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Resilient Cities 2

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Table of contents

1. The Global Adaptation Community Expands Its Scope
Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Alice Balbo

2. Introduction: Urban Risk and Assessing Vulnerability at the Local Level
Kristina Yuzva

3. A Region at Risk: Policy Determination Through Vulnerability Hotspot Assessment
Florence Crick, Silvia Serrao-Neumann, Darryl Low Choy, Marcello Sano, Scott Baum

4. Developing a Framework for Assessing Coastal Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise in Southern New England, USA
Ben Gilmer, Zach Ferdaña

5. Quantifying Impacts of Potential Sea-Level Rise Scenarios on Irish Coastal Cities
Stephen Flood, John Sweeney

6. Mapping Risk and Vulnerability in São Paulo Metropolitan Region
Andrea Ferraz Young, Carlos Afonso Nobre

7. Water Crisis: Public Management of a Critical Situation
Dafne Mazo, Ana Alcantud

8. Environmental Assessment and Restoration of Typhoon Morakot Disaster: A Case Study in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei
C. M. Kao, B. M. Yang, M. S. Lee, S. F. Liu

9. Flood Risk Protection Concept for the Urban Region Geising/Altenberg in the Flood Formation Area of the Eastern Ore Mountains, Germany
Petra Schneider, Ralf Löser, Frank Gössel

10. Introduction: Toward the Resilient City
Kristina Yuzva, Monika Zimmermann

11. Water, Energy and Food Security in Mexico City
Martha Delgado

12. Nature at the Heart of Urban Design for Resilience
Julia Marton-Lefèvre

13. Smart City: Energy Efficiency in a New Scope
Christoph Rat-Fischer, Florian Rapp, Philipp Meidl, Norbert Lewald

14. Resilient Food Systems for Resilient Cities
Julien Custot, Marielle Dubbeling, Arthur Getz-Escudero, Jon Padgham, Rafael Tuts, Sylvie Wabbes

15. Urban Agriculture Casablanca
Christoph Kasper, Andrea Rau

16. Adapting Cities to Climate Change: Scenarios for Urban Neighbourhoods in the City of Essen
J. Alexander Schmidt, Hannah Baltes

17. Combining Urban Development with Climate Change Adaptation Using a Systems Approach
Christian Walloth

18. Towards Resilient Architecture
Annemie Wyckmans

19. Towards More Resilient Water Infrastructures
Engelbert Schramm, Jörg Felmeden

20. Building ‘Equitable’ Urban Resilience: The Challenge for Cities
Wendy Steele, Nidhi Mittal

21. Climate Change and the Urban Poor: Support of the German Development Cooperation to a City in Bangladesh
Peter Rooney, Christian Schönhofen, Alexander Jachnow, Ishtiuq Hossain, Carmen Vogt, Alexandra Linden

22. The Green Infrastructure Transect: An Organizational Framework for Mainstreaming Adaptation Planning Policies
Yaser Abunnasr, Elisabeth M. Hamin

23. Introduction: Framework for Local Responses to Climate Change: Challenges and Recommendations
Daniel Morchain

24. Building Resilience in Asian Cities
Bach Tan Sinh, G. K. Bhat, Marcus Moench, Steve Gawler

25. A Science-Policy Approach Towards Local Adaptation Planning: The Case of Santiago de Chile
Kerstin Krellenberg

26. Participatory Action Adaptation: Tools for Increasing Climate Change Capacity and Preparedness at the Local Government Level
Lucinda Fairhurst, Priscilla Rowswell, Faith Chihumbiri

27. Knowledge and Information for Resilient Cities
Birgit Georgi, Aleksandra Kaźmierczak, Hartmut Fünfgeld

28. Climate Change Guidelines for Urban Planning in the Basque Country
José María Ezquiaga Dominguez, Javier Barros Guerton, Efrén Feliu, Carlos Castillo, Agate Goyarrola Ugalde

29. Integrated Roadmapping to Shape Adaptation Processes in Metropolitan Areas
Jens U. Hasse, Martin Birke, Michael Schwarz

30. The Significance of Adaptation Framing in Local and Regional Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives in Australia
Hartmut Fünfgeld, Bob Webb, Darryn McEvoy

31. Decision-Making Frameworks for Adaptation to Extremes in Two Local Government Areas: Comparing and Contrasting India and Australia
Supriya Mathew, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Matthew Inman

32. Urban Climate Governance in the Philippines, Mexico and South Africa: National- and State-Level Laws and Policies
Robert Kehew, Mthobeli Kolisa, Christopher Rollo, Alejandro Callejas, Gotelind Alber

33. Space for Adapting: Reconciling Adaptation and Mitigation in Local Climate Change Plans
Elisabeth M. Hamin, Nicole Gurran

34. The Early Experiences of Local Climate Change Adaptation in Norway Compared with That of Local Agenda 21
Carlo Aall

35. Climate Change Adaptation Plan of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Marta Olazabal, Efrén Feliu, M. Karmele Herranz-Pascual, Beñat Abajo, Iratxe González-Aparicio, Andrés Simón-Moral, Andrés Alonso

36. Integrated Climate Action: Linking Mitigation and Adaptation to Make Indonesian Cities Resilient
Purnomo Sidi

37. Enhancing the Climate Change Adaptation Capabilities of Local Governments in Korea: Supporting Programs for Local Adaptation Plan
Jiyoung Shin, Junghee Kim, KyungHyun Kim, Eunyoung Kim, Jungwon Lee, Seong-woo Jeon, Yong-Ha Park

38. Reality Check: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Adrien Labaeye, Jeb Brugmann, Nguyen Phuoc, Bao Thanh, Ly Khanh Tam Thao, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Harry Storch, Ulrike Schinkel

39. Introduction: Financing the Resilient City
Richard Simpson

40. A Demand-Driven Approach to Development, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Adaptation
Jeb Brugmann

41. Smarter Interventions in an Age of Uncertainty
Philip Monaghan

42. Linking Resilience and Green Growth: How Green Business Can Contribute to More Resilient Cities in India
Ulrich Mans

43. Green Areas Inner-City Agreement (GAIA): How Local Enterprises Can Contribute to Local Adaptation to Climate Change
Raffaella Gueze, Rita Baraldi, Marjorie Breyton, Giulia Sateriale

44. Financing Climate Change Adaptation: The Copenhagen Case
Lykke Leonardsen

45. Challenges on the Way to Financing Urban Climate Change Adaptation
Monika Wiebusch

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Urbanism, Sustainable Development, Human Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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Local Sustainability
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49 pages
Natural Sciences

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