morphology / Histology, History of Science

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Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology
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Natural Sciences
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