Aneshensel, Carol S.

Handbook of the Sociology of Mental Health

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Table of contents

1. The Sociology of Mental Health: Surveying the Field
Carol S. Aneshensel, Jo C. Phelan, Alex Bierman

2. Listening to Voices: Patient Experience and the Meanings of Mental Illness
David A. Karp, Lara B. Birk

3. Mental Illness as Psychiatric Disorder
Martha L. Bruce, Patrick J. Raue

4. The Medicalization of Mental Disorder
Peter Conrad, Caitlin Slodden

5. Public Beliefs About Mental Illness
Jason Schnittker

6. The Sociological Study of Mental Illness: A Critique and Synthesis of Four Perspectives
Allan V. Horwitz

7. Issues in Mental Health Assessment
Galen E. Switzer, Mary Amanda Dew, Evelyn J. Bromet

8. Analyzing Associations Between Mental Health and Social Circumstances
John Mirowsky

9. Overview of Descriptive Epidemiology of Mental Disorders
Ronald C. Kessler

10. Age, Aging, and Mental Health
Kenneth F. Ferraro, Lindsay R. Wilkinson

11. Social Stratification, Social Closure, and Social Class as Determinants of Mental Health Disparities
Carles Muntaner, Edwin Ng, Christophe Vanroelen, Sharon Christ, William W. Eaton

12. Social Stratification and Inequality
Jane D. McLeod

13. Race, Nativity, Ethnicity, and Cultural Influences in the Sociology of Mental Health
Tony N. Brown, Katharine M. Donato, Mary Therese Laske, Ebony M. Duncan

14. Gender and Mental Health
Sarah Rosenfield, Dawne Mouzon

15. Social Stress in the Twenty-First Century
Blair Wheaton, Marisa Young, Shirin Montazer, Katie Stuart-Lahman

16. Current Issues and Future Directions in Research into the Stress Process
Leonard I. Pearlin, Alex Bierman

17. Social Relations, Social Integration, and Social Support
J. Blake Turner, R. Jay Turner

18. Self, Identity, Stress, and Mental Health
Peggy A. Thoits

19. The Sense of Personal Control: Social Structural Causes and Emotional Consequences
Catherine E. Ross, John Mirowsky

20. Family Status and Mental Health: Recent Advances and Future Directions
Debra Umberson, Mieke Beth Thomeer, Kristi Williams

21. The Sociology of Work and Well-Being
Mark Tausig

22. Religion and Mental Health
Scott Schieman, Alex Bierman, Christopher G. Ellison

23. Neighborhood Context and Mental Health
Terrence D. Hill, David Maimon

24. The Social Dynamics of Responding to Mental Health Problems
Bernice A. Pescosolido, Carol A. Boyer, Tait R. Medina

25. Labeling and Stigma
Bruce G. Link, Jo C. Phelan

26. The Impact of Mental Illness on the Family
William R. Avison, Jinette Comeau

27. Mental Illness and the Law
Virginia Aldigé Hiday, Heathcote W. Wales

28. Life-Course Perspectives on Mental Health
Linda K. George

29. Mental Illness as a Career: Sociological Perspectives
Carol S. Aneshensel

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Personality and Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
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21 pages

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